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Teaching my kids about money

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grayal Tue 26-Feb-13 13:33:39

I've got two children, age 5 1/2 and nearly 4, and I want to start teaching them about money. One of the ways I'd like to do this is by allowing them to earn money for their money box. However, I don't want to just reward good behaviour (i.e., put your shoes on when you're asked etc) but rather have them do something that really shows they've earned it. As an example, my daughter saw a mess on the stairs the other day and tidied it up without being asked, and I was so impressed I gave her 10p. I'd like them to earn it for household stuff, but I also want to teach them that we work as a team in the house (ie we each put our dirty washing in the laundry basket etc) So, (rather long-windedly!) I'm asking for advice on what kids should earn money for, and what they should do as a matter of course (rather than because they are being paid). Any thoughts appreciated!

sarahtigh Tue 26-Feb-13 14:34:21

i think money is for extras at 4 and 5 i think it is reasonable for them to put their toys away, hang up coats, put laundry in basket, help lay table, dirty dishes to sink/ dishwasher do small things you ask them, can you put this bottle in recycling can you fetch mummy a pen etc ( and when older taking turns to wash up, keeping own room clean and vacuumed, making tea/coffee for people etc, put a load of washing on, move washing to tumble drier etc maybe making the dinner occasionally

longer or non routine jobs I think a small sum is good like helping you clean a cupboard, weed a flower bed, wash car, when older cutting the lawn, going shopping for you, cleaning communal as opposed to their own space etc

Andro Tue 26-Feb-13 14:42:58

Toys away, duvet pulled up (may be difficult for the younger one tough) laundry in/by the laundry basket (depending on whether they can reach/remove the lid safely), and plate carried into the kitchen after eating would be the basics I'd expect as a matter of course. Helping with other chores (either spontaneously or asking what they can help with and then completing a given task) would often bring a reward.

Andro Tue 26-Feb-13 14:44:09

^though, not tough

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