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Child eye tests and optician satisfaction

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DewiOHare Wed 10-Apr-13 16:49:20

I?ve today taken my 7th daughter to a local high street opticians for her eye examination after making an appointment following her complaints about having difficulty seeing the white/black board from her seat at the back of the classroom in school. We weren?t overly concerned and thought she might be playing for a change of classroom seat so thought a professional diagnosis the prudent step. The consultation resulted in her being diagnosed as short sighted, but the experience has left me feeling quite uncomfortable... And I?d like to ask if anyone could advice on my position and options?

The back ground is - on the first visit to make the appointment the optician staff we?re very very keen on the sale of spectacles pushing frames in the event glasses were needed! Today before the test could happen I had to sign a consent form, and during the examination the optician quickly arrived at a conclusion of short sightedness with healthy eyes but with a prognosis that children with short sightedness often progressively gets worse as the eye grows. We we?re then taken back into the shop area where the sales assistant forced two pairs of glasses onto my daughters face before I could blink!

I?m not convinced I got an independent appraisal / diagnosis and have suspicions the whole thing is sale orientated?

Could anyone advise ?
?Am I able to get another free/NHS child eye test as a second opinion from another opticians, or typically does the consent form rule that out acting as a type of NHS child eye claim invoice for the optician?
?Typically are parents obligated to purchase spectacles from the opticians where they received their NHS funded eye tests? I expect not but just checking, although they were very keen to hold onto the form and I didn?t get a copy of the results whilst their website doesn?t disclose policy and neither do others/NHS faq?s from what I can find?
?Are there any watchdogs or code of conduct bodies to check / report the behaviours of opticians and their practices?

Many thanks in advance

Not sure about second opinion, but if you ask them for the prescription they have to hand it over, then you can choose where to get the glasses from. If you didn't want to get glasses today then surely you say 'No thanks' confused

I expect there is a professional body that regulates opticians but you can google it as fast as I could.

meditrina Wed 10-Apr-13 16:58:03

It does sound as if you have been very unlucky with hard sell.

I don't know whether you can claim another free eye test as a second opinion - I have 2xDC on annual call back (as routine, no problems) and one who has a (very mild) prescription who is seen every 6 months. All on NHS. So perhaps you could get another test in 6mons if not before.

You can take an NHS prescription (which is free for children) to any dispenser. No obligation to buy from the performer of the test. You can get basic NHS glasses totally free (limited selection of frames) or cash in the voucher against other frames. Our practice has a variety of frames, priced according to balance to pay after voucher, and they leave you there to browse (no hard sell at all) and don't mind at all if you go elsewhere (as I tend to withmy adult prescription).

Snowfedup Wed 10-Apr-13 16:58:19

What prescription was given if u can remember I can tell you if it's strong or not!

Is there a family history of short sight ?

barleysugar Wed 10-Apr-13 17:02:59

Please get a second opinion. It's a scenario all too common I'm afraid.

If you feel you have been missold glasses, then please I urge you to make a complaint via the General Optical Council who will be obliged to investigate. Sadly if no one ever complains, the Opticians can carry on willy nilly.

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