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Does this 5yo know too much?

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Athrawes Thu 24-Jan-13 21:04:27

They sound very dodgy but not uncommon. You are however your DD's main carer and a huge influence on her life. She will grow up knowing what is right and wrong from you, have confidence. You are also being a really positive influence on the boys, showing them an alternative set of values and respectful relationships. You can't change and will be exhausted, frustrated and bitter if you try to, but you can offer an alternative view of life just by being there.

fuckadoodlepoopoo Thu 24-Jan-13 21:01:51

No i agree with you its all wrong! The are clearly being exposed or taught things which are way way way to old for them. If it was just one thing id think that well maybe they had overheard something but its just too much to be that.

When you were dating the dad did this sort of thing even come up in conversation? . . . What he considers to be appropriate for kids etc?

I have a new boss at work who has children and we've only had a few friendly non work related chats but how he parents is becoming quite clear from the things he's told me. Its not like this guy is stranger to you so you must know what he thinks about this stuff yet you seem to be surprised.

HilaryClinton Thu 24-Jan-13 20:53:57

Yuk yuk yuk. Surely letting a 5 year old see 18 films is negectful. I cannot imagine letting a 7 year go on overnights where Him-extrapolated-to-a-12/13 year-old-boy would be.

MollysCoddled Thu 24-Jan-13 17:34:14

My dd is 7 weeks old. Sadly me and the father split when she was 4 weeks old, things are a quite messy between us, there's been quite a bit happen however my main concern right now is his other two kids. I don't know if it's me being daft and meeting trouble halfway but the times I've been with his kids I've heard them say things I think are really inappropiate.
The eldest boy is 9, his youngest boy has just turned 5.
It seems the 5yo knows too much. The first time I met him, he kept telling his dad, my ex, to 'kiss her boobs'. He was obsessed with my boobs, and what I find a bit sick was that prior to me meeting him, my ex and his mum, the boy's Nan, kept laughing and telling him about how I have 'big boobies' and it made me really umcomfortable.
The kids were obviously allowed to watch 'celebrity juice' because they came out with things said on it. The youngest used to always call women bang tidy and my ex, the grandparents and the childs mum thought it hilarious and cute. In fact when the boy was at the swimming pool on holiday, he asked his mum if she would 'smash that womans back doors in because shes got big boobs', again they thought it was cute, innocent and endearing. I think it's sick.
He's called my baby 'sexy' a few times. I'm breastfeeding and he was obsessed. The first time he saw he was transfixed and said 'shes sucking your boob'. When I explained about how babys get their milk from there and that's what boobs are for be said 'no they're not'. He started saying that the baby was my girlfriend because she was sucking my boobs. Eurrghh, creepy. It's as if he already knows boobs are sexual too, and refused to accept their main purpose.
There's been many other things been said, those are just a few however is it just me, or is there something not quite right? I know children take interest but I think he knows way too much at his age. They're allowed to swear and see 18 rated movies so I'm not totally surprised. Apparantley their 2yo cousin says 'tits'. I don't know what it is with that family.
I saw the NSPCC's new advert and it made me think. Is it something or is it nothing? I'm worried because I don't want my daughter being in that sort of environment. With us being split I realise somewhere down the line she will be with her half brothers without me there and the thought makes me really uncomfortable. Or am I looking too much into it all? Is there any point worrying yet, she's only 7 weeks.

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