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Gina Ford experiences?

(2 Posts)
allchik Mon 01-Apr-13 09:23:12

Hi all,my dd is 12 wks,she has been a fairly good sleeper from birth really. I wanted to just let her do her own thing for a while to see what kinda routine she would settle into.
She naturally would have a morning nap and longer afternoon kip. I gave GF a go as her routine is quite similar to what dd was alseady doing. The main changes now are that we always start our day at 7,i time her day sleeps and we have a set night routine. Have done it for one week,weve had 5 nights where dd has slept right through till 7 but two nites where she has woken at 3ish n gone mentakt for bout 2hrs! (has never done this before) when this happens i offer milk n she has a small bit n give some cuddles (i will let dd cry for 5,10mins before naps as she always gets straight off but dnt leave her to full on sob)
Just wondered if this has happened to others? After last nite (up from 2.30 till 4.30) hub thinks we shud go bk to t old way,i prefer this way as somehow its encouraged dd to drink more and get herself to sleep,.
Also im aware some people HATE her methods and I respect that,but I dnt,would just love to hear other peoples experiences x x

Beatrixpotty Mon 01-Apr-13 10:56:38

All babies are different but I don't think either of mine were in anything that I could call a routine until 6-7 months.I always tried to do bathtime about the same time though.They were both bf so maybe this made a difference but certainly did not sleep through until 8 months.So if you have got some good nights already at 12 weeks you are doing well and I would continue what you are doing whilst accepting not every night will be perfect

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