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Why do people not believe I'm happy with boys?

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chickling Fri 05-Apr-13 13:53:06

Has anyone else experienced this? I am a very proud and happy mum to DS1 (3) and DS2 (4months). Lots of people said "oh, you'll go again for your girl" when ds2 was born-even the midwives! When I was 6 months preg, v close friend asked if we knew what we were having. I said yes and that we were very happy. Friend said " you must be having a girl then because everyone wants one of each and why would you be happy with another boy." maybe it's because I had 2 mc before ds1, also I'm 36 now and don't want to push my luck having another one. If I did get pregnant again however, it would be to have a third baby- not necessarily a girl. How awful for families with 3 or 4 or more of one gender where parents are disappointed. Rant over. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this kind of attitude/ comment. I'm not trying to convince myself btw! Just after ds2 was born I had lovely warm feeling of pure happiness wash over me. I truly appreciate how lucky I am.

MMolly Thu 25-Apr-13 19:12:10

I have dt boys and am soon having another set, but I always wanted boys and to me this is a dream come true. A girl would be nice but I don't really mind and despite what people say it doesn't matter-they're all your children. I remember some of my friends were from all boy families and their mums always doted on me because i was a girl. I always found that annoying and i am fine with boys, whatever people say.

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