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What did you think of the recent statement made by David Cameron regarding young girls clothing??

(114 Posts)
Helenemjay Sat 13-May-06 16:15:49

It was David Cameron wasnt it? i have been talking to some friends about his 'creepy and wrong' opinions on some girls clothing, we agreed that to dress a 8/9 year old girl in a really short skirt with padded bra's etc IS really bad, my friend and i saw a very young girl recently with a very very short skirt on with 'im a very bad girl' written accross her chest!! i personally would NEVER dress my daughter in anything like that but then some people might say im being a prude??! what do you think?

expatinscotland Sat 13-May-06 16:16:18

I think David Cameron wants to be PM very, very badly.

Mercy Sat 13-May-06 16:19:23

What did he say then?

SecondhandRose Sat 13-May-06 16:38:05

Said that provocative clothing shouldn't be made in children's sizes. Quite right. There was a top that Next withdrew on it it said 'so many boys, so little time'. Someone was also selling underwired bras for 9 yr olds and there was a Little Miss Naughty range of children's thongs and bras. Yuk.

Mercy Sat 13-May-06 16:40:28

Well I agree with him in that case. at Next.

MamaG Sat 13-May-06 16:41:46

I am in complete agreement, this is something that gets me very angry.

Little girls should be little girls and LOOK like them. They are pressured to grow up far too fast.

MamaMaiasaura Sat 13-May-06 16:42:24

Regardless of wheterh he wants to be PM very very badly (why else is he a politician & leader of party?? duh). I actually agree with im on this and was only saying about playboy stuff the other day.

Wtf do retailers want to sexualise kids? It is v sad for kids too as they should be allowed to just be kids.

Caligula Sat 13-May-06 16:42:42

I want to throw red paint at those clothes whenever I see them.

But I bet DC wouldn't go along with me... rule of law... right to trade ... vandalism... blah blah...

It's only very stupid people who buy their daughters clothes like this. <runs for the hills>

Caligula Sat 13-May-06 16:43:19

<stops and looks round> yeah he's after the mum's vote so transparantly. <Carries on running>

SaintGeorge Sat 13-May-06 16:43:32

Justine was on Radio Five with Nicky Campbell discussing this issue.

MamaMaiasaura Sat 13-May-06 16:52:11

It is clothes for CHAV's - basically stupid little chavs who arent old enough to know better or clever enough.

noddyholder Sat 13-May-06 16:54:47

Most politicians wants to be PM really badly but he is right here I am sick and saddened to see little girls dressed like mini hookers as a normal every day thing,there was a yr end disco at ds's school last year and it was quite shocking

MamaMaiasaura Sat 13-May-06 16:55:40

noddy - what were their parents like tho?

MamaG Sat 13-May-06 16:55:44

AT DD's 5th birthday party, a girl aged 5 turned up with a full face of make up - foundation, eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick, mascara. THAT sickened me too.

noddyholder Sat 13-May-06 16:59:02

Well I didn't know all the parents but the few I did were dressed in a similar way but some of the girls were wearing only push up type bras and little skirts

Blandmum Sat 13-May-06 16:59:31

While it may well be true that the man may be using this as a political tool, I also agree with him.

The over early sexualisation of our children (most marked in young girls) is sickening and harmful.

This week we read of an 11 year old getting pregnant. Can anyone doubt that sexy clothing for children is a bad idea?

Filyjonk Sat 13-May-06 16:59:38

oh god i agree with a tory oh god.


Filyjonk Sat 13-May-06 17:03:10

actually I don't really like some of the t shirts I've seen on very young kids, along the lines of "pink to make the boys wink" and "lock up your daughters". On 2 yo, ffs. Just find it wildly inappropriate, even if they are made from organic cotton.

Give me a nice rainbow jumper and a clothkits dungadress for dd and I'll be happy. Especially once she's 15.

Blandmum Sat 13-May-06 17:09:22

I am fed up of sending the girls in my form to go wash off their (full face) make up....they are 11 ffs.

Sorry, forgot, girls get pg now at 11


Don't clothing manufactures and some parents see the link? Dress 'em like hookers and they may well act like them????

Nbg Sat 13-May-06 17:12:08

I think it's awful. It makes my skin crawl everytime I see those awful tops. I've also seen alot of shoes with huge heels on them made in the teeniest sizes.

Mamag at the 5 year old in make up!

Freckle Sat 13-May-06 17:17:34

I'm glad I don't have to worry about this as a mother of a girl, as I only do boys. However, I agree totally with DC. Sexualising little children is absolutely wrong and the manufacturers are probably not parents of girls.

And can't a politician have a view without it automatically being deemed a vote-trawl?

BadHair Sat 13-May-06 17:18:00

A girl at ds2's nursery totters in in 2 inch heels every day. Was cowboy boots in winter and is now open toe sandals. And tiny skirt. She and he are both 3 FFS!
Nusery make her take 'em off but dozy-looking mother puts them on her again each day. Kid already walks bow-legged.
Hate violent looking boys clothes too - esp the death head t-shirts for 4 yr olds that were everywhere last year.

BudaBabe Sat 13-May-06 17:22:27

Completely agree. It is just horrible. Remember being aghast in M&S a few years ago at leopardprint stuff for little girls - thought I was in Ann Summers!

Blandmum Sat 13-May-06 17:26:26

So if we all hate them, who is buying them and why are they buying them? Do they like the 'tarty 5 year old' look? What is happeneing to make people think this sort of thing is OK?

Freckle Sat 13-May-06 17:32:53

I think the pressure sometimes comes from the children themselves. Another case of parents not being able to say no.

My niece sometimes turns up in heels and makeup and has done since she was about 6/7. I think it looks awful but, when I asked SIL about it, she just said that it was what she (niece) wanted. Had to bite my tongue before I asked who was meant to be the adult.

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