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Feeling slightly sad this could be my last pregnancy

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thunksheadontable Sun 10-Feb-13 15:25:31

Don't worry about the next one yet, nor your husband's reasoning. I have had a bit of this.. have had perinatal OCD/depression since midway through my pregnancy with ds2 (but thankfully much better now) and it was only weeks after birth that my dh planted his size 11's said he didn't think we could have any more "after this". Ds2 is now nearly 8 months and dh is coming around... we won't be having another for at least another year either way and I would like to be off the ADs but remember that things change and no one ever knows what's around the corner. As my mother always says, if you told God your five year plan He'd laugh...

Cupcakemummy85 Sun 10-Feb-13 15:17:48

I must be mad thinking about having more children as I've found dd1 a real handful once she became a toddler and I had PND straight away after giving birth. I'm currently waiting for labour to start with my second and I've found pregnancy quite hard this time round running around after dd. dh said he thinks this will have to b the last one which makes me feel a little sad as its obviously because of me he wouldn't consider three. He doesn't think I will b able to cope mentally with three. It's a bit sad really. But I'm sure it's lovely having just two isn't it? Dc will be 19 months apart so i will get the me time back quicker I guess lol.

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