hi new to mumsnet

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scarletohara1 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:49:03

Hi everyone. this my first time on here...:O)

Shaky Wed 17-Apr-13 23:14:58


I still need brain beach.

Welcome to MN smile

Maryz Wed 17-Apr-13 23:15:19


I was keeping that for a special occasion.

Have some zombies

BriansBrain Wed 17-Apr-13 23:19:48

I bet I'm the only fucker brave enough to click on THAT maryz

Shaky Thu 18-Apr-13 00:03:07

Maryz That's horrific! shock


Gerrof Thu 18-Apr-13 00:03:49

You've terrified the poor gel

Gerrof Thu 18-Apr-13 00:04:44

You all sound like the plastics in Mean Girls grin

IAmJacksRagingBileDuct Thu 18-Apr-13 00:12:06

I'm not clicking on any of those links MaryZ <wimp>

OP seriously, don't google, once seen you can never un-see.

Apart from dragon butter that's ok wink

MMolly Thu 25-Apr-13 18:53:40

I am new too but finding the site very useful and encouraging so far.

sensesworkingovertime Thu 25-Apr-13 20:11:28

It amuses me that people says steer clear of AIBU, perhaps we should rename it 'Do not enter a thread unless you are prepared for a toasting' which I assume many of us have had. Do you think it's like an inititiation or something?

Welcome by the way, hope you enjoy MN smile

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