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Newborns, Bfing, Toddlers and Tantrums

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SayCoolNowSayWhip Mon 01-Apr-13 11:36:40

A carry on from the Pregnant and Overdue - 37/38 weeks thread in Pregnancy.

For those of us who have finally met our bundles of joy!

Come here to share birth stories, newborn issues, feeding, tips on how to deal with toddler siblings, or just general gripes and chit chat.

DS was born on Saturday and just sleeps and eats. I have a 2.5 yo DD who is being a bit of a monkey (understandably) with the new addition.

DS looks like he has a posterior tongue tie which is making latching incredibly painful. Have sent DH out for nipple shields - anyone used these?

RubyrooUK Wed 17-Apr-13 08:35:27

Glad things are getting sorted Zuleika. And that is amazing news about your DS' weight, SayCool, especially since he had tongue tie! He's obviously well and truly making up for it.

My DH is home today. So so so so happy he will be back for tonight. If only he could learn to breastfeed, that would be truly useful.

DS1 has been amazing, even sleeping through last night. DS2 was awake for six hours feeding between 10pm and 7am, went through seven nappies and a quick vomit. He is five weeks today and I'm hoping this is a growth spurt........if he is just a crap sleeper and frequent breastfeeder like his brother, I might as well look into shares in Botox.

twinklesparkles Wed 17-Apr-13 09:57:07

I've completely fallen behind with this thread like everything else in life lol

My dd is 2 weeks today, met the health visitor yesterday. She came to do the primary visit. No more home visits now just have to attend baby clinic for weighings.

So glad my dd has gained back all the weight she lost, except for 1oz smile so pleased, it was such a big loss (12oz) totally freaked me out.

Shopping for nappies again later.... How does such a little thing produce so much poo? I started using a dr browns bottle yesterday, and must admit I've noticed the difference in dd already, a lot less windy after feeds. So ill prob but another later, I've only got the one bottle have been washing it and sterilising it each time. It would be good to get another one.

Is anyone going to try and concieve for another dc close to their newborn?

Dirtymistress Wed 17-Apr-13 10:14:13

I already did twinklewink hence the 17 month gap! We started trying for the second one week after ds1 was born but it took 8 months. Nuts! This small a gap is hard work. If I do decide to try for number 3, it won't be till ds2 is at least 2.

ZuleikaD Wed 17-Apr-13 12:34:47

That's basically the way we did it, Dirty - got an 18m gap between DD and DS1, then DS2 is 2.5 years behind. The older two amuse themselves together a lot of the time now, it's great - it's been far easier than it was when DS1 was born (sounds like you've got that going on now!).

RubyrooUK Wed 17-Apr-13 13:59:22

No, Twinkle, no small age gap here. No no no no. I don't know if I would even want three children - the two boys might be perfect for us - but definitely would wait at least two years if I did.

But that is mainly because DS1 didn't sleep through once till he was over 18mo and still doesn't do so most of the time. He has just started getting easier to manage and is lots of fun, so I want to enjoy that.

I was really broody when DS1 was tiny as I loved him so so much that I wanted a big family. But after a few months of sleeping only in 45 minute bursts, that wore off!

I don't have any family nearby (my mum has to travel here from another country and inlaws are 3/4 hours away) and I find juggling full time work/babies is hard work and DH and I don't really get time together as a couple. That has also been hard at times.

But maybe I will change my mind if DS2 turns out to be an angel! grin

num3onway Thu 18-Apr-13 20:16:52

Quiet today! Everyone catching up on sleep?

Dd is now 16 days old and doing great! Taking 4-5 oz of formula every 3-4 hours, sometimes 5 hours during night.


Whereisthesnow Fri 19-Apr-13 06:20:59

Catching up on sleep - I wish!

