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How do you deal with shyness that looks like rudeness?

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myhandslooksoold Fri 22-Mar-13 19:57:32

Good question and I'd also be interested in any advice as my ds is like this. At the hairdressers yesterday he refused to be friendly or polite. He has just turned 7.

lecce Fri 22-Mar-13 19:52:07

Ds1 (6) can be very confident (sometimes overly so, really) but at other times he gets 'struck dumb' and I would like to know how others deal with this sensitively.

For instance, this week we were at a club he attends and an older girl who is also in it, but who he presumably doesn't really talk to, said hello to him - directly and using his name. He just said nothing. I admit to feeling irratated, despite the fact that I know he is not trying to be rude or naughty. My instinct is to snap, "Come on, ds, say hello," probably accompanied by a little nudge, but I can remember this being done to me as a child and I HATED it and was all too well aware that my mother was disappointed in me when it happened.

So, I resist the urge but haven't really found a solution. I don't like answering for him, but I feel bad for the person who has been ignored.

what do others do?

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