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Our new place to chat about our beautiful toddlers! Where have our babies gone???

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KLou111 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:11

Another thread girls, can't believe we're here already!

KLou111 Sat 30-Mar-13 08:11:37

Oh, ice cream is a funny thing with them isnt it!
Euan had some last March ?!?! For the first time, he did find it odd! He loves the frube yogurts after I've frozen them smile

lizandlulu Sat 30-Mar-13 08:36:59

My nursery told me about the wake to sleep method the other week when she was waking in the night for hours. They said put her to bed as normal, then wephen I go to bed, just wake her gently then shush her back to sleep. I only did it the once but it did work for hat night.

Any plans for the weekend?

I was racing yesterday, not raced for 3 years but haven't lost my knack! I didn't do very well tho, didn't have any luck and kept getting caught up with other cars and just generally had no luck at all. Team came second out of 40 tho.

Not slot today, coffee up town, then supermarket this afternoon, going out ith friends tomorrow and kelmarsh show Monday.

KLou111 Sun 31-Mar-13 08:55:11

Happy Easter ladies thanks xxx

Glad you did well liz, good on you!! What a laugh!!
Have fun today with friends.

We've got the whole of robs family round for dinner.

Well, last night was either a complete success.........or a complete failure.

I set my phone alarm for 4.30, straight into Euan. He was upside down, so I turned the phone screen off (which I used for light), felt for him and flipped him right way up. Couldn't get his dummy in, but he moaned, turned over and went straight off hurrah!!

He woke, I looked at my phone and it was 6.38!!!!! The LATEST FOR 8 WEEKS!!!

Anyway, I just so happened to look at my watch, and it was 5.38!
My fecking phone had pushed itself on a hour!! So therefore, I woke him at 3.30! Am totally gutted, so I don't know if it would've worked or not. What a waste of a night, arrrrgh!!

lizandlulu Sun 31-Mar-13 22:14:20

Ha ha, smart phones getting too smart for us!!!!

We ended up st twycross zoo today, we got up and sun was shining brightly, my friend text me and said shall we go to the zoo instead, so we did.

I didn't take the pushchair in as I thought it would be muddy and didn't want to get it ruined, plus there was 5 kids to run about with, so I thought she would want to be out all the time anyway. Silly mistake! I spent most of the time carrying her!

Had a good day tho, although they don't have lions, tigers or giraffes anymore. I was so looking forward to the giraffes too. Oh and when we got there there was protestors at the gate!

KLou111 Mon 01-Apr-13 07:32:27

Ah, wish I'd known you were going, we live about 30 mins from twycross! We'll have to all meet up one day smile
They had giraffes last year, when we went for eueys birthday, strange. It's a shame about the cats, but they're meant to be opening a big cat bit. It's more monkeys than anything.

We got 6.15 all the way through, hurrah! Bed at new 7pm too grin

KLou111 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:42:25

Just booked In The Night Garden live for Eueys birthday grin
Well, it's on the 8th August, so 5 days early, but that's the latest they'll be in Birmingham smile

lizandlulu Mon 01-Apr-13 20:21:12

Is twycross far for you iwish? It would be lovely if we all did!!

What you all done today? We went to kelmarsh show, but it was bitterly cold nd muddy, it really ruined it.

Violet started with her bad chest again, started as a cough last night. She was in bed late as we was at friends, so went to bed at 8, she woke at 10.30 till 2.30 just coughing nd being generally upset, then 4.30 to 6, then up for the day at half 7. I'm knackered!!

I made sure she was well wrapped up today. She wore her all in one suit yesterday at the zoo and she was warm all day, but she must have needed a scarf or something more on her chest.

lizandlulu Mon 01-Apr-13 20:22:57

Sorry klou, didn't see that last post. Does he like in the night garden? Doh, he must do if you've booked it!!!

We've got Justin and friends on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to it as long as violets ok.

