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Potty Training DD waking in night wanting nappy changing

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StarMeKitten Thu 11-Apr-13 20:33:31

We're only a couple of days into potty training. DD is 2.3 and wearing pants in the day. She doing well so far, just a few accidents, but at night i put her in a nappy and when she wees she now wakes up shouting that she wants her nappy changing.
its 8.30pm and shes now woken twice already. I have taken her nappy off and put her on the potty and we've had a little dribble, but she'd already done most of it in her nappy, so i put her in a fresh nappy.

not sure if i should be dealing with this differently like should i also be encouraging her not to be wearing a nappy at night? We're very early days into potty training so don't wanna try to run before we can walk.

any advice appreciated!!

ohnosnow Thu 11-Apr-13 20:44:39

I would get rid of the nappy,it might be confusing her.

I have just trained my ds 2.1yrs and he went dry at night the same as during the day

StarMeKitten Thu 11-Apr-13 20:46:34

yes i think it does seem to be confusing her. How do you manage to avoid accidents at night then if you don't mind me asking?

ohnosnow Thu 11-Apr-13 20:52:56

I just put a pampers bed sheet on the bed (found in nappy aisle) and encourage a big wee before bed. And so far no accidents

StarMeKitten Thu 11-Apr-13 21:36:09

Very helpful, thanks.

MrsB74 Thu 11-Apr-13 21:41:54

It is awfully early to be dry at night consistently - you may be in for a lot of washing! Personally I would stick to pull ups and encourage a big wee before bed then see if she stays dry once the excitement of potty training passes. One of my twins (both girls) was dry at night (no accidents yet...) before age 3, the other still has the occasional wet pull up at nearly 4. It's got something to do with the body producing a hormone to concentrate their wee, they can't do it til they are ready, it's not a training issue. If she is needing to keep getting up to wee I don't think she's ready, but you may be lucky!

sleeplessinderbyshire Thu 11-Apr-13 21:46:52

my DD1 has been dry by day since she was 2y4m she is now 3y8m and nowhere near dry at night although for the last month she wakes 2x a night asking me to change her pull-up and each time it is warmly wet as though she has woken up mid pee. It is a PITA esp as the baby has just started sleeping through and I'm still up repeatedly

Cj1981 Thu 11-Apr-13 21:55:06

My DD was exactly the same when she first started potty training shortly before her second birthday. We had about a week or so of disturbed nights where she would wake up asking for a wee or for her pull up to be changed but the novelty soon wore off and things went back to normal. 4 months on we sometimes have a dry nappy in the morning but for the most part it's wet. If your DD is weeing in her nappy I'd say she probably isn't ready to be dry at night and its just a phase linked to the newness of potty training.

StarMeKitten Thu 11-Apr-13 22:04:03

Thanks all, yes I see what you're saying. Think im gonna start with the pull ups instead of nappies at night snd just keep an eye on her for next week or so.
Glad to hear shes not only one who's done this.

ThePippy Fri 12-Apr-13 16:05:11

We had the same with DD. She was day trained at about 2.6 (she was ready sooner but I had a newborn and couldn't deal with it) and from the word go we had almost no accidents BUT almost immediately she started waking at night wanting a wee. We changed to pull ups at night for ease and did the wee before bed thing, plus lifted her and put her on the loo when we went to bed (like a dream wee - she barely woke), and after a few weeks she had settled down and seemed to stop waking on the whole. Over time the pullups became more and more consistently dry by the morning, and when we stopped them a few months back (at 3.4) we had a few accidents soon after then nothing since. Hang in there I'd say, it could just be an adjustment period.

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