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Our new place to chat about our beautiful toddlers! Where have our babies gone???

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KLou111 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:11

Another thread girls, can't believe we're here already!

Choccywoccydodah Fri 21-Jun-13 20:11:35

No, I am not impressed with him using my name! Robs cousins used to call their mum and dad by their names til they were about 12ish, very strange!

Forgot to say, I had to take Euans trike back today, its the same one iwish has for josh. The wheels are plastic and the middles of the wheels are rubber, and the one came away from the wheel. I emailed them (elc) the other day asking if they did spares or what warranty came with it etc. They replied saying a year, so I could take it back for exchange or refund. I bought it in July last year for Euans birthday, and today I got a full refund! The woman in the shop said her granddaughters did the same and her husband glued hers, but I just wanted a refund.
Tbh, he uses it all the time now, rarely in his pushchair as he's too big for it! The big buggy keeps locking on the back brake, and rob keeps fixing it, but they've told him to try something else but never bothered as its not used.
I've been trying to find one that has air tyres and I've found this one His was the same price, so think I may order it.

Iwish Fri 21-Jun-13 22:10:48

Awww that's fab news for your friends choc bet they are over the moon!
Aaah it'll be your turn for no2 soon. Robs obviously thinking about the next baby by those comments hehe.
Not good him calling you Kate lol!
That trike looks good! Ours is ok at the moment but we don't use it much. If we go to the park or similar he walks but if we go clothes shopping etc or put for the day we take the pram so he can nap in it.

Someone at work actually asked me if I was pregnant today shock. Of course I lied and said no. Bloody good job I don't need to hide it much longer!

Choccywoccydodah Sat 22-Jun-13 19:59:41

I'd have slapped them iwish! Cheeky beggars wink

Well, we have got a panic on today. Spoke to my mum earlier and she saw in the free paper (that we don't get!) that the house we like had an open house today! Absolutely gutted, so rob rang the agent selling it. Turns out it was booked weeks ago, but after our offer, they've stalled the vendors grin She told them the garden needs a good sorting out for an open house (it doesn't), and she's bought us at least 2 weeks. She is so lovely bless her! She said i shouldn't have told you that, but I know how much you want the house and if I can sell it to you I will smile
Plus I suppose if they can get out of manning an open house when they've already potentially sold the house, they will!
So we got straight on to our agent and have dropped ours in price slightly to get more interest. He said give it a week, but we don't have a week! The agent can't understand why we haven't had any viewings booked for this weekend as it's so bloody cheap for what you get. We said we just want to get people through the door and start getting feedback at least.
Fingers tightly crossed. (And the quicker we move, the quicker baby number 2 may be more of a reality grin)

lizandlulu Sat 22-Jun-13 21:31:41

Ahh i really hope you get it and it all falls into place for you.

When are you telling work iwish?

Iwish Sun 23-Jun-13 10:00:45

I hope you get it too choc fingers crossed!

Will tell them on Wednesday liz. My scan is on a Tuesday and I don't work Tuesdays. I work 25 miles from
Home now so no chance I'm going there to tell them on Tuesday hehe. Will just tell family and close friends on Tuesday. Work on Wednesday then put it on FB on Wednesday night.

What you both up to today?

Choccywoccydodah Sun 23-Jun-13 15:53:33

Eek all getting real now iwish! When you see that beautiful bubba on the screen it'll be very real! How are you going to announce it on FB? Put your scan up? Or josh in his tshirt? (Am so nicking that idea if we ever have another!)

only started buying it as some guys in their early 20s were in there a couple of years ago buying it in crates of 6! Found this dress for the wedding in France in August, what do you think?

Choccywoccydodah Sun 23-Jun-13 15:54:19

Ignore that lol!

dress I've found for French wedding

Iwish Sun 23-Jun-13 18:29:49

I think I will put it on FB on Wednesday when my work friends know. Will put him in his tshirt and get him to hold the scan pic or put in in front of him. I'm getting so excited now! 2 more sleeps! Feel free to nick the idea grin

Love the dress choc it's gorgeous! You will look lovely in it.

What have you done today?

lizandlulu Sun 23-Jun-13 20:54:25

Yes that dress is lovely. Very summery. I love lemon.

Cue idea iwish.

Choccywoccydodah Mon 24-Jun-13 09:58:06

That's a lovely idea iwish. Can't wait to see the picture!! So exciting smile

Well, Euan in with us at 4.45 and fannying around for what seemed like hours at that time! Anyway, he woke at 8.50!!! How looooooovely, just like the good old days hmm

Mumma2cutiepie Mon 24-Jun-13 12:06:10

My son is 2 today, I'm 25 today, time certainly does fly by, he growing up so fast... He will always be my baby though smile))....

