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Two year olds birthday party

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lmgeorge92 Wed 17-Apr-13 10:15:32

This is my first thread, so I hope i'm posting in the right place.
My godson (yes, sorry not my biological child!) is turning 2 in June- and myself and his mum are organising his birthday party.
He doesn't like bouncy castles and we think he'd be scared of the local magician. Any ideas?
Thank you

Girlsville Wed 17-Apr-13 13:34:27

DD2 is truning 2 in a few weeks - we are having a small party (10 "friends" of hers) over in teh afetrnoon...we have a lady coming to do singing who dd2 knowss from the playgroup she goes to and loves her for around half an hour, and then the kdis will playw ith our toys for a bit and then supper. It is very low key and relaxed - less is mroe I think at this age!

Tournesol Wed 17-Apr-13 14:22:43

We hired out a room in the local children's centre and so got to use all their ride on toys and the children loved it! Great for them just to have space to run around.

Or if the weather is nice why not just have a nice picnic at the local park?

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