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Potty traning ds

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Delayingtactic Sun 24-Mar-13 18:34:59

Pretty much the same. DS had seen us go on the loo for ages and for awhile we'd announce where we were going ("mommy needs a wee wee"), he'd follow me into the loo, I'd let him flush, then both wash hands together.

Soon after 2nd birthday bought a potty (just because it was cheap actually) he grabbed it, took it to the bathroom and did a wee. Went cold turkey, kept him home from childminders for a week (had to use some AL) and he has been in 'big boy pants' since with nappies overnight. Lots of praise for successes, and just a 'oh dear' for accidents.

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Sun 24-Mar-13 18:22:02

The pirate Pete book is great.

We potty trained DS just after his 2nd birthday and it went brilliantly, but he was ready and we'd been doing some prep work. This book is fantastic. Tells you how to do the prep stuff, how to know when they're ready and how to fit potty training in around normal life, rather than assuming you can take 2 weeks off work. Also sensibly advocates bribing with choc buttons etc in some situations!!

Hope it goes well for you. DS has been dry day and night for months. He's 3 in June.

MySonIsMyWorld Sun 24-Mar-13 18:19:34

What a good idea, think il do that, we have a potty downstairs but he just uses it as a hat so far... ahha thanks!

NellyTheElephant Sun 24-Mar-13 12:57:44

My DS potty trained a couple of days after he turned 2. From a few months before that I had had a potty in the bathroom and he would sit on it before his bath (even if just for a second), sometimes I'd read him a quick book while he sat. I also regularly read him those 'potty books' millions of the things you can get... Pirate Pete learning to use the potty etc etc and he actually really liked to hear them over and over again. Every time I changed his nappy I commented on it ( bit yucky, but you know the sort of thing, oh look you have a poo in you nappy, soon you will be doing all your poos in the potty / loo like mummy and daddy won't that be nice!). I also used to let him run around a bit before his bath with no nappy and although he never really did anything in the potty (once or twice a bit of a wee in the potty more luck than good management, but lots of praise and excitement) he almost never wee'd on the floor either - I think he was aware not to. Anyway, a few days after his second birthday he did a wee on the potty (and was given a packet of chocolate buttons), did a poo on the potty later that day and refused to put a nappy on so I thought we'd give it a go and he was clean and dry in a couple of days with very few accidents. I do think that one of the reasons it was so straightforward was the couple of months of gentle warm up and preparation he had had before hand so that he knew what was going to be expected of him when the time came but without the pressure they can feel under when you start potty training full on.

MySonIsMyWorld Sun 24-Mar-13 12:46:23

Hi all,
just wondering what age did you start potty training? my ds is 2 in May and everyone keeps going on about potty training. How did you start?

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