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Our new place to chat about our beautiful toddlers! Where have our babies gone???

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KLou111 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:11

Another thread girls, can't believe we're here already!

Choccywoccydodah Sun 20-Oct-13 08:04:33

Eeek big boy bed! How was your night?
Not sure about the plug thing but I'd mention it to the mw like liz said.
Thanks for the info on the b6, I'm taking 50mg every morning too. Started it on cd2, I'm now on cd6 I think, will start if testing this coming week to see if it's changed because of b6.

Liz, I wanted one of those for Euan. I 'invented' one when he was in his cot as a baby as he kicked the covers off, then they came out with those, I was gutted. It's the second thing I've thought of and not done anything about, the other one was the soft close toilet lid! I could be a millionaire wink
Glad the potty training going well! Good girl violet smile

Al ok here. Euan full of cold, so obviously a tooth en route. He's so much better now in his cot and goes through the night again. He's banging in his cot like last time though and thats why I took him out originally. However, he's not waking himself up like he was doing and why I took him out.
Still waking around 6ish though, but at least he's going through again which is fab. Yesterday he woke at 7 which was fab!
We put him to bed at 8 last night and had a bit of family time dancing around the living room in our pjs last night, was lovely. Still woke at 6!

Choccywoccydodah Sun 20-Oct-13 08:05:40

*testing this week for ov I meant

Iwish Sun 20-Oct-13 08:36:54

Morning ladies! It went ok! He was a little scared at first but he was asleep in 15 minutes and has just woke up woohoo!
I on the other hand had a crap sleep and was awake every hour. I don't feel like I slept thlsad

Doesn't matter about the pull ups liz, I would say that's a good idea at first because at least if she has an accident it's not a big deal. Go with it while you are out. You could put knickers on and a pull up on top.
I've not heard of those quilt things. We just put Joshua to bed in a fleecy all in one because he doesn't like his quilt yet. I'm sure he will get used to it tho.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you choc hope it works!
Good that Euan is sleeping better again, bet you feel so much better. Hope his teeth come thro quick tho and the sleep might get better.

Joshua's big boy bed

Babies sticker we have put up. Ignore the mess lol.

Choccywoccydodah Sun 20-Oct-13 10:01:38

Yey go Joshua! Hope it continues and he doesn't go like Euey in 3 weeks lol! He's a bit older though so I'd say if he was ok last night, he should stay ok smile

Well, Euan decided this morning he didn't want a nappy on and clamped his legs shut that even rob couldn't get it on (he normally cooperates better for daddy) oh god, here we go.......
So, I got his pants out and we came to a compromise, I've put his pants on top of his nappy smile
Might let him go naked waist down this week coming when we are home.

Choccywoccydodah Sun 20-Oct-13 10:02:07

Sorry, forgot to say, such a cute bed iwish smile and I love the stickers!

lizandlulu Sun 20-Oct-13 22:07:53

Yes. Stickers are lovely!!! Really really nice.

Do you know what I've invented choccy?? Body spray or perfume that smells of washing liquid! Washing smells so nice and doesn't last very long, so I think they ought to do a body sparky smelling of washing. I would love it!, I really dislike most perfumes, only ever wear it on very special occasions and only have 2 sorts, but would much rather smell of washing!

Iwish Mon 21-Oct-13 21:09:54

So far so good. He hasn't got out of bed yet. Probably because it's so dark he can't see lol. He was up at 8:00 today mil said. He seems to like his big boy bed. It's just a toddler bed, think it was £90.

You should put his nappy on top of his pants choc. That way he can feel that he's wet but doesn't wet his trousers. That a tip my sil gave me.
Has he been on the potty today?

Fresh washing is a nice smell isn't it liz. I would just like to spray my clothes with that smell all day.
I don't wear perfume either, unless I'm going out somewhere nice.

How are you both anyway?

lizandlulu Tue 22-Oct-13 21:54:57

Yippee going to benidorm tomorrow, wed till sat. Will be so nice to get away from all this rain, it's rained non stop for two days!!

