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help !!!! toddler getting out of bed 6 times a night since moving out of cot ahhhhhhh !

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belinda55 Fri 05-Apr-13 09:28:33

my dd of 3 moved into her big bed a month ago. she was soooo excited about doing this that we went for it even though the arrival of her new baby sister was only 8 weeks before. initially not a problem went to bed stayed in bed and got up at same time she did in cot ( was still napping for 30 mins am, 2 hours lunch then from7pm -7.30am ... I know a lot for a 3 year old but we felt she obviously needed it as she is a very active child)
she will get up and go to my partners room(im sleeping in with baby) for no real particular reason; needs a new rabbit she has several of these and they get wet as she sucks them in bed (yuck !) needs a cuddle ! needs a poo ?? sometimes just stands there and says shes ok othertimes you ask her what she is doing she says she doesn't know ... the list goes on.

in the day she is very happy and not bothered by her sisiter and will make sure she has a toy and kiss her.

we have dropped her morning nap and she now sleeps for only 90mins lunch time, she has a gro clock but seems to be pleased with herself when she gets up "before the sun" we have tried offering chocolate treats if she gets up after the sun but this doesn't work.

we have considered a stair gate on her room but feel that she would just shake it or try and climb over it and we do not want to consider locking her in.

life with a new baby is tiring enough without this !!!!!

any tips or experiences would be much appreciated we need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel !!

MrsPatrickDempsey Fri 05-Apr-13 10:15:26

No major pearls of wisdom but didn't want to leave you unanswered. It's always tricky if they are that bit older; you need to get your head round what's going on if she genuinely doesn't need anything.

Are you able to sit her down and reason - ie - you are the big girl, not the baby, babies are the ones that wake at night for milk etc, she doesn't need too etc. Would a star chart work?

My DD did this once - probably a similar age, and up down up down one night. At my wits end I threatened the naughty stair, and that's where she ended up at 4am! There was nothing wrong with her and she never did it again!

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