Iwish Mon 01-Apr-13 21:00:09

2 hours 15 mins apparently liz. The closest to me are Blackpool zoo and Chester zoo which are both 1 hour 10 mins away. Can't wait to take him smile

Nick wants to take Joshua to that Justin thing when he's a tad bigger. I think the fella is a tit but he's obviously entertaining grin
Poor Violet again!! Hope she feels better soon. Joshua seems to be getting snotty all the time, driving me mad.

Glad you got a better sleep klou hope he's keeps getting better. Apparently there is a regression around 18 months.

In the night garden sounds good too.

Iwish Tue 02-Apr-13 17:53:04

Aww I love my boy. He's been so good today.
Up at 7:55, went to the sure start at 9:45 and left at 11:45. Had some lunch at asda and got a few bits then got home at 12:55. He slept 1:30-3:00 and we have played till now. Been outside too. He's just been so pleasant. <3 him.

How's your days been? Xxx

KLou111 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:37:00

Had a day off, but went to the houses, blergh!!
Tbh he's been good as gold for nanny and grandad as he's been outside most of the day, how much easier are children when the sun is shining?!?!

Glad Joshua has been a lovely little fella today smile

Well, bit of an unsettled night here. Gave Euan 45 mins nap yesterday, god did that bite us in the ass! He would settle til 7.40, I've left him awake for weeks! Then he woke at 12.15, took rob half hour to get him off. Then I roused him at 4.45, he woke at 5, I couldn't leave him til 6.15, back off til 7.30.
Fingers crossed he goes off ok tonight!

How nice is it being light too, roll on the sun grin

KLou111 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:39:16

Oh forgot to say, in laws having some decorating done, and some used gloss was outside and Euan found it! He stinks of white spirit, coat was covered in white lol!

Iwish Tue 02-Apr-13 19:42:06

I can't believe just how lovely he's been. He's been quite naughty over the weekend. Don't know if its because DH has been off work.

Hope you get a better night tonight, sounds like he's slowly getting better tho.

I love being out in the garden/park when it's sunny, you feel so much happier and kiddies love being outside. I can't wait till summer (if we get one lol). Can get the paddling pool out, slide and sand box grin. He's also got a tent type thing. It's 2 tents with a tunnel between them, my nan bought it for him for his birthday I think.

Omg 1 more cycle then we are ttc!! I went to our sure start centre and there was a tiny few day old baby. I was sooooo broody.

lizandlulu Wed 03-Apr-13 11:47:48

Ahh it's lovely when they are good! I keep saying to Chris, if violet had been my first, I might have had more sooner!

Me and lulu have been poorly sick sad she started at 4 am and was sick a few times till about 8. Chris got up and felt I'll, but went to ork so I got him to take violet to nursery out the way! Plus don't want her to catch it. Then I was sick this morning.

We both had a nap on the sofa and both woke up feeling abit better. Today we're going to see Justin and friends at Sheffield, I thought we wouldn't be going this morning, so put them up for sale on Facebook, but no one wanted them. So anyway we have decided to go. Going to pick violet up at 2.

lizandlulu Wed 03-Apr-13 11:48:25

And omg iwish!!!! How exciting!!!! You will be nesting before you know it!

Iwish Wed 03-Apr-13 13:39:19

Hope you enjoy Justin liz and hope you feel 100% after your nap.
I saw you had put them up for sale, bet you are glad they didn't sell since you are feeling better.

Am at work today but am shattered. Had a crap sleep for no reason. Could have been the coffee I had at tea time - never again!

I can't wait to try again. The last few months I've just got more broody. Just trying to fix my body tho as my LP is only 8 days which is crap so am taking some vitamin b complex in hope it helps.

KLou111 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:28:59

Oh no Liz, hope you're feeling better and managed to enjoy Justin.

Eek iwish super exciting times!!! How long did it take with Joshua? I have totally forgotten about the ovulation stuff tbh!