Lulu was sick early hours of this morning, don't know why, I hope it's not carching! But she's fine now. Well she's actually complaining of a pain on her abdomen, like in the crease where her pants sit. She's was actually crying abit ago, says it was stinging. Whatever can it be?

She's gong to have to go to the doctors when we get back if it's still like that

So I won't be on till Sunday, have a nice week/end!!

Iwish Wed 23-Oct-13 21:28:47

Have a lovely time liz! And I hope lulu is better too.

I'm so excited, on Sunday I'm going to the Trafford centre WITHOUT MY CHILD!!! Me and my friend are leaving the kids with their daddies and going shopping for the babies grin and it was my birthday on Monday so I've got birthday money to spend yippee.

Choccywoccydodah Wed 23-Oct-13 22:00:09

Have fun liz! Hope lulu is ok.

Ooo that sounds lovely iwish. How's Joshua in his bed.

Well, Euan decided he didn't want to wear anything except his pants today.
All was fine, one wee in his pants at 12.30ish, then a couple of hours later he looked at his willy so I took his pants off and he sat on the potty but nothing. He started playing again with his toys and 10mins later he jumped on his potty and weed!
All great, even walked up the shops with him and bella and all fine.
Then rob got home about 4:30 and it all went to pot!
He weed in the lounge, then pooed on the landing and weed, then weed again in the lounge, then went downstairs and weed in the kitchen, then in his booster seat arrrrgh!! All by 6!!
Is there a potty training boot camp they can go to??
I don't want to do this, it's already driving me mad!

He's at my mum and dads tomorrow for the day and maybe overnight so they can have a go lol!
Dog is being put down tomorrow afternoon sad

Iwish Sat 26-Oct-13 17:23:24

I think as soon as they are doing something really distracting they have accidents, that's what Joshua does so that's why I'm not bothering lol. He does tell me a lot of the time of he's having a wee.

How are you feeling re the doggy? I bet you are feeling a bit lost without him sad

Well so far so good in his bed. He's still not getting out but I suppose there's always time. He still goes to bed at 7:30 and gets up at 8ish. Havnt had a long lie in yet lol.

Almost 31 weeks now!! Where the hell did that go???
Just spent half a hour ironing baby clothes grin

lizandlulu Sun 27-Oct-13 18:44:37

Sorry to hear about Bali choccy. I don't know what to say sad

And sorry about all the accidents!!! Violets had 2 wee and a pooh accidents today. Yes it's always when they're doing something. Althought we've been to a party this afternoon and she's been on the bouncy castle and in and out the house for 2 1/2 hours and went to the toilet twice. Then nipped to mums when she went again, then literally 10 mins later, weed herself at home!

Yippee on the shopping say iwish!! What did you get?

Benidorm was lovely, 28 degrees!! It was abit too hot and tried to keep out of it a lot of he time for the kids sake. But once it cooled down after tea it was beautiful. Courtesy of violet I managed to visit every toilet within 5 miles. But put a pull up on her or the taxi and plane trips back.

Choccywoccydodah Sun 27-Oct-13 18:51:22

Aww what a good boy Joshua is smile
Hopefully he stays in his bed for you.I thought Euan wanted to go back in his bed Friday night. He wanted his story with me lying next to him on the bed, but when I got up to leave he started moaning so I thought oh here we go! Anyway, it was because he wanted to go in his cot grin result! He just wants stories now lying with me, then sleep in his cot.
He's waking up about 5ish, but I go in and lie on the bed next to his cot for 10/15 mins ( if I don't fall asleep, so much comfier than our bed!) and he goes back off til 7/7.30 gringrin feel so much more human again!

Binned the potty training too, he for a nappy out of the bag on Friday and wanted it on lol. Thank god for that!!

31 weeks blimey that has gone quick! Are you all packed then?

