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Attracted to Men

(2 Posts)
bubabubbles Thu 15-Jan-04 13:13:30

I hope someone to tell us, what's going through our ds mind.

DS 21months, whenever we are somewhere with friends or family. (and not neccessarily anyone ds knows) he will leave dh or me and go to sit on another man's lap. he will 'babble' endlessly with him, want to play any game with him, but is not interested in 'coming back to us. We once 'pretended we were leaving him' and he was happy to say "bye" This has gone on for approx 4/5 months.

Any thoughts?

SleeplessinSwansea Mon 22-Jun-09 20:54:19

We have the same thing. My DS is 17 months and wants to play with other men in the park, on the beach, etc. not interested in dada.We are wondering what is going on.

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