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Effects of colief ?

(2 Posts)
Jmhirvine Mon 11-Feb-13 20:37:07

I have four year old twins but when they were tiny one had a similar problem to the one youve mentioned and my son had some awful symptoms, runny poo, screming after a feed etc.

I went to a chemist and they reccommended colief and I had the same relief almost your feeling but it was so expensive that I went to see my GP. He told me that if the colief was working then the chances were that my twins probably didnt have lactose intolerence but could have problems digesting a complex protein in the milk and he provided a lactose free soya based milk.

This made such a difference I suddenly had babies who fed for longer, slept for longer and were soo much more settled.

You are more than likely totaly confused at the relief you feel at a settled and happy baby the likelhood is that your DC is settling into a routine of his one because the wind and digestive issues are no longer there, however if I was you I would dispense with the faff on colief and switch to a soya based milk....

Snowfedup Sun 10-Feb-13 17:33:48

Just started using colief yesterday ds is 7 weeks and on gaviscon for silent reflux for last 2 weeks which helped a bit but not the wind probs so someone suggested colief too.

Today he has suddenly started drinking more per feed 6 oz instead of 4-5 per bottle and sleeping more (couldn't get him to stay awake after bottles for any length of time although alert when wakes for feeding )

Is this the colief and is it a good or bad sign ?)

Or is it just a coincidence ?

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