Gutted about the dog. We had a love hate kind of relationship as he was such a mardi arse but we had him for 11 years and it was truly truly awful when he was put to sleep. I thought he was still alive as he was sat upright and just looked normal. His eyes didn't close or anything, but he was gone. We couldn't stop crying as we both felt so bad doing it, but it had got to a point where he was barking all the time, being aggressive, hair falling out, not eating, back legs going etc etc. when. He went to sleep we chalked his teeth and quite a few were black and rotten and a couple were wobbly and one was missing! Robs dad found that one a while ago but we didn't realise it was our dogs!! It was def for the best he must've been in agony. It's just heart breaking that you did it thought rather than going naturally.

Re ttc, I'm oving again today, 2 days earlier on b6 grin. Hopefully my LP will be longer too and I get a bfp for my birthday grin

Have you had your birthday?

Choccywoccydodah Sun 27-Oct-13 18:55:31

Just remembered, weren't you going shopping today or was that tomorrow?,

Iwish Sun 27-Oct-13 20:36:31

Bet you had a lovely time liz! But bet you are not glad to be back with this crappy weather. Is it stormy there? It's ok here, said we are going to get some of this big storm but just had the usual rain.
Shopping was nice. No kids so we managed lunch and coffee with no messung about and got a few things from the shops. Got some sleepsuits, a dress, bibs and a hat for the baby and a shirt for Joshua from next. Got me some new converse trainers and a top and 3 Xmas prezzies. Was knackered when I got home tho.

It was my birthday on Monday choc so had some money to spend. When's your birthday?
Good luck this month, maybe the b6 will help your LP and you will get a nice bfp.
And yey for Euan sleeping! It's so great just those extra few hours of sleep. Makes a massive difference to your day.

I think Joshua was having nightmares lady night. He woke at 2 crying saying 'open door open gate' but went back to sleep after about a minute and then woke at 5:30 but didn't settle till just after 6 and I ended up going in to see him and patting his back for a minute or 2. I had already been awake a fair few times being uncomfortable or with nick snoring!

Nope not packed a thing lol! I havnt bought anything for my hospital bag either. I've got 2 little packs of nappies and some baby clothes tho haha.

Choccywoccydodah Mon 28-Oct-13 06:22:20

Sorry liz, I missed your post!!
Sounds like it was lovely and hot, god I'm missing that!
Lol with violet and the toilets, hope she'll be ok quick for you. I gave up, and so did Euan when he got me a nappy!

Sorry iwish, happy birthday for last Monday. I can't remember saying it on FB!! Glad you bought yourself some pressies. It's normally all about the kids isn't it!

It's mine this Friday, so am going out for the day with with mum, dad and Euan on weds. Then they're having him Thursday night so me and rob can go out for a meal, then we wanted to go away for the weekend but we're waiting for a new car to come in so not sure if it'll be here in time so haven't booked anything yet as don't want it to come in while we're away. Thing is, it's bloody half term too, so of course the prices rocket! My birthday was never in half term when I was at school!!
Not due to test until the following weekend which is a shame!

Choccywoccydodah Wed 30-Oct-13 07:59:13


How are we all today?
Off shopping with the little fella and my parents today for my birthday grin. Might go to Birmingham, not sure.

So, I'm officially in my 2ww AGAIN, roll on next Saturday when I can test if I don't come on before then!

lizandlulu Wed 30-Oct-13 22:47:43

Ohh what did ya get????

Violet had the flu vaccine yesterday, nothing to it, she didn't murmer.

Now she's got a bad chest today, I don't think the 2 are related, she's had it coming for couple of days. She's very unsettled tonight, doesn't look like I'm going to get much sleep.

Lulus birthday tomorrow, just finished wrapping her presents, going trick or treating tomorrow night for the first time! Going with her friend so she should enjoy it, then out or bowling and tea on Friday.

lizandlulu Sun 03-Nov-13 20:14:06

Evening all, have you had good weekends?

God our week has been manic, just so much gone off nd he to plan so much, it's done my head in. I have been chasing my own arse all week. I'm glad it's over!

Got to take violet to kings mill hosp tomorrow for another check on that lump in her boob, so had to change my days at work again, but fairly quiet this week, just how I like it!

Iwish Tue 05-Nov-13 17:06:58

Hi lovely ladies!

How did the hospital go liz?

How's the car choc? And did you have a nice birthday?

