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Baby needing a hair cut already?

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lcdaff Sun 24-Mar-13 23:02:58

Dd is almost 20 weeks and has a head of hair to be proud of. Her fringe has probably needed a trim from 6 weeks as I have been told repeatedly!
Up until now have been able to brush it away from her eyes and manage it that way. But now it is crystal clear something needs to be done so she can see.
Don't really want to get her beautiful hair cut yet if I can find a way around it.
Any one got any ideas of how to keep it out her eyes? She's got a couple of soft alice bands but they don't seem to help much and not too sure about what sort of clips to use.

ZuleikaD Mon 25-Mar-13 07:49:58

Get a pair of proper hairdressing scissors and snip it yourself - it'll be a nightmare trying to keep it out of her eyes with accessories and it might irritate them badly if it's in them all the time. I cut both DCs hair and have done since they were babies. Saves a fortune and I'm pretty nifty at it now.

lcdaff Mon 25-Mar-13 17:49:40

Thanks that's a good idea, she's pretty wriggly so really not keen on taking her to a hair dresser until she's older.

saldoozer Mon 25-Mar-13 21:12:55

My DD had tons of hair as a baby, I trimmed it when she was little by lifting it up away from her face and only trimming a little at a time so I didn't cut too much off.

rrreow Mon 25-Mar-13 22:07:05

DS was the same, born with loads of hair, especially at the front of his head. When he's having a bath with DH I cut it while they're in the bath. DH just holds him as still as possible and I use hairdressing scissors. Try and cut in a kind of slant, otherwise you get that ugly 'straight' look (fine for a proper fringe when she's older but before they have much hair it will just look like a flowerpot haircut). I still cut his hair now (he's 23mo) although it's a bit of a mission now as he really has a proper head of hair now!

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