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Can anyone recommend a good book on puberty for boys please?

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sandiy Fri 01-Mar-13 18:16:45

School nursing service can provide for free.Give them a ring or contact through school.

Jestrin Thu 21-Feb-13 21:23:06

I haven't clicked the links above so apologies if this is a repeat. We bought Puberty Boy for our DS and I was very impressed with it. We bought Puberty Girl for our DD without reading it, thinking it would be just as good and the first chapter was about sex so quickly changed it to the Usborne one called 'whats happening to me' Much better!! grin

quoteunquote Fri 08-Feb-13 18:21:31


TheInnerSea Fri 08-Feb-13 14:54:45

If you mean puberty, rather than sex, ds1 was given a pamphlet at school called All Change. It's very short, but covers what they need at this age about the changes to expect.

It's published by Sheffield School Nursing Service, although we're about 200 miles from Sheffield!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 08-Feb-13 14:45:26

Actually I think it may be good idea to get teens to read some of those studies, particularly the bit that says half of all babies at 12 months still wake grin

ThreeBeeOneGee Thu 07-Feb-13 20:40:32

We didn't give DS1 a study on infant sleep (although that might remind him to use contraception as he hates sleep deprivation grin) but we have given him a copy of 'What's Happening to Me?'

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 07-Feb-13 20:37:20

Bugger. Don't know why that happened. It's exactly the same one as peppers. Seems good, my bf used the girls one with her dd but I haven't given itto DS yet.

pepperrabbit Thu 07-Feb-13 20:24:11

Yes, it's much more grown up at the end and covers girls development as well.
My 8yr old is quite a "young" 8 so we're going to wait probably till he's nearer 9 to give it to him, but also if he asks questions earlier we have it to hand.
(I bought it through the Book people which was v cheap).

joshandjamie Thu 07-Feb-13 17:31:36

Jilted, your link doesn't seem to work. Pepper rabbit that one looks great. I was reading reviews on amazon about a different usbourne book that included things like anal sex in it(!!) but this one looks tamer

pepperrabbit Thu 07-Feb-13 15:11:59

I've just bought my son this one.
I haven't quite given it to him yet, I think he needs another 6 months (or maybe I do!)

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 07-Feb-13 14:59:17

We've just bought this one.

joshandjamie Thu 07-Feb-13 12:20:51

My son is about to turn 9. I've just been reading up on when you should talk to your children about puberty and it seems that 8 or 9 is a good time. We've had some basic discussions about it but I'd like to get a book that explains it all so that we can talk through it. I found a fab book for my niece once called 'Zits, glitz and body bitz' which looked really good but it was aimed at girls. I'd like something similar for boys - not too wordy, something he would be comfortable to read. Some of the books I've seen go into a lot of detail about blowjobs, sex details etc. I am not sure whether 9 is too young to have a book on these things or if it's better to tell them about them now while they're less embarrassed to ask questions.

Any suggestions?

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