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Cradle Cap

(12 Posts)
pegasus Thu 11-May-06 17:34:49

Both of my sons have had cradle cap (-and both started life with little hair!). With ds1 I slowly picked it off but recently we have discovered that under his mop of blonde hair it has returned (-he is now 2). ds2 is 4 months and also has it. Any advice on how to get rid of it, especially from under ds1's mop? I don't really fancy anything that is going to require oil overnight on their heads as that would be extremely messy for their beds!

Chandra Thu 11-May-06 17:54:23

Are you sure is craddle cap? DS had craddle cap that later became eczema. If you were talking about eczema under the hair I would recommend Eucerin shampoo but.... no idea about how to deal with "real" craddle cap hiding under a mop of hair!

girrafey Thu 11-May-06 18:20:11

you should never ever pick cradle cap!!!
it can get infected and then the hair folicles could get scarred in which case fresh hair wouldnt grow. In extreme cases of course but my brother has a bald patch due to this. also it would leave the fresh skin exposed which i dont think could be that comfortable for them if on the back of the head.

like you i wasnt too keen on the oiling overnight tecnique, so i used to oil the head just before tea, while sitting in the highchair, then after tea it was abit of a play and then just rinse with water in the bath.

there is also a shampoo i was given by by hv that really worked aswell.

the other thing to consider is it could be psoriasis. ( similar to eczema) i suffer from that on my scalp and started at 16 months. you have special medication for this. a liquid that you place on it. ( isnt messy or that greasy, just takes 20 mins or so to dry in.) hth

alibag Thu 11-May-06 19:45:44

ooh, no, I could never have picked it! My mother is from the 'if you rub hard enough after the bath it will come off' shcool, but my poor DS1 screamed blue murder at her and to this day (3 1/2 yrs) hates the bath! We tried oiling and it didn't clear up for at least 5 months, eventually we got Dentinox and it cleared up quickly (maybe it would have done anyway, who knows?) At any rate, when DS2 started to get it, we went straight for the Dentinox shampoo and it never got to be a problem. I had wanted to have a 'natural' solution, but found the chemical approach more effective for our boys.

MamaG Thu 11-May-06 19:48:18

I fannied about with oil and special shampoos with DS, then found that a 99p nit comb (plastic, not metal) and Johnsons baby shampoo (or a conditioner, if hair quite thick) got rid of it in one go! IF it came back, I repeated. The skin stayed lovely and soft and he didnt lose any hair.

Worked so well I'm gonna put it in as a tip next time there's summat I want to win!!

rabbitrabbit Thu 11-May-06 20:09:42

Hi, olive oil rubbed on the head and left for a few hours (washed off in the bath before bed) worked for me. And I was told-what I then thought was bizarrely-that increasing "natural bacteria" gets rids of it for good, and you know what it did! Just gave lots of probiotic yogurts and it went and never came back.
Still stunned to be honest. Tho if you google "cradle cap and natural bacteria" you do then find out lots of info re why it works.
Hope that's not too away-with-the-fairies for everyone!

WestCountryLass Thu 11-May-06 21:23:57

My DD had a thick crust of cradle cap and I tried everything over the counter as well as stuff from Drs and nothing shifted it. We switched shampoos to Halos and Horns from Tesco and as of this week it has completely gone. My DD is 22 months and so it took a while to sort it, deffo recommend trying that shampoo!

mumtoone Thu 11-May-06 21:25:48

I've used Dentinox for my ds and his cradle cap has improved a lot but its not gone totally.

pegasus Wed 17-May-06 10:17:21

rabbitrabbit what kind of yoghurts did you use? My ds won't eat anything with "bits" in and I can't find probiotic ones without!

zubb Wed 17-May-06 10:29:43

pegasus, my 2.5 year old ds2 still gets cradle cap every now and then, and putting olive oil in for half an hour before washing it, and then combing it through seems to help.

rabbitrabbit Wed 17-May-06 10:32:43

Hi, you can buy plain bio/live yogurt and then just blend some fruit into it (so its a sauce rather than bits)-do you think that would work?
My DS wouldn't eat "bit" when younger so I'd puree fruit and it would stay in the fridge for days then I'd just mix it up after his meals and as long as he got some it would help.

Hope that helps xx

rabbitrabbit Wed 17-May-06 13:06:37

Just been to Tesco's!
Danone Activia range is pretty much lump free and my DS will eat their Peach and Strawberry version-good luck! xx

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