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Bedtime for 2 year old- am I being mean?

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annie11 Sat 09-Feb-13 22:18:50

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else's child is like this? What would you do?

My 2.2 year old little boy has a very structured bedtime routine ( books, milk, bath, pjs, 3 episodes of peppa pig then bed). His bedtime varies between 7 and 8 depending on naps, how tired he is, etc. He enjoys the routine and going to bed, has a bit of a strop when we turn off peppa but never cries in bed.

This is the thing. Sometimes he drops off straight away, but mostly he talks, sings and plays with his toys in his cot for ages, sometimes for an hour! As I said, he never cries, sounds very happy and I'm always in the next room until I can't hear any more choruses of wheels on the bus!

Do you think it's too long for him to be in the dark room by himself? I'm worried if I let him out after bedtime it will give him the message that bedtime is negotiable. We tried a later bedtime too- if he looks tired and allowed to stay up he becomes cranky and touchy, cries at the slightest thing, throws things, demands stuff he's not allowed and so on...

Am I a mean mummy?

Bonners Fri 15-Feb-13 22:35:00

Mine does the exact same thing at 2.5. (bloody wheels on the bus eh? is that the only song they know?) I figure if he's happy to just carry on. We check on him once it twice to make sure clothes haven't been pulled off but usually he falls off on his own.

5madthings Fri 15-Feb-13 22:37:42

Sounds fine, if he is happy leave him be.

I wouldn't do TV just before bed, could you try a story CD? Mine love them smile

nannyof3 Fri 15-Feb-13 22:46:18

How about getting a little dim light night?

A relaxing cd while in bed may also help

lolalotta Sat 16-Feb-13 06:10:08

I'm just wondering if you could possibly be missing his natural sleep window by not putting him down a but earlier? 8.00pm seems late to me for a little one and he could be getting over-tired when you put him down and then he is finding it more difficult to settle off?
My DD has just turned 3, she no longer naps in the day and we put her to bed at 6.30pm and she is usually asleep by 6.45pm and wakes the following morning at 6.30am/ 7.00am...I know different things work for different families, I just thought it might be something to consider?

rrreow Sat 16-Feb-13 22:16:25

I'm absolutely delighted that my DS now babbles to himself when I leave the room after bedtime, rather than cry for me to be with him until he falls asleep! I'd say you're doing great and this is a good thing that he's confident and secure enough to be in a room by himself and go to sleep by himself.

Agree with what lots of other people have said about TV though. Nothing against TV, but just not right before bed. I notice it for myself as well, if I read before bed my mind will be calmer (although does depend slightly on the book!) than if I have watched TV or been on my iPhone/computer.

Piemother Sat 16-Feb-13 23:55:25

Not at all mean actually I applaud you. IMO bedtime and the routine is really important and good parenting. I did it with dd1 from when she was very little and now at 3.5 she is a brilliant sleeper and no problem at bedtime. Btw I don't mean it took 3.5 years for it to work - it's been working mist if the time since I started.
I read a lot about sleep problems (not necessarily on here) and must if the time the parents make a pigs ear of bedtime.
Tv wouldn't be my choice but its consistant which is what is v important grin

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