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Our new place to chat about our beautiful toddlers! Where have our babies gone???

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KLou111 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:11

Another thread girls, can't believe we're here already!

Choccywoccydodah Wed 12-Feb-14 10:31:20

Fecking fuming!!! He's not coming til Friday now!!!!!! angry

lizandlulu Wed 12-Feb-14 14:16:03

It's always been nov or dec when I've been to new York, only once was near enough or Christmas to see all decs. Was brilliant. I love it there, my fave place ever, apart from home!
Washington was crap. Not centre, no shops, no good sightseeing. White house was about as good as it got. I had the best meal ever there, real southern food, but that wa the only good thing I remember from the trip. It was the time of the Washington sniper so we was constantly looking out the corner of our eyes for a man with a gun in the boot of a car!! Coupled that with going to new York in the November after sept 11th, I don't pick the right times!!

The America tour might have to wait another 15-20 years!

Has your man turned up??

lizandlulu Wed 12-Feb-14 14:16:34

Sorry, my page hadn't loaded up before I started to reply. What's his reason?

Choccywoccydodah Thu 13-Feb-14 09:36:34

He said he was 'aching', fecking idiot. Thing is he's a family friend so he's taking advantage I think. I rang him in the end and gave him a gobfull as I said we'd already had Euan looked after for 2 days so he could do it so he better turn up Friday!

Keep forgetting to say, had Euans feet measured on Friday, he's a 8.5f!!! His shoes are huge!!
She got 5 pairs of shoes out including these and under my breathe I was saying 'please not the blue ones, please not the blue ones' so I said which ones do you like and he said the blue ones mummy! Argh!!!! Anyway we for them and they're not too bad.
Have got him some brown leather Chelsea boots too so frikkin cute! smile

On way to Bristol now, the subs out so that's a good start!

How are you Iwish? I've nipped on fb again as selling our pickup so needed to list it on the things for sale site, Lucy is huge! And so so cute!!

Choccywoccydodah Fri 14-Feb-14 17:25:44

I'm not moaning, I'm just glad it's done, but OMG OUR HOUSE IS FULL OF DUST!!
Absolutely minging! Eueys at mum and dads this afternoon so I've asked if they can have him overnight as it's in the air and awful! Big clean tomorrow when it's settled.
Looks great in the cellar now, can't wait to clean it out when it's dried off (had to use water with the blasting so not as much dust?!?)
So we have a night off, valentines too so town will be full of loved-ups lol (we don't do valentines!)

What yous up to x

lizandlulu Mon 17-Feb-14 08:24:17

'morning, just a quick check in, hope your both well.

HOuse sounds fab choccy, you will have to showus some pics when it's done.

Who's things iwish? How's Lucy sleeping? How's joshua?

All well here, went out on valentines night, not just cos it was valentines, we don't usually bother doing anything, but weeks ago some friends asked if we wanted to go out for a meal so we did. It was to damons, rib place at Lincoln, they're the best ever ever ribs, nd I mean best ever!! It was jam packed, but full of family's and groups rather than soppy new couples.

We're off to alicante later. Leaving town at 2, taking violet to nursery till then. I've stil had to pay for the usuall 3 days. So she's going today, then Friday. I can pack in peace! I've done most but need to reduce it abit somehow. We have so many clothes cos I don't know how the weather going to be. 18-20 ish degrees, could turn warmer, cooler st night with a chance of rain! So I've packed for all eventualities.

Well I'm off, speak to Thursday when I get back.

Iwish Thu 20-Feb-14 22:56:10

How was alicante liz?

How's the house getting on choc

Lucy's sleep has been ok but have had a few slightly crap nights. I think the deal nights come when she hasn't slept enough in the day so I'm now trying to make sure she naps regularly.
Joshua's sleep is still good, he leaves me in bed till 8:00/8:30 before he starts shouting to get up. He has been a bit more challenging in the day the last few days. He's been on the naughty chair a fair few times.

