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Feeding to sleep, teeth and older babies

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Missingpate Thu 18-Apr-13 14:46:56

Basically I'm confused! Ds is now 8 months and almost ebf as far as milk goes, now also having two to three 'meals' a day, some purees and some finger foods. All has gone well. But my problem is I can only get him down for a nap or to sleep at night by feeding him. We co sleep and I've been quite happy with this, but only just realised that once teeth come through they will need brushing before bed - ds still has no teeth so hadn't given them much thought! What do you do about brushing teeth and night feeds? And how do you convince a baby to sleep without feeding when that's what they've always done? If I just put him down he thinks it's a game or just cries and I feel he's still too young to leave to cry for any time.

Sorry that's longwinded, just feeling confused!

rrreow Thu 18-Apr-13 16:23:47

I never brushed after breastmilk. If you look up pictures of what the breast/nipple actually looks like internally while a baby is suckling you'll see this goes quite far back into the mouth, so it's not like the milk is pooling around the teeth (as it might be when you give them a bottle).

Also you can always brush beforehand, brushing with toothpaste leaves a protective layer around teeth (hence when you brush in the morning it's usually recommended to brush before breakfast).

With regards to weaning off feeding to sleep. Either you wait until your DS decides he doesn't want to anymore (this might be a loooong time though!), or you simply don't offer and instead offer comfort/shushing/patting when you put him down. The latter is a bit more work (and can be a bit stressful in the short term) but at least you'll be in charge of when it happens. Expect it to take a while for DS to get used to though! Just offer plenty of comfort and hugs.

I found these links helpful: and

blushingmare Thu 18-Apr-13 19:31:27

I brush teeth before bf too

ArabellaBeaumaris Thu 18-Apr-13 19:34:02

I brush teeth before too. I was reassured by a dental professional that this was okay before the age of 2 (can't remember why that cut off!). I do know a 4 year old who still has frequent night feeds & had to have rotten teeth removed under GA. Regardless my dd1 had a bedtime feed till she was 2,7 & her teeth are fine.

Missingpate Fri 19-Apr-13 12:59:14

Ah thanks for that info, I'd no idea bfing was thought to be safer for teeth. Really helpful replies! I'll check with my dentist next time I go.

Re. feeding to sleep, I'm fine with doing it, just more concerned that when he starts nursery they will struggle to put him down, or for when he stays at mum's. Think I'll try to mix it up a little and see how he takes it.

Startail Fri 19-Apr-13 17:05:25

DD2 BF until she had the odd adult tooth, sometimes last thing at night and she has had one milk tooth filled.

Nothing to do with BFing and everything to do with hating tooth paste and being a total minx about having her teeth cleaned and lying that she's done them. Oh and being very partial to ice cream and Coke.

Honestly extended BF gets blamed for everything.

I could claim her very good report is down to BFing, hmmm or maybe it's just she has a very clever dad.

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