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Sharing - or lack of it!!

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PipIsOutNow Sat 13-Apr-13 12:40:03

How do I help my 2.9 year old ds understand the concept of sharing? He's awful! Snatches and screams if anyone has anything he wants or that he thinks belongs to him. He's turning into a spoilt brat and I don't know how to help him.

ZuleikaD Sat 13-Apr-13 17:26:00

Don't use the word 'sharing'. To a toddler it means give it up forever. Make clear that some things belong to him (that he doesn't have to share), some things belong to other people (that they don't have to share) and some things belong to everyone - and those are the things that he has to take turns on. A sand-timer of about two or three minutes can be really useful.

fairylightsinthespring Sun 14-Apr-13 04:22:01

We tend to use the word "turn" rather than "share" too. They seem to find it easier to understand and I agree that there should be one or two things in their own home that they don't have to share - a favourite teddy or whatever, At playgroups etc it can be a bit of a minefield, as some parents will expect your DC to give up whatever they are happily occupied with the moment their DC wants it but I usually tell DS and DD and that point that they can finish their turn, then its Xs turn and give them a minute or so. Try to replace what they've had to give up with something else and praise any act of relinquishing the toy.

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Sun 14-Apr-13 10:11:17

Agree a sand timer has been very useful in this house.

Also would strongly recommend some of the fab orchard toys games as I found that once they can turn take, they're much better at sharing.

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