How are you both? 3 weeks left to work!! (Not including this week) I have half packed my hospital bag too. Packed baby stuff had my nighties but still need to pack toiletries and maternity pads etc. I've made a list of what else I need to put in.
Joshua is at nursery tomorrow as usual but I'm off work and I'm so excited to chill on my own grin

Choccywoccydodah Tue 05-Nov-13 18:32:25

Hi girls!

Liz hope violet was ok at hospital. Did you get results straight away or do they get sent away?
Holiday piccies looked fab and it looked so hot! Am so missing the heat!

Oooooooo a day off on your own sounds fab iwish, enjoy it! And 3 weeks left, I bet you can't wait! Not long til bubba here now!

Had a fab birthday at, very spoilt. Going to Wales next week for 4 nights at bluestone (like centre parcs). We didn't want to go on holiday just yet as not sure when we're getting the house, we're hoping ASAP so want to be here.
Love our car, although very weird being in a car again as we've had 4x4s for 4 years! Nice and comfy though, and Euan looks more comfy too smile
Euey was sick on me on my birthday at bowling. He hadn't eaten a lot all day but drank loads, and he was fine at first bowling and was loving it. Then after about 30 mins he just wanted to cuddle up and lie down. Then he sat on my lap facing me and literally did a massive adult burp followed by water sick. I was drenched, and left shortly after!! Poor little fella we think got a chill or something as within a couple of hours he seemed fine. An unsettled night that night but his temp was 38 at 6pm then 36.3 at 10pm so all good.

Just set off some fireworks for him, loved it. We actually bought them last year for him but he wasn't interested and I think he was a bit ill if I remember.

So, 8dpo today and I started spotting again this morning, literally one little spot (only when I stuck my finger up sorry tmi I know!). Anyway, nothing since, but I've been feeling sicky this afternoon and my bottom gum bled too which I've not had before. Am hoping the witch stays away. Testing Thursday/Friday if so. Keep it all crossed for me!,

Iwish Tue 05-Nov-13 19:47:44

Keeping my fingers crossed for you choc. Are you still taking the vits?

Glad you had a good birthday too (apart from the sick lol)
What kind of car did you get?

Yeh 3 weeks! I can't wait to finish work tho and I do hope she comes a couple of weeks early like Joshua.

We are making a little present box for Joshua from the baby. We are going to do him a box with some Thomas trains, chocolate, a little camera and poss a book too. Hope he likes it.

Choccywoccydodah Tue 05-Nov-13 19:58:04

Awwww that sounds so cute iwish, bet he'll love it. Euan loves babies at the moment, and Joshua will be his age when she's here so hopefully he'll be the same.
No doubt by the time we have another he'll hate them!
Yes taking the vits still. I doubled them after ov so am hoping they've worked! smile

lizandlulu Tue 05-Nov-13 21:42:39

Evening, glad you are both well, I shall keep my fingers crossed for you choccy .
poor Euan being ill! It's awful isn't it! At least it wasn't proper chunky sick ;)
I bet your counting down the days arent you iwish? Nice bit of time to yourself.

Hospital was fine, the doctor just looked at her lump, no actual tests or anything, but said it was fine and normal, he was more concerned about her chest. He listened to it in different places and seemed really concerned. He said. 'Ahh aren't you a poorly girl'! I wall I've, we'll actually she's ten times better than she is when she's poorly. It was so so nice to talk to someone who cruelly seemed concerned and wanted to help! He prescribed montelucast granules, I have to mix them into her food, it's the consistency of sugar, and it might be 6-8 weeks before it has results, it might not even work, but it's so good to be trying something! It's ment to prevent mucus from forming in her tubes.

Choccywoccydodah Wed 06-Nov-13 13:16:48

Glad all ok at the hospital Liz. How's she been on the new drugs? Hope she's ok poor thing.

So excited, estate agent just told us we can move any time after 20th November!!!!! Sooooooo excited to be in by Xmas!!!! Going to exchange that Friday and complete following Monday woohoo!!!!!!
Going away next Monday to Friday which we wish we kind of hadn't booked now, but heyho! gringringrin

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