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Dd on movicol for a long time now, advise/reassurance needed

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Cupcakemummy85 Fri 01-Feb-13 18:57:05

Hi all. Dd has been on movicol since she was around 9 months. She is nearly 19 months and we've battles with constipation for such a long time. She drinks a lot of fluid, juice, water, milk, squash, whatever I can't get her to drink, it's not easy though. Her diet is pretty good when she is doing a lot of poos and goin regularly. If she is blocked up she goes off food and fluid really quickly. I've seen the doctor so many times and we r goin back Thursday. She is on 2 sachets a day and I tried to lower to 1 and 1/2 like the doc told me but it has blocked her up again. It's like her body gets used to the movicol when we up the dosage. I really don't understand. Is anyone else going through the same or has any advise. Our conversation with dh and grandparents are litreally about dd poo lol and I would really like to get it sorted. Most kids have a cup of orange juice or a load of cherries and will have the squits or days but it doesn't effect my dd. I would understand if she ate crap like nuggets and crisps and chocolate but she doesn't.

Cupcakemummy85 Sat 09-Feb-13 12:29:05

To be honest I think I might just go in on Monday, dd has a rash so I might just go for that and drop into the app about dd constipation. Very very worried now as I'm worried she is trying to hold her poo sad
None of the GPS at my surgery seem to think its a problem I've nearly seen them all. Even my dh doesn't think is an issue. I'm pretty much alone on this one.
What do I do if dd is holding her poo and I would I know. She dd a huge one this morning I discovered when I got her from her cot.

squalorvictoria Sat 09-Feb-13 15:53:12

StuntNun my consultant recommends mixing into food if they can't drink it. First mix the powder with a small amount of water and leave it to dissolve (it will look syrupy, her words!) then mix it into custard or yoghurt or even make it into jelly.

StuntNun Sat 09-Feb-13 18:23:15

Thanks Victoria I'll give that a go. Poor DS2 gave it his best shot but he was gagging on it. It doesn't help than he has to take Sanomigran and supplement drinks as well so he has lots of yucky things to drink.

squalorvictoria Sat 09-Feb-13 20:55:52

I know, it's foul. I tasted DD's once and it tasted like juice plus soap and salt. Apparently jelly goes down quite well with older children because they like being able to eat jelly every day grin

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