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Swimming Pools' parent to child ratios

(14 Posts)
codswallop Fri 23-Jan-04 18:40:04

Ours is one to two kids - thre if one of the kids is over 8

This causes me probs.

I can see why of course but ds2 and ds3 and I go in whilst ds1 has a lesson - he joins us for 10 mins or so at the end when the pool often only has us in it - max ten people. They havent noticed for 6 months but now they have.

WHay do your leisure centres say?

tamum Fri 23-Jan-04 18:44:18

Same here, I'm afraid. I spent all my summer holidays from uni lifeguarding, and we used to get hoards of kids coming in without an adult to their name. That wasn't ideal, but this new rule seems a bit excessive to me.

codswallop Fri 23-Jan-04 18:47:52

yes and that was the thing - there was a 7 year old girl int here who latched on to me because her mUm was int he cafe!!
Talk about taking your kids swimming!

And she wanst some old scruffer(the mUm)

Daughter said she was talking to her friends!

zebra Fri 23-Jan-04 18:49:01

Our leisure centre says 1:1 for under 5's, not sure about older. They used to be more lax about it, but tightened up the rules a few years ago.

tamum Fri 23-Jan-04 18:49:18

I've got it coddy- teach ds1 to latch on similarly to some single woman

codswallop Fri 23-Jan-04 19:08:26

way hey!

he likes blondes

tamum Fri 23-Jan-04 19:13:35

Damn good practise for later life, too, he'll thank you one day....

codswallop Fri 23-Jan-04 19:14:42

yes but so few have matching collars and cuffs (immortal sean connery line)

Slinky Fri 23-Jan-04 19:49:00

Ours is 1:2 under 8s - 1:3 if one of the kids is over 8.

So now DD1 was 8 in October, for the first time ever I can now take the 3 of them on my own Am planning to take them during Feb. half-term.

Demented Sat 24-Jan-04 10:51:18

Our pool has the one adult to two under eight year olds rule, but when they are over eight they are allowed to go swimming on their own at our pool.

SoupDragon Sat 24-Jan-04 11:38:11

TBH I wouldn't feel safe taking more than DS1 and 2 (nearly 5 and nearly 3) and DS1 can swim!

I took them both to a training pool by myself once (note the "once" and DS1 was off all over the place whilst DS2 was hurling himself down a waterslide.

emsiewill Sun 25-Jan-04 12:35:53

Ours is 1:1 if you have an under 5 with you, 1:2 if they are over 5, but under 8, and can't remember what it is when they're over 8 (haven't got there yet!).

This means that I have never been able to take dd's (now aged 7 and 4) swimming on my own. From June, I will be able to. Although dh did take them both once, recently, and we lied about dd2's age.

lavender1 Sun 25-Jan-04 13:03:53

ours is one adult to 2 children umder the age of 8. In the school holidays the big pools near us have a 1:1 policy as it gets so busy so couldn't take them in the holidays sometimes.

Hulababy Sun 25-Jan-04 13:51:06

Just been this morning and ours says:

Under 4s = 1adult per child
4-8 years = 1 adult per 2 children

Under 8s must not be left unsupervised ever.

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