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Pregnant with DD2 and DD1 (3.5) now wetting bed EVERY night!

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MaybeAMayBaby Mon 21-Jan-13 09:34:31

Just that really. She's been dry for well over 12 months and in the past 6 months has only had the odd accident. But the past two weeks she is wetting the bed every night. She is also waking several time a night after being an amazing sleeper.

DH and I are struggling to come up with new ideas. The only thing I can think of is that she is worried about the baby arriving. I'm not due until May, but the whole thing has started since we found out it's a girl confused.
In the day, she often brings up the baby herself and sounds excited and caring. Offering her toys and pushchair and even bed for her sister. But she has also turned into an obsessive daddy's girl. If he is in the house, she won't have me at all.

Have tried giving a reward for staying dry-a coin for her money box (that's what seems to excite her rather than a star for her chart) but she's only stayed dry once.

Any suggestions in how to reassure her about the baby? We've tried telling her how much we love her and trying to get her excited and proud of being a big sister (which she seems to be).

Don't want to go back to pull ups sad. Sick of cleaning up pee.

orangina Mon 21-Jan-13 09:36:36

I would get her checked out for a UTI.... my dd did this at a similar age, and she had a UTI with no other symptoms.....

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 21-Jan-13 10:13:32

Oh gosh, really? She has had a UTI twice and they were talking of referrals because of her age.

But, wouldn't she show signs of something being different during the day? She's not going more often.

MrsB74 Mon 21-Jan-13 12:34:42

I know it's not want you want to do, but I would use pull-ups for a bit - it does sound like regression due to the imminent new sister. All those wet sheets must be soul destroying, so much extra work. I'm sure It will soon pass if you don't make any fuss. She is still very young.

orangina Mon 21-Jan-13 14:08:17

All I know is that when dd had a UTI she had no other symptoms. She was dry during the day (I THINK?! memory fading a bit tbh....!), but suddenly began to wet herself at night.

Worth getting checked out asap though. You don't want to make a big "thing" about her sister's arrival, if it has nothing to do with the night wetting issue.....

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 21-Jan-13 16:10:11

Thank you, both for replying.

I've sent DH out to get some waterproof sheets. Hopefully this will help. I've read somewhere on here about layering them up so I can just whip on layer off as she wets it.
MrsB, problem is when we've suggested pull ups she gets very upset. She hasn't worn a pull up in nearly a year, so I can't see her accepting them again.
orangina, thanks for the suggestion. I'll certainly keep it in mind. Both times she's had it before, she has smelt strongly of urine. Tbh, both times were in nappies so not sure it'd be the same now. I might ask for a telephone appointment to ask. There is no way I'd get an appointment now.

Let's see what happens tonight <sigh>.

tumbletumble Mon 21-Jan-13 16:57:35

Worth checking for a UTI, but remember that toilet regression is very very common when a new baby is expected / just arrived. Just because she's excited about the new arrival doesn't mean she isn't nervous as well. Could you try pull ups with a 'reward' of no pull up after a dry night?

blueblackdye Mon 21-Jan-13 20:34:45

Same with DS 3.9 yo, he was dry and 2 weeks after his little sister arrived, started wetting every single night for 3 months, after 2 weeks, I put him back in nappies, eventualy 3 months in he stopped. He loves his sister, is always kissing her, asking to hold her, reading to her... They need reassurance and wantto make sure we care for them too !

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 21-Jan-13 20:53:20

Thanks blue. Good to know it was 'only' the bed wetting and nothing else after baby arrived.

I'll give it a few more days and then get some pull ups then. She's got 2 waterproof sheets on tonight and 2 normal ones. Plus some terry towel nappies on top of all that! I'm hoping the clean up will be easier. I couldn't get the bed mats in tesco.

She has spent a lovely day with me building a snow man and had lots of attention. She asked to go to the loo a second time during the getting ready for bed ritual. I guess that means she's aware (and of a sign of a UTI I hope!).

Thanks for your help, ladies.

soontobeafirsttimemom Tue 22-Jan-13 04:48:53

Just a thought but how do you react when you change her during the night/ in the morning? May help to 'ignore' the behviour, (not her just the behaviour) so when finding out she has wet and while changing her don't acknowledge that she is wet, try not to enter into a conversation, say you will talk to her as soon as she is changed then once changed and dry go back to normal as if it never happened ie what you would usually do in the night in the mornings and keep up with the positive reinforcement during the day time/ evening . My thinking being that if she is doing it for 'attention' because of the new baby that she will learn that is not how to get your attention and that things like the lovely day you had together are how she gets attention from you. As I say its just a thought as some people would rather make a point that it is undesirable behavior and use sticker charts.

MaybeAMayBaby Tue 22-Jan-13 17:55:09

Had thought of that too soon. It's an interesting point and one I will keep in mind. I've Deliberatly not tried to go over the top when she does wet the bed.

A dry night last night! After all that money I spent yesterday grin. Fx for tonight.

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