Ds2 had very unsettled evening yesterday, conked out from 9 until 1, but since then every 45 mins ... Don't understand as he's a big boy so should be able to go longer I think. First day of me alone with both kids. Going to baby clinic for weigh in. Will have to try and not weep from tirrdness in front of health visitor

twinklesparkles Fri 19-Apr-13 08:43:21

God I wish dd would sleep for 5 hours... I'd be so lucky smile

She's started taking smaller feeds confused so she's taking 2-3 oz every 2/3 hours. She has been quite sicky a few times over the past 2 days, and she's always been a windy baby. Maybe its getting worse, turning colicky??

Has anyone ever tried the cow and gate sensitive milk?

num3onway Fri 19-Apr-13 09:58:45

I've no experience myself but a friend of mine was advised by hv to change her babies milk to normal aptamil and found it did the trick.
I have used aptamil myself for all three and never had a problem its a couple of quid dearer though!

twinklesparkles Fri 19-Apr-13 10:48:57

I used aptimil for ds but he was just too hungry for it, even the hungrier baby milk. Dd is less hungry than ds though, so it may be worth a try.

smile thanks num3 smile

twinklesparkles Fri 19-Apr-13 21:25:39

I got dd cow and gate comfort and dentinox colic drops

She's much better already, don't know which one has made her better, she's managed to have a poo, have plenty to eat, no sickness and she's even had a couple hours sleep smile excellent.

SayCoolNowSayWhip Sat 20-Apr-13 09:05:43

Hi all! Catching up on sleep?? Hahaha! Although last night wasn't too bad - DS seemed to be in a bit of a 3 hourly routine so I got a couple of 2 hour stretches of sleep. Makes all the difference!

Glad your DD is better twinkles - do you think the dentinox colic drops are better than infacol? DS is still getting very bad wind and gas but I remember that infacol made DD worse when she was a baby.

Zuleika, how did the TT snip go? Has there been any difference in feeding?

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!

twinklesparkles Sat 20-Apr-13 11:15:17

Saycool, its deffo doing something good smile its quite thick and doesn't taste nice so you'll have to put it in the milk. Cheaper than infacol, I've not used infacol on dd yet. Used it with ds, don't remember it being that good. I'm sure it says on the infacol that it takes 2 weeks to work.... Bit pointless really. Haven't heard that many people have a good experience with infacol though...

It could be the milk also that's helping, its very thick, but she's managing to get it out of the bottle so thats good. Will get faster teats soon

SayCoolNowSayWhip Sun 21-Apr-13 10:05:42

<Sigh> Thought everything was going so well, but it's all gone downhill now. DS is screaming and crying after every feed now. In desperation, convinced that my crappy booby milk is the problem, gave him some formula last night and he slept for 3 and a half hours! (That's a long time for him btw...!) So I think I might, as Dirtymistress put it, go to the Dark Side.... Anyone have any ideas how you go about switching from breast to formula?

I'm upset about it because I really wanted to give bfing a good go, and have that whole nice magical bonding thing, but it's just not happening like that. He struggles at the breast, doesn't latch properly, milk squirts everywhere, he's screaming afterwards... It just doesn't seem right! Whereas he took the bottle of formula quite peacefully, I could stare into his eyes and smile, and he burped beautifully afterwards and went straight to sleep.

My boobs are massively leaking today, so not sure whether to express a little or just leave them....

Dirtymistress Sun 21-Apr-13 10:28:13

Hello all! Dirtybaby six weeks old today and DP now off for second week of paternity - thank god for that! We are alright, dirtybaby doesn't much like sleeping between the hours of 1-3am but it doesn't really bother me. He is struggling with reflux but given this is second time round for me I feel much more able to deal with it. Dirtytoddler still stroppy as hell about life in general but now very affectionate with his brother. Here's to having survived a trying few weeksgrin

twinklesparkles Sun 21-Apr-13 23:00:59

Saycool- I just left mine, didn't express at all.. They went hard but I went in the bath and they went squishy again grin I did leak everywhere though.... Especially when the baby cried sad made me feel so guilty. Wish I was still doing it now, but dd is a much happier baby on the bottle. So you do what's best for you and your baby flowers

Taking my dd to baby group for the first time tommorow and dh starts his new job smile should be a good day, not massively looking forward to getting back into the habit of the school run, especially with 2 kids and dh to get dressed in the morning. Dh has been doing all the school runs since dd was born, I only collected ds once in a week [embarassed].

