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Struggling to give attention to 5 year old with 2 year old around.

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MrsMushroom Sun 24-Feb-13 20:03:14

Oh it's ongoing this problem...I have DDs aged 8 and 4 nearly 5 so feel your pain.

I tend to do one day for one DD and one for the other....hard when one of the children is only 2 though.

The best thing I can suggest is putting DD2 to bed a good hour before DD1...that hour can be spent doing things DD1 enjoys....the nights are getting lighter and you could even enjoy a twilight bike ride outside the front of your house.

If not bike riding then reading together or drawing etc.

Another idea is to go to a park where DD2 can run around a little bit and then you and DD1 can collect flowers and leaves and twigs together...little one can help if she likes...then later, make a tray garden with DD1 while DD2 sticks some of her finds onto carboard with some glue sticks.

Allegrogirl Sun 24-Feb-13 10:57:03

I have two DDs aged 5 and 2. They get on well and play together for reasonable chunks of time but I feel the older one is missing out on age appropriate activities because of DD2. I'm really struggling to teach her to ride her bike for example. Getting both of them to the park with bike and trike down a steep hill is almost impossible. I can't manage to do Lego, craft and much school stuff either as DD2 doesn't nap.

DH does lots with her but is laid up after an operation so I'm doing pretty much everything. DD2 is a cling on as well which doesn't help. Anyone found a way around this, or do I just wait until DD2 is a bit older?

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