Choccywoccydodah Fri 21-Feb-14 10:08:49

Iwish! How you doing? Sorry Lucy had had a few restless nights sad
Good boy Joshua for still sleeping in though. We're getting 6 again bah!!
It's always when he's stayed away for a night, it gets him off track again.
He woke at 5.15 at my mum and dad's last Saturday!!! And he's been early ever since sad

All good with the house. Been waiting for the cellar to dry out so we could tidy up, and there are so many bits that have been missed it's unreal!
Robs got a small shotblaster for doing our railings and side gate etc and he had a go yesterday and the house filled up again.
He's not using it again!! We washed the walls down a bit and they look not too bad. Debating whether to repoint the walls as the look a bit warehousy at the mo, but rob and his brother thinks it looks more characterful whereas me and my fil think it needs pointing. Now we've washed it down a bit and the brick colour is now showing rather than a whole wall of dust, I don't think it looks too bad.
It'll be another week or so to point it up as it's a big job to get the old stuff out and put new stuff in, so will see.

Got our appt on Monday for recurrent mc, due to ov next Tuesday so hopefully something can be sorted.
Been to the dr and got my progesterone and thrombophillia tests printed out so they'll have them to look at.

Robs 40 in May and have been looking to take him to the singapore f1 (will leave euey for 5 days if the parents can cope!) He was born in singapore and I know he wants to go back, and he'd love to watch the f1 so I priced it up and it's not actually too bad. However, if I fall pg this month I'd be 7 months pg!! I've checked the airline and insurance and ok up to 32 weeks. I'd be 31 weeks 6 days on the day we return!! But you need a medical cert so don't want to book it just yet just in case. Think may take him to silverstone instead grin
Would love to take him now though as it would be a nightmare getting 2 kids looked after!

lizandlulu Mon 24-Feb-14 09:15:32

Morning Ladies,

Yey on joushas sleep, it's good that he's being so good if Lucy's being abit unsettled. Are you goingto any baby groups or anything? Is Joshua still going to nursery?

Wow choccy, I'm not sure I would want to be going al that way while heavily pregnant. Maybe go for robs 45th! Euan would be 7 and baby 5 ish. Perfect, almost look after them selves!!!

Alicante was good, there was a cool breeze tues and wed tho and as I'd let violet get carried away and take her winter thermals off, she caught a cough. She was up most of the night Wednesday night, all day coughing thurs and thurs night when we got back. Then Friday, It disappeared as quick as it came on.
Plane was sbit of a nightmare. With Ryan air you really do feel like your on a crowded bus, not going to holiday. Violet kept saying she needed a wee. Like she always does. Has to visit every toilet within 2 miles, 5-6 times. So was up and down the aisle a few times, with violet pointing to random people saying 'you a cheeky bugger' 'you a cheeky bugger' sooooo embarrassing!! We got blocked near the toilet one time by the drinks trolly so she shouted 'hey, lady, move' I could have jumped out th fire escape cos people were laughing!!

But all in all not too bad a trip

Choccywoccydodah Tue 25-Feb-14 08:06:35

OMG Liz violet is so funny!!! Them plane sounds hilarious!!
Poor little thing getting her cough while you were away sad Was it very warm though? Nice to get away from here for a bit I bet!
Glad you had fun, when's your next one?

Well yesterday I saw Prof Quenby (aka the nutty professor) at the reproductive medicine clinic in Coventry, omg she was hilarious!!!i thought I'd come out crying and really down and we both (me and rob) came out laughing!

She's given me a prescription for progesterone pesseries to insert twice daily from day 21-28 (great timing as I'm 14 today so haven't missed my chance this month ��). If I do fall preg, keep taking it, if not stop.
She said she can see no problem with me from my bloods (said taking my baby aspirin cycle before last wouldn't have affected results), just a case of keeping a pregnancy.

She also said my progesterone isn't a massive problem but it's not massively high, and due to my spotting from 7/8 days past ov she's prescribed the progesterone.
She's told me to keep it up for 3 months then they'll do further tests if needs be.
But she also said see you at 6 weeks for your first scan in a few weeks!!
It was soooo good to come out of an appointment feeling positive!!
She did say however that maybe it won't happen the first month, but she is certainly positive for one in the next 3 months. gringrin

She did say that you're not meant to get pregnant every month as the first pregnancy may have had something wrong hence it ended then the next 2 may have been ok but because my uterus may have been too thin due to it trying to 'recover' I lost them too. So she was happy I've had February off.