Oh god, I just wanna stay in bed and sleep .. Yawn

num3onway Mon 22-Apr-13 02:05:00

Saycool, you sound to me like you have tried so hard to bf but it really Doesn't sound like a nice experience for you. I do think switching to the 'dark side' might be a good idea.

Sat here feeding dd, she had 4oz at 10, just over 4 now. Hopefully now sleep til 4ish and then 7/8ish!

Just need get her back in the basket!

Hope everyones having a good night x

SayCoolNowSayWhip Mon 22-Apr-13 02:43:01

Been so much better and easier today with bottles. Expressed some so DS isn't totally overwhelmed by so much formula all at once. Thanks for your support ladies!

Twinkles hope you managed to get some sleep. Don't feel bad about your DH doing the school run - it's what they're there for! grin

Dirty I can't believe Dirtybaby is 6 weeks already! Wow.

<waves at Num3 doing the 2am feed>

num3onway Mon 22-Apr-13 05:46:31

Saycool good to hear you had an easier day!

Its 5.45ish and we are feeding again, also hsve ds2 in my bed as he had a bad dream.

Whereisthesnow Mon 22-Apr-13 23:37:33

Glad to hear its going better saycool.
Blah, I have got mastitis. Wasn't sure whether to go to gp today but really glad I did for antibiotics as main symptoms of flueyness came on very suddenly tonight - make sure you all go to gp right away if you suspect it!

SayCoolNowSayWhip Tue 23-Apr-13 02:56:42

Oh no, Whereisthesnow sad Hope it clears up very soon. Poor you. Hope you don't feel too rubbish with it.

DS has just done his millionth fifth poo of the night. confused Bowels like his father.....

RubyrooUK Tue 23-Apr-13 08:38:22

Oh bummer Whereisthesnow. I got mastitis with DS1 and it is so nasty. Hope the antibiotics knock it on the head quickly.

Had my first day totally alone with the two boys yesterday. Up till now we have had visitors/family/friends dropping in whenever DS1 is not at nursery.

It was fine. We left the house twice (I had to bribe DS1 with Rich Tea biscuits to use his legs) and watched far too much telly. But we all survived!

Now I am busy feeding DS2, who woke up every hour from 2am last night as he has a cold and had to sleep on DH's chest the whole time.

Question to anyone who had a c section - my scar has swelled up again after 6 weeks. I think I overdid it picking up DS1 on Saturday after he fell off a chair. Should I go to the doctor? Or will it go down? Doesn't look infected but worried in case I have done some damage....

RubyrooUK Tue 23-Apr-13 16:45:44

....and so DS2 and I both return from the doctors with antibiotics. I may have a c section scar infection - AGAIN - and DS has a nasty rash that hasn't cleared up and looks a bit "pus-y" according to the doctor.

We are such an attractive family right now. grin

twinklesparkles Wed 24-Apr-13 18:41:23

Hope you and your dc's are well rubyroo

I've also just come back from the drs with ds.. He's on penicillin. He either has chicken pox or he has an infected year and then rubbed his stomach and the rash has spread.

Dd went to baby clinic today, is now 9lbs exactly smile and on 75th percentile. She's 3 weeks today. Hope she doesn't get the pox if ds does indeed have it sad

RubyrooUK Wed 24-Apr-13 21:45:54

Oh bummer Twinkles. Your poor DS.

Hopefully your baby won't get it. DS2 was exposed to chicken pox three weeks ago when he was enthusiastically kissed by a snotty toddler who came out in CP the next day. He seems fine apart from,
er, his rash....but that doesn't resemble CP at all. So I think he has escaped it this time and will get a bit older before it hits him.

So fingers crossed your DD will be ok. Glad to hear she is gaining weight needed some good news!!! smile

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