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Need help with my Moby wrap.

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MyDaydream Wed 10-Apr-13 16:51:46

I've really formed a love affair with my Moby, its so much easier with the pram for most of my trips out and DS seems to love it too. But I'm having a little trouble fitting it, I've followed loads of YouTube videos and were going with the hug hold (I think, the one where his legs sticks out). It's fine when we put it on but after a while he slips to the left, which is the side the fabric is furthest from my body. It feels tight enough, he doesn't seem uncomfortable but I have to keep putting him back into a properly upright position. Does it sound like I'm doing something obviously wrong?
Two extra questions. What do you do about shielding them on sunny days, DS is 3 months and we abandoned the sling the other day because the sun was in his eyes.
And how do you keep them cool in warmer weather, DS is a very warm baby and I'm already noticing him getting too hot even though he's just in a vest and sleep suit. Or do you go more lightweight sling in summer?

PotteringAlong Wed 10-Apr-13 20:57:50

Where are you? If you've looked on you tube you might be best googling sling libraries in your local area then if you take it along someone will be able to show you!

MatriarchalDreams Wed 10-Apr-13 21:18:44

Hey, we used a moby til our DD was 7 months, we also used the hug hold. As far as I remember (and she's only 9 months now but seems like ages ago!) she used to wriggle about a bit and move down/to the side sometimes if we hadn't done it tight enough, if it's only happening after a while it could well be that, you need to have it really tight. Make sure the fabric is well spread out across your shoulders and that it's not twisted. Also, are you pulling the fabric up high enough under his legs when you covering his bottom with the side bits? (not explained that very well,, section 5 on this guideline anyway It needs to be pulled up as far as it can go so that their legs are in the proper 'm' position. You might've already done all these things but can't really think of anything else I'm afraid! If you continue having problems maybe go to a slingmeet, they can suggest more things if they see how you're doing it and will be very knowledgeable.
I put a sun hat with a large brim on my DD when it's sunny, you can get baby sun glasses too but don't know anything about them.
Dd was born in summer last year and on hot days we just had her in the sling in a vest and made sure she wasn't in there too long. I'd have her in just a babygrow in slightly warmer weather, some people use babylegs or other leg warmers on days when little sticky-out legs may get cold. The moby is quite a thick wrap though, some of my friends had the kari-me which is thinner and I've seen the calin bleu recommended as a good thinner wrap. However, as your DS is three months, I'd personally not bother getting another stretchy wrap at this stage as most people find they start getting uncomfortable in their stretchy at around six months-ish. We've moved on to a connecta now, we have the normal one but they also do a summer one
which I've got my eye on atm (DH gets v uncomfortable when he's hot so I'm planning to sell it to him as a good investment for his comfort!)

estya Wed 10-Apr-13 22:11:36

I wonder if you haven't wrapped tightly enough? Only on my second child did I realise that dc1 was a bit loose. You should be able to kiss their head by just lowering your head (ie not stooping down)

estya Wed 10-Apr-13 22:19:24

and you should be supporting the weight of your baby on your body, not your shoulders. To do this he'd have to be so tight that I wouldn't think he could tip sideways.
I found dd was tight enough when I first put her in but everything would settle as I walked so it took some getting used to to wrap tightly enough to last.

I'd agree with finding a sling group or an attachment parenting group in your area as there are lots of people who have lots of knowledge about slings

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