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If you weaned your ebf baby under 6 months would you please talk to me

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sedgieloo Fri 15-Feb-13 07:49:05

I would love to know your reasoning and if on reflection you feel it was a good idea.

I'm trying to do my own reading but I'm so busy with a two yr old and 4 month old, if I have the time I don't have the mental energy!

I've read the nhs booklet and some discussion papers on intl studies. But i would value the view of experienced savvy mums please. I've asked my own mum she ebf us all and weaned at 5 months, I'm thinking of doing similar.

I have a big baby - 91st centile tall. Definitely more hungry lately - not development leap stuff definitely definitely more hungry. I two concerns, a little bit of on baby. Also baby seems to benefit from my being off gluten (stinky wind) but it upsets me so maybe that's why. Also he had a lot of antibiotics as a newborn (gbs) so gut health is something I wonder about.

Thank you

sedgieloo Sat 16-Feb-13 10:02:17

Oh. And no I do not want to wean now. All my friends seem to be weaning by five months. One at three!!! Except one ebf friend who weaned at 7 months whose 2.5 yr old is unusually small for their age. And has food intolerances. Hence seeking advice from a wider audience.

Sorry for lack of info in op. I didn't want to make it too long.

morescribbles Sat 16-Feb-13 10:39:59

Hi there, I have 5 kids, my eldest has severe food allergies. I left her with a childminder from 4 months so I can't be sure whether or not anything strange was introduced to her diet there. I supplied expressed breast milk only until she was nearly 6 months. With my other four I was very allergy conscious but had the same hungry baby battle as you are having. I researched low allergy foods. There is a lot of criticism about low nutrition for baby rice on this thread but it is a low allergy risk food and if your baby is still hungry after a feed it is safer to look at the foods less likely to cause allergies. We avoided early introduction of higher allergy risk foods such as milk-based food, pulses, celery etc. My younger four started weaning on baby rice just before five months and l introduced pear at five months. I didn't vary the solid diet very much at all but only used it in addition to the breast feeding when required. Thankfully we had no more food allergies. I am not sure what the early weaning guidelines are as my youngest is nearly five but I think you are doing the right thing asking the questions. This link may help:

SamSmalaidh Sat 16-Feb-13 10:44:17

There is very little risk really from weaning at 5 months.

The best health outcomes are for babies EBF until 6 months. As I had already started giving a bottle of formula by 5 months though I didn't feel this mattered to me.

Weaning at 6 months is basically 100% safe. No harm will come to the baby if you wait til then.

There aren't any real health benefits from weaning between 4-6 months for most babies (although you may feel there are social benefits). There are real risks to weaning before 17 weeks.

Tolly81 Sat 16-Feb-13 11:23:54

OP - just so you are aware, it is completely normal for babies to vary up to one whole line above or below the centile the baby was born on. Your baby was born on the 75th centile so you take this as the variant point. It is ok for him to go up to the 91st or down to the 50th. Being between the 50th and 75th is completely normal (that's why you haven't been referred to hospital). He isn't actually losing weight - his weight gain is just stabilizing. If at his next weigh-in he continues to follow a downward trajectory, or if his weight drops below the 50th centile, then that is cause for concern but his "normal" weight needs to vary around the 75th centile and not around the 91st. This is part of the reason why traditional weaning is associated with a higher BMI in childhood - babies are fed to what it is felt they should be eating rather than to their own hunger. It is really normal to have very very regular BFs at 3-4 months as it is a well recognized period of accelerated growth - you also mentioned your baby has got a lot taller recently and that's where the milk is going. I think it's very likely that at the next weigh in he will remain around the 75th. If you think he's hungry and he's developmentally ready able to sit up etc then why not try BLW at around 5 months? If he's ready to eat, he'll take the food to his mouth and eat it. If not, he'll just play with it. There is no food that you can give him that will give him as many calories as milk, and if you want him to "feel full" then bear in mind you will be doing this by giving him low calorie foods which are difficult to digest, which if you think he needs to put on weight will not help him to do so. You are very anti FF (which is admirable) but bear in mind early weaning with baby rice is basically very similar to giving a baby formula but with fewer calories - you are just giving then something to fill them up that is more difficult to digest than breast milk. And he probably will start going longer between feeds for precisely that reason but at the moment he clearly needs that much milk and secondly it will probably settle in a few more weeks regardless of whether or not you wean, it just sounds like a growth spurt.

Tolly81 Sat 16-Feb-13 11:27:24

Sorry that post was really long and probably sounded a bit judge-y, I just basically wanted to get across that it doesn't sound like you need to worry about his weight gain.

sedgieloo Sat 16-Feb-13 11:53:01

Sam, more scribbles, tolly; thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate the input and value hearing your experiences with your own babies, especially mum of 5 (wow btw!)

This gives me lots to mull over.

I must have put him to the breast 25+ times yesterday, not including the 3 hr cluster feed. And I do not feed to soothe to sleep. So whereas I absolutely treasure the fact I can ebf this time. I do have a needy 28 month old to consider, and it is necessary anyway that I contemplate carefully next steps with dc2.

Tolly. Thanks for your info. His length gain is not recent. He went from 75 to 91 by the six wk check and has stayed there. The drop on the weight centile is recent. It is true that I obsess over charts because of a very awful time with dc1 and feeding/weight. She and I were admitted to hospital at 4 wks. But I'm not overly concerned, it just feels like another factor which may influence what I do and when.

Scribbles I will check that link. Thanks so much for posting.

YellowAndGreenAndRedAndBlue Sat 16-Feb-13 15:56:23

Ok, based on all the extra info, i would say the following:

I would ignore your mum's history because current advice is what it is.

I would not stress about weight too much, if he was born on 75th centile then current weight at 60th is fine. However if weight is an issue, filling him p on calorifically inferior solid food would make this more of a prolem not less.

If he does have eczema/gluten issues then the earlier you wean the more likely here will be a problem, although of course there may be no problem. That is the trouble with assessing risk - it is only an assessment!

If he had no indicators of allergies that would be a different matter, but IMO that is the biggest factor.

Fwiw, if you are feeding so successfullynthru the day that he is not waking for milk at night, you are doing brilliantly well.

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