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Is it ok to leave baby while I shower etc!

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Pinkflipflop Mon 25-Feb-13 17:05:06

So perhaps I will get the prize for the most ridiculous question of the day but...

My ds is almost 4 weeks; if he is clean, fed, cuddled etc is it ok to leave him in his crib or pram while I have a shower, wash and blowdry my hair.

So far I have been scheduling time for showering and washing my long hair while dh is around to look after him but its not really practical!

blush as I don't know the answer to this!

MamaBlue4 Thu 28-Feb-13 20:12:20

I used to put my DS and DS in the simple, plain bouncer in the bathroom, so I could peek round the curtain to check on him/her while shower.

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