I've calmed down a bit broody wise for the mo, just need to sort Euey out,
knackered still. The thought of a baby at the moment would terrify me!
He's started waking in the night for the last 2, around 12/1am, takes about an hour to get him off. Also, he won't go to sleep on his own at bedtime, I have to stay til he's gone, takes about 20/30 mins. Waking around 6 now, we put his tv on in his room and we get another 45 mins or so smile
Didn't do wake to sleep last night. He's only had 10 mins max sleep in the car today too, so will see how tonight goes.......

KLou111 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:33:17

Oh, and Euan said shoes today!! His first 'proper' word.
I was putting his shoes on to go to my mum and dads this morning, Rob was there too.
I said shall we put on your shoes? And he pointed to them and said shoes! Said it 4 or 5 times, so frikkin cute!!

Iwish Wed 03-Apr-13 19:25:12

It took 6 months with Joshua so it will probably be the same or longer. Not banking on it being quick. Would love if it was tho. I just feel ready to have one more to complete our family.

Aww did he! So cute when they say a proper word. Joshua's first proper word was 'more'. He says it clear as day when he wants more food lol.

He only had 50 mins sleep at nursery today so is being a little sh*t tonight. Put him to bed at 7:15 and he's still whining.

He didn't get up till 8:05 this morning, was bliss getting ready for work on my own lol.

KLou111 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:07:56

Oh no, what a pain! How come he didn't sleep much today?

Thankfully, Euan fell asleep before I was even halfway through his story smile so a 6.55-er tonight!

Hopefully you'll be quicker this time around with ttc, you never know, because you've been off contraception for quite some tie, it may even happen first time!

Re word, I meant other than the dada, mare (me, great thanks for that!), baa (no), gone (when no more food) etc. it was nice to hear a 'proper' word iykwim smile

Iwish Wed 03-Apr-13 20:57:13

Wish Joshua would fall asleep during a story, no chance! I hope he sleeps better tonight.
Lol at Mare!! Where did he get that from?

Bloody friend has let me down again tomorrow!! She said she can't afford to go to a play centre! It's £4.50. She's let me down the last few weeks. Pffft.

Watching OBEM in a minute. Actually makes DH broody lol.

What's your plans for tomorrow? Might just take Joshua to the sure start.

KLou111 Thu 04-Apr-13 08:02:57

Oh no iwish, it really pisses me off when people let you down all the time. We've got friends like that, we don't contact them anymore, we gave up, so we wait for them!

Well, we were all set to have our first post 6.15 lie in this morning. Not heard from Euan all night, but the fucking neighbour was jump starting his car, and woke US ALL up at 6. 3rd time this fucking week. Sick of it. He borrowed jump leads off Rob before Xmas, and it's STILL not fixed! Going to another neighbours party on Saturday as their sons 1st birthday today, and Rob said he's going to say something.
We get on with them, I went to high school with her sister, but seriously tskng

KLou111 Thu 04-Apr-13 08:04:38

taking the piss now.
He opens and slams the car doors about 20 times, then he slams both car bonnets, which this morning woke us all again.
Then he revs the car out of the street to keep it going. Dick!

Iwish Thu 04-Apr-13 09:31:32

What an arsehole!! Id be leaning out if the window telling him to shut up!! Maybe when Euey wakes early in a weekend you should make loads of noise and see how he likes it.
Did you get him back to sleep or was he up for the day?

I have 2 close friends and both of them let me down. Bugs me! When I make plans with my cousins they never let me down!! Shake they work mon-fri.

Think I'm going to the Trafford centre today. Need a dress for my night out next month.
What you up 2?

KLou111 Thu 04-Apr-13 10:28:23

Wouldn't go back to sleep sad Thing is, it's a long enough day as it is when he wakes early on his own, esp not having sleep in the day, but even longer when you're woken earlier!

Are you still going to sure start?
Was planning on a walk to Tesco about a mile away, but it's sleety here, so scrapped that.
Not sure what to do. Robs our so he has the car.
Might get Euans paints out.

Euey just came over pulling his nappy, so I said are you having a weewee? Shall we get the potty? We both went to the loo to get it and he sat straight on it again lol. Well, that's this summers task I guess smile

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