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Walk in Walk out technique

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tired4days Sun 14-Apr-13 22:02:28


Can anyone help me with the walk in walk out technique. I really need to know how it works for others. My little boy is 21 months, until about 6 weeks ago he always slept really well and went to sleep on his own. Over the past weeks we've tried different methods and nothing seems to work. Then I stumbled on the walk in walk out (or wi/wo) method but want to know if anyone has used it and if so how long they stay in the little one's room. Over the 5 nights I've tried it so far:
Night 1 took him 3 hours to get to sleep
Night 2 took 2 hours 10 minutes
Night 3 took 1 hour 30 minutes
Night 4 took 1 hour 20 minutes
Night 5 (tonight) took 2 hours 05 minutes.

Right now I'm going in when he's crying, getting him settled, saying good night then immediately leaving. Often he's up on his feet and crying before I even leave the room, so I'm leaving then walking straight back in, other times he's quiet for a few seconds then lightly calls Mama for a few minutes until that then turns to all out crying at which time I'm back in.

I'm utterly shattered and need to know from anyone who's done this, whether it worked or not.

MrsPatrickDempsey Sun 14-Apr-13 23:05:43

No real advice but wondering if you have seen the Tania Byron sleep programme - Tuesday channel 4 8pm? Discusses sleep techniques with case studies. May be helpful for you.

cloudhands Mon 15-Apr-13 20:46:04

I have never heard of this method before, this method below from Hand in Hand parenting is what I used with my daughter, and it worked well, from the very first night I did it things got easier.

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