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Youngmumzzy18 Sat 06-Apr-13 22:12:22

im going to the hairdressers with my mum next week and i dont mind takin my daughter, shes 4 months. but shes breastfed and its not that i have a problem bf in public, its just i think its gonna b abit difficult. i find it hard to get any milk out when expressing and im worried if someone looks after her because shes teething and is very miserable. is there any mummies who have some advice on what i could do please x

monsterchild Sat 06-Apr-13 22:16:27

I just took my 14 week old to my appointment, I am also bfing. He was fine and no one there cared that i fed him. I did feed him right before and he was fine. my friend held him while i got my hair done. He really enjoyed looking in the mirrors!

olivertheoctopus Sat 06-Apr-13 22:18:58

I've bf at the hairdressers before. No probs.

AmandaPayneAteTooMuchChocolate Sat 06-Apr-13 22:21:26

Sorry, why is it going to be difficult? Are you the one getting your hair done or is your mum? I want to be helpful but I'm a wee bit confused.

Do you mean she might want a feed whilst you are in the middle of having your cutting done and you have to hold your head still?

I'd offer just before you start, even if she's not asking and she'll almost certainly go an hour or so whilst you have your hair done.

littlecloud Sat 06-Apr-13 22:22:02

How long is your appointment 30 minute trim or an hour and half cut and colour? Either way If it were me I would try and feed her say 30 minutes before take her out in her buggy beforehand and hopefully she'll fall asleep for the duration of your appointment.

QTPie Sat 06-Apr-13 22:26:04

How long are you going to be at the hairdressers for?

One option is to either schedule your hairdresser's visit straight after a feed and she should be ok for an hour or two (I did that with trips to the gym - feed and run...) or proactively feed and then "run" (again with the hope that she will be full).

A good option - assuming weather is good and there is somewhere to walk near the hairdressers - is to get someone to walk her around (in the pram) whilst you are at the hairdressers (again you need to feed her before you leave her). If there is a real problem - and she becomes hungry whilst you are at the hairdressers - the carer can wheel her in and you can feed.

Apparently some babies are fine at the hairdressers (so my hairdresser assured me), but I was sure that mine wouldn't have been! I used to schedule appointments in the gaps between feeds (DS used to feed at 12 noon and then not until 4.30pm), but I also expressed regularly and DS would take a bottle if need be (he didn't tend to in-between massive feeds though....).

GummyAdams Sat 06-Apr-13 22:45:04

If it's you having your hair done, I would feed her beforehand, not faff with expressing etc. Hair salons are often mainly female, if you were thinking that men present might make you uncomfortable with feeding. Also, they've usually got a sofa, or somewhere comfortabe to sit.
If you're having a time-consuming hairdo, you can always take a break if she cries. I don't think anyone will mind.
One thing that I would be careful of is that nobody uses hairspray around her. Ask for a door to be opened if someone is spraying; it's nasty stuff, esp. for young lungs.

Beatrixpotty Sun 07-Apr-13 08:35:12

I've taken & fed mine at the hairdresser and as others have said,feed & settle them before you start,lucky you've got your mum who can take her off for a walk.If you're worried about feeding,would you consider trying her with a bottle of...formula!?Your could give your mum a carton just so you feel that your DD could have something in an emergency & you might feel more relaxed.There is no guarantee baby will take it but if ever I wanted to try an occasional bottle I always got someone else to give it so they didn't have the option of breast feeding instead
I know you've got your appointment booked now but the best thing though has been finding a mobile hairdresser who comes to my house.It's much easier & about 1/2 the price,you can feed in your own home with no problems,don't need childcare & when they are older & in a routine, get her to come at nap time .Something to consider?

PoppyWearer Sun 07-Apr-13 08:42:35

I've bf at the hairdresser before. One of the hairdressers even changed a nappy for me!

forevergreek Sun 07-Apr-13 09:47:10

i always took to hair dressers at that age. arrive a little early and feed (explain to hairdresser first), then once hair appointment starts would pop into car seat on floor. if a v long appointment, would feed in between

Youngmumzzy18 Sun 07-Apr-13 10:41:32

thanks for advice sorry if my post was qbit confusing. im gonna b at the hairdressers for an hour and a half, maybe two because my mums having her hair done aswell. im thinking that the car seat is a good idea to take as my lg doesnt like being in her pram long.

plannedshock Sun 07-Apr-13 17:06:39

I've got quite a few clients that feed as I've done their hair!!! No probs, just let them know, you can breastfeed where ever you like!! It doesn't hinder anything!!!

AmandaPayneAteTooMuchChocolate Sun 07-Apr-13 18:08:58

The only problem is likely to be that, depending on how still you can sit whilst you are feeding, you might not want to actually be feeding whilst your hair is being cut. And whilst it is being dried might be a bit hot!

Just try and either time it so she's just had a feed before you start, or offer her one just before you start. Even if she only takes a tiny bit, it should tide her over. And if you are having your hair cut one after the other, your mum can have lovely cuddles during your haircut so you can relax.

It'll be fine. Enjoy.

Youngmumzzy18 Wed 10-Apr-13 09:13:15

thanks everyone. im feeling more confident now smile

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