So, rob had told me he's going to 'fill me up' today as Euans off to nanny and grandads ha ha ha wink

How you doing Iwish? Doesn't Lucy look so much like you!!!! smile

lizandlulu Tue 25-Feb-14 19:03:28

ThAts brilliant news choccy!!! And yes that does make sense about the lining, it's ment to be all thick isn't it. If its all come away then it's going to be harder for the egg to nestle into. Oh fingers crossed. She sounds fab.

Ys alicante was quite warm, 18-20 degrees, 26 on the last day. Just that chilly breeze. Next trip is benidorm with mil nd kids in 6 weeks. A

lizandlulu Sat 01-Mar-14 16:42:07

off out Tonight, food and drinks after for a friends birthday, kids staying over at mums. They better have a lie in tomorrow!!!

Going to try and do something with my hair in abit. It's always frizzy and bushy. I can't straighten it myself, I make a pigs ear of it. so just bought some frizz ease stuff, going to try and blow dry it abit sleeker.

Iwish Sun 02-Mar-14 14:35:19

Hi girls!

How was your night out liz? Feeling a bit hungover? And how did your hair turn out?
Lol at Violet on the plane, she's so funny!

Glad you had a good appt with the dr choc bet you feel so much better now. You will be starting the pessaries in a couple of days now won't you.
How's it going with the house? And how's Euan?

We are all good here. Lucy is sleeping through more and more but still wakes for a little chat to herself in the early hours sometimes had I have to rock her in the crib to sleep. She also doesn't go to bed till 11:00.
Joshua is good too. He's growing up so quick now. He's saying so much too and he makes me laugh. He is starting to be a bit of a shit sometimes tho.

lizandlulu Tue 04-Mar-14 21:09:29

No I ws ok after my bright out! I had one which I don't usually drink and just had a headache Sunday morning, it as bad as I expected

And my bloody hair! I just can't do anything with it. I don't know if to inest in some ghds. Whoever anyone has straightened my hair it's always been with ghds and it's always been really good. I got some babyliss pro ones which don't seem to do the trick ,although they was supposed to be second best to ghds. It might just be the way I do it. I am totally hopeless when it coems to my hair.

Violets a little shit too iwish, your not alone. She's taken to throwing herself on the floor when she's having a strop. Or throwing things.
Tonight she had a strop in the bath, she had lined up a cup of water on the side of the bath, got Mardy and swiped it off ith her arm.

Do you feel exhausted from not putting Lucy down till 11? You can't just go to bed when you want can you, and not getting hardly any child free time unless you go to bed at 2am! Roll on a decent bedtime!

Iwish Tue 04-Mar-14 21:55:18

Ghds are great liz. I love mine and have had them for about 7/8 years. They always straiten my hair easily.
Glad you weren't hung over after your night out. I'm such a lightweight is be leathered after 2 drinks and hungover for 2 days lol.

I don't feel too bad unless nick has been keeping me awake snoring. By 9pm tho I am shattered and can't wait till bed. I can't wait till she goes to bed at the same time as Joshua!

The tantrums and whinging and not doing as he's told it doing my tree in. He doesn't care if I take his toys away either. He drew on the sofa and I told him I'd put his felt tips in the bin if he did it again and he just put them in the bin himself!!

Does Violet cry and whinge a lot too? All day I hear Lucy crying and Joshua crying. I think I'm going to go deaf soon.

lizandlulu Wed 05-Mar-14 14:29:09

She is starting to cry and whine if she can't get her own way. Throwing tantrums and crying hysterically. She did in town today just cos I wouldn't carry her while pushing the pushchair. Just got to live through it!

lizandlulu Wed 05-Mar-14 14:30:02

I'm just looking at peppa pig world on the Internet. It looks like she would absolutely love it, but it's 180 miles away. How do I find out about train routes? I'm totally useless at these things!

