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Toddler toenail cutting!

(12 Posts)
happygelfling Sat 20-Apr-13 14:03:05

Does anyone have any good tips for cutting an 18 month old's toenails? At the moment I am waiting until she's asleep then sneaking up with the nail clippers... It's difficult to find a time when there's enough light and I'm not at work though! Have tried when she's awake but just get a firm "no" and lots of foot wiggling. Even tried cutting mine first and she definitely shows an interest, just won't let me cut hers. Any suggestions welcome!

HappyAsASandboy Sat 20-Apr-13 14:42:42

Keep doing what you're doing! I have been doing them while my DTs are asleep, and showing them me clipping mine regularly, and only now they're two and a half have I managed to do it while they were awake. Even then, they freaked out after about 4 toes, so DH pinned them down!

I try to do a few every week while they're sleeping, so I get all toes every month or so.

Sandra are also good - stops the toe curling and gives you something to hold on to to keep the foot steady.

MousyMouse Sat 20-Apr-13 14:46:18

tv or dh doing silly walks grin

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Sat 20-Apr-13 14:54:56

Get a friend to do it. I did my friends DS's nails for months - he'd kick and scream for her and sit good as gold for me, just because he wasn't as sure of me.

Otherwise, cbeebies and bribery. (Dreadful parent!)

MiaowTheCat Sat 20-Apr-13 15:46:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CreatureRetorts Sat 20-Apr-13 15:47:05

I stick them in my lap and clip away. They can't escape and I do it quickly.

happygelfling Sat 20-Apr-13 20:30:40

Thanks for all the ideas! I'll give them a try.
HappyAsASandboy - I assume you mean "sandals"? That sounds like an excellent idea. Toe curling is a challenge, but also I'd happily grip a sandal rather more tightly than DD's foot!

babySophieRose Sun 21-Apr-13 09:57:48

I used to clip all of my DD nails when asleep. Now I do them just after she wakes-up in front of TV, so she is very calm and not fully awake.

Judez99 Sun 21-Apr-13 19:44:23

Try doing it last thing before bed when she's having her milk. I do DS' nails then.

shoesontheglasslamp Sun 21-Apr-13 21:29:17

I do my DS's while he's sitting in his high chair.
Feet at comfortable angle for me, he can't wriggle too much (not that he minds it much these days) and food as a distraction!
Also try doing it from behind your DD. it's more like the angle you would use to do your own, so it feels easier to get the right grip etc.
Personally I find nail scissors easier than clippers too.

2tired2bewitty Sun 21-Apr-13 21:35:27

Chocolate buttons!

HappyAsASandboy Tue 23-Apr-13 04:54:31

Yes, sandals not Sandra's! Works really really well if you combine sandals and a car seat wink

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