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Children's parties

(2 Posts)
tazmo Fri 19-Apr-13 19:22:12

Is it just me or does it fill very parent with dread when their kids birthday comes up and you organise a party! It's my daughter's first 3rd party. It's not the actual party that worries me - its people turning up! I sent out 10 invites to nursery - 3 yeses but just received a no. Then I realised its bank hol weekend! How many is a good number for a first 3 rd birthday bearing in mind parents will likely have to stay because they r young!? I relied on nursery to give me names as I work full time! Eek!

Beatrixpotty Fri 19-Apr-13 20:14:31

When they are 3 the main thing they get excited about is a cake with candles on so it doesn't matter how many people come.It depends where the party is.If it's at your house,I'd be secretly hoping everyone else from the nursery says no,3 is fine!.We had 10 children and their parents for DS1 3rd birthday but had it in a party room in a farm shop cafe.I've been to a few in friends houses,usually about 6/7 guests for and their parents,a couple of hours,usually just playing,then pass the parcel and then sit down for tea before bringing out the cake..One I went to did gingerbread man decorating which the kids loved.They don't need much structure so don't worry about it too much

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