Choccywoccydodah Mon 24-Jun-13 12:13:58

Who's that?

Choccywoccydodah Mon 24-Jun-13 12:15:31

Sorry, didn't mean to sound so abrupt. I meant is that someone who's changed their name?
Happy birthday both smile

lizandlulu Mon 24-Jun-13 21:31:56

Woooohooooo benidorm tomorrow!!!!!!!

Sorry first things first ;)

Well we are having issues with nappies. Every night she is pulling her nappy off, Saturday night she was crying like she was in pain, and pulling at her nappy. She asked to go to the toilet but didn't do anything,and she ended up without a nappy on, with a towel under her. She was wet Sunday morning but not massively so. Last night she undid her nappy but it stayed in place cause of her Jamas. Tonight, she's fine, so far!

I'm not going to be on now till maybe Sunday morning, so all have good weeks, I will think of you while I'm laid on the beach ;)))))))

Choccywoccydodah Mon 24-Jun-13 22:32:24

Have a bloody fantastic time Liz!!!

Oooooo violet may be nappyless by the time you return!
Euan keeps prodding his willy and pulling his nappy every time he wees now, almost as if he's uncomfy in his nappy when he wees. This afternoon I took his nappy off, then he cried for it to be put back on. Very confusing!!

Choccywoccydodah Tue 25-Jun-13 12:46:42

Thinking of you iwish xxxxxxxxxxx

Iwish Tue 25-Jun-13 13:55:31

All went well ladies!! Dated me at 13+1 with a new EDD of 30th December eek!!

Will send you a private message on FB with a pic because I don't want everyone seeing it yet xx

Enjoy benidorm liz you lucky bugger!!

choc Joshua has just started saying poo and laying down on the floor wanting me to change him haha.

Choccywoccydodah Tue 25-Jun-13 20:44:15

Eeeeeek iwish!! That's the exact date my friends are due with the twins!
I'll come back on FB so I can have a peek. All so real now!!

Lol at josh saying poo! Ha ha.

Been thinking about you all day x

Iwish Tue 25-Jun-13 21:14:08

Aaah have you? You are so nice. grin.

Just to make you laugh - I was up most of the night and part of the n

Iwish Tue 25-Jun-13 21:17:42

Aaah have you? You are so nice. grin.

Just to make you laugh - I was up most of the night and part of the night I was up with horrible trapped wind. I tried all sorts to get rid if it, rocking on all 4s with my arse in the air, on my back cycling my legs, rubbing my tummy, drinking fizzy drinks to try and burp it out, tried gaviscon and nothing worked. I was so worried that I would go for the scan and the sonogropher would press so hard that eventually I would just let out a huge fart blush. I didn't thank god but trapped wind is still there.

Oh yeh I forgot about it being that date! Glad it's not twins tho haha.
How are you?

Choccywoccydodah Tue 25-Jun-13 21:42:19

Ha ha that's hilarious!! Is it still trapped? Hate trapped wind, bloody awful and so uncomfy. Feel for you.

All ok here. Had 2 viewing tonight grin both really keen. The first one was at 5.45 and the agent showed them. They said they loved the house and will be putting in an offer tomorrow if the fung shui is right with regards our garden! It's got the corner chopped off, so it's not square, so they're checking that tonight.

Other one we showed at 6.15, nice family, seemed really keen (they were here almost an hour!). She's got 4 kids, and she brought 2 with her (14 and 16). She said she really liked it and would like to bring her other kids who are older to have a look. Fingers crossed smile

Choccywoccydodah Wed 26-Jun-13 09:36:36

Good luck telling work today iwish x

Iwish Wed 26-Jun-13 16:30:42

Yeh still got the bloody trapped wind choc!! I swear I haven't farted for 3 days lol!!

Sounds promising with your house! Keeping my fingers crossed they put an offer in!
What have you done today?

Will put something on FB in a couple of hours grin

Choccywoccydodah Thu 27-Jun-13 19:18:02

Great piccy iwish! Joshua is so cute, and so good at photos! Euan never keeps still.
Bet it's nice to know everything ok in there and to be able to tell everyone.
My friend announced here yesterday too smile

Well, just had a second viewing from the lady who came with her kids the other day. Her son was ready to move in ha ha! Fingers crossed........

Choccywoccydodah Thu 27-Jun-13 19:18:31

Keep forgetting to ask, is Joshua still getting out of his cot?

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