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Bored baby!

(9 Posts)
Lisa78 Mon 19-Jan-04 18:20:37

Well bored mum more like! DS2 is 2.5 months old and there aren't any baby groups in the area. There is only so much I can do with him at home and only so many trips to the shops I can make! I only have one friend locally with a baby (I do have other friends, honest, but they are all at work) but she is a good 45 minutes drive away.
So what can I do with him during the day? I'm not back at work for another 5 months but would like to take him to some sort of activity; all the ones I have found seem to be for toddlers - he's not quite up to wacky warehouses and the like, just yet!
Any ideas anyone?

fisil Mon 19-Jan-04 18:39:02

Baby massage courses, exploring the local library, museums, galleries (anything free or cheap). Swimming (very soon). Walking (got a sling?). Day trips to visit relatives. Meet working friends for lunch/coffee after work on Fridays.

I was very bored too! I'll try to remember other things I did to relieve the boredom.

sobernow Mon 19-Jan-04 18:45:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grommit Mon 19-Jan-04 18:45:41

Lisa78 - ask your heath visitor if there are any mother and baby groups in the area - good way to meet other mums

aloha Mon 19-Jan-04 19:16:31

Contact your local NCT to find a 'tea group' - that's a gathering of women who live near you who have children the same age. It was a real lifesaver for me. I'm still really good friends with four of them, and I have found a great network of mums via their friends too. Also local library for M&T sessions - they all have them, I think. Do call the NCT though.

Epigirl Mon 19-Jan-04 20:19:24

I'e met loads of ace people through Rhythm Time, a music group fpr babies. Didn't take dd until she was a year old but taking ds at 4 months and he loves it.

Also suggest walking & weighing clinic.

Lisa78 Mon 19-Jan-04 21:39:43

Thank you - lots of ideas here
I did ask my HV, she said they didn't carry lists and that they ran a baby group every so often but it wouldn't really be my thing!?! Bit bemused, particularly cos she said they try and get a blend of people who would click... Am I quite unclickable I ask myself!

Oakmaiden Mon 19-Jan-04 22:02:10

That was a bit strange of her, wan't it? My HV came to visit me once, and then told me that I didn't really want her to be bothering me, so she wouldn't come again but I could get in touch if I needed to. I didn't say anything, because in a way I din't need her (since I didn't want baby weighed, and that is all she actually does) but it made me feel strangely abandoned.... I don't know what they base these judgements they make about us on....

Lisa78 Mon 19-Jan-04 22:05:16

I know! DH was there and he thought she was suggesting these mothers were somewhat less educated and had fewer advantages than I do - not quite sure if that makes it better or worse!
She gave me that quiz this week, you know, the how is your emotional wellbeing one! Was sorely tempted to tick all the "about to hide in the attic" type boxes just to shake things up a bit!

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