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Discouraging climbing

(7 Posts)
Jojobump1986 Wed 17-Apr-13 11:40:39

My 18mo DS has just learnt to climb on furniture. It wouldn't bother me if it was just the sofas because we could just move things & teach him to get back down safely but it's pretty much just the coffee table that he wants to climb on & once he's up there he stands up. I'm more than a little concerned about the potential for slipping!

At the moment we're telling him to stop when we see him trying to climb, removing him when he does climb & putting him in the corner which we use as a time-out place. Unfortunately he thinks this is a great game, no matter how cross we look/sound! hmm I've just moved the coffee table so there's nothing that he might be trying to reach but that doesn't seem to have discouraged him.

I'm getting to the point where I'm beginning to think it might be best to just put his slippers on so that he's slightly less likely to slip & just accept that he's going to be a climber! I'm happy for him to learn to take risks but this is a bit too much! I don't want to take the coffee table away altogether because we keep his toys in the drawers & would have to dismantle it to find somewhere to put it.

Has anyone found any strategies that work?!

Jojobump1986 Wed 17-Apr-13 11:44:37

Seriously scaring me now. In the time it took me to cross our small lounge he got on top, stood up, jumped up & down & walked straight off the edge! I only just managed to catch him! He's now laughing hysterically while I'm keeping him on my lap! He'd have to learn how to climb while I'm heavily pregnant! hmm

Thewhingingdefective Wed 17-Apr-13 11:45:50

Just what you're doing really. Move stuff that is unsafe or you don't want climbed on. If you catch him climbing just say 'down please' and lift down, without fuss.

Maybe try to have areas where it is okay and safe to climb.

ppeatfruit Wed 17-Apr-13 13:12:00

Yes as whinging says. It's a normal part of some DC's development ;it's not naughty, very frightening if you're in a flat with a balcony (my cousin had to completely cover her 3rd. floor balcony rail with strong wire mesh to the ceiling so she could relax to stop her DS1 from climbing over it).

I would take him out as often as you can to a play park where he can climb safely (he'll grow out of it honest).

valiumredhead Wed 17-Apr-13 13:43:07

Keep repeating "get down please" and second the suggestion of getting out every day without fail - you obviously have one like I had - a live wire! wink

Tournesol Wed 17-Apr-13 14:20:18

You have my sympathy! My 14mo DD loves climbing. the other day she stood up in her highchair and climbed out of it and was standing on the breakfast table! Luckily my sons shouted so I ran and grabbed her before she fell but she thought it was hilarious. Can no longer leave her unattended in high chair.

She also tries to climb onto every small chair and table. To be fair she has very good balance and has yet to fall but it does scare me sometimes!

Sorry nothing useful to add!

Tinkerisdead Wed 17-Apr-13 14:29:47

Yep my 14 month old has mastered this too. I turn around and shes stood on the playtoom table grinning or on a chair swinging back and forth on the chair back. I just say "no climbing" and take her off again.

Its driving me mental.

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