Choccywoccydodah Wed 05-Mar-14 19:43:55

Hi ladies!!!!!

How we doing?

Liz I have ghds, got them on amazon for about £70, love them!
Your night out was a memorable one then lol!

Omg!!! Ditto on the bloody crying, whinging, throwing on the floor, hitting etc etc! Doing my fecking nut in!!!!
My mum and dad took him on Thursday to give me a break. I just broke down in tears and couldn't cope. That and for the last 2.5 weeks he's been waking at 5.30/6 so are all exhausted and he's always tired, but won't nap!

Have you tried putting Lucy to bed earlier Iwish, and waking her at 10 for a bit? That's what we used to do with Euan as it broke his cycle of waking and you got extra time to yourselves.

All good here otherwise. Spermies should be doing their thing now and I've been using my pesseries for about 4 days now so fingers crossed.
Busy busy with the house. Cellar nearly finished. Bought the tv, amp and sound system today, can't wait to get it all in grin Just need to order the sofas (which we still haven't done 3 weeks later!!) and we're done.

Choccywoccydodah Wed 05-Mar-14 19:45:25

I think you go to or something like that Liz smile

lizandlulu Thu 06-Mar-14 21:34:14

Ffs violets got bad chest again. The last cough she had was just that, just a cough, this is her chest again. I tried to think back, last time her chest was bad was about. 6 weeks ago. Hopefully th time between will gt longer and longer.
I could have killed Her this morning,4.30 she wakes coughing so I take her to the kitchen for some medicine. Give her the syringe ful of cough stuff which she has no problem, she likes to do the plunger bit herself. So give her the one full of calpol, which she decided to squirt all over me!!! Nd you know how sticky calpol is!!!! I was not amused! Then she wanted a wee, then she wanted a poo, twice. Didn't do anything at all.

Safe to say I won't be long in bed tonight.

Choccywoccydodah Sat 08-Mar-14 16:12:09

How did violets night without the sides go liz?
How's her chest?

All good here. So tempted to test tomorrow, doing my bloody head in! I'm only 9dpo but I had faint lines 2 of the 3 months I fell last time.
Pesseries seem to be doing their thing, I'm not spotting (yet) and normally am by now. Hopefully that's a good thing grin

What you up to?
Been to have my hair done, it's gone really blonde now, love it.
Got some friends around this evening. Robs in the cellar putting the tv (looks huge!!) and sound system up with his brother, getting there grin
Got to clean the house now, so can't be arsed!

Choccywoccydodah Sat 08-Mar-14 16:56:35

So, I got a faint line.......
Very very very ver very faint mind you

lizandlulu Sat 08-Mar-14 19:11:32

oh my God choccy, really really crossing fingers for this time smile

First night without the side went very week, although I kept her up later than normal, she had 5 mins just putting her toys where she wanted them, read her. Story, kissed her night and that was it till 8.30 this morning.
Although I know I've got it come come, but I really really hope she's ok with it. I would have liked to put her in a single bed, but her room needs totally rearranging before I do that. I got some dream tubes off eBay, she can climb over them to get in and out if she wants tho, I think they just make her feel abit more secure in the bed.

What plans have you both got for the weekend? More cleaning choccy?

Choccywoccydodah Sun 09-Mar-14 16:03:12

8.30 wow that's a far dream away for us!! Clever little girly smile
Them dream tubes are meant to be good.
I shoved pillows under the fitted sheet when were on holiday, so you could do that in the meantime perhaps?

Had friends around last night, so was a late on at 1am. Was knackered, then rob got up at 7.30!m less sleep without Euey here lol!
Done another test, darker this afternoon, and the pesseries seem to be keeping the spotting at bay. Please let this be it, had enough now!

lizandlulu Sun 09-Mar-14 20:30:47

do you know what, I never thought of that. Would have saved me £25! Never mind, I'm happy with these, she can get out, but not without abit of effort which is ideal. She woke this morning and we was still in bed, she was shouting me to come to her so I shouted back to come to us, so she did.

Ohhhh choccy, yippee!!

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