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I've realised I don't 'do' anything with dd

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slowlycatchymonkey Tue 22-Jan-13 22:09:44

My dd is 5 and I've kinda realised that while she is kept busy with activities and play dates, I don't actually get involved and I feel really guilty about it.

I've never been great at playing - I find it boring blush and i always find a way of getting out if it. She does 3 fun activities a week, and sees friends 2-3 times a week at either our house or theirs, but again, I avoid sitting down to 'play' and let them get on with it. DD asks me to play a lot - she is an only child and not remotely interested in entertaining herself, so will watch telly or use the iPad instead. I never take her swimming cos I hate it, and if we go to soft play I usually try to bring a friend if hers to play with so I can avoid having to do it. God, I sound awful don't I? I care deeply that she has plenty of opps to socialise etc but I seem to 'set it up', rather than get stuck in myself. Her dad and I have been split for years and he's the opposite of me- they do bike rides, swim etc, but this just isn't me.
I read to her every night and we talk a lot, but that's it.
How can I change? I'm terrified that she will have crap memories of me when she's older :/

slowlycatchymonkey Fri 25-Jan-13 23:20:47

Thank you so much. This is my week for introspection in all aspects of my parenting. love those games for the especially the slime! I looked at the 'things to do a as well and they look fab.x

lifeistooshort Sat 26-Jan-13 20:38:16

Introspection is normal OP! That is what we mum do and it is not always the easiest job let alone if you are a single mum. I am sure you are a fab mum.

zcos Sun 27-Jan-13 03:59:40

just thought of something simple that you may both enjoy me and sister used to play fantasy houses you will magazines and catalogues we would then cut out and stick down different things for different rooms like a sofa etc and try to decorate you could say you were being interior designers for an hour or something.
re watching the musical least now you know to maybe warn beforehand that you will watch an episode of the musical and that you will watch the rest next time having maybe a set night with both of you together so she can look forward to it.

CheerfulYank Sun 27-Jan-13 05:13:51

I'm the same...I just really don't like playing. DH does, so that's good.

I just try to make sure to do one activity a day with DS, even if it's just a quick card game. Also I read to him and have him practice reading to me every day. I don't mind baking with him either, so we do that. And I have him help with chores-carrying clean laundry upstairs,things like that. Not that that's very exciting, but it is interaction.

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