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How often and where do you go with toddler and baby?

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jasmin27 Sat 19-Jan-13 18:41:42

thanks for the suggestions. Took them both out for a play in the snow earlier, dd loved it. we use to walk around our area quite a bit before ds came along so will look to start that again. Also coffee shop and library are good ideas. She will only nap now if in pushchair or car so like you say could go out mid morning and she can have a nap in the pushchair on the way home.

loveroflife Sat 19-Jan-13 13:34:51

I've found that getting out every day (even into the garden) improves my mood and ds's (2). Am pregnant so am aiming to keep this up when the new baby arrives. Our town is about 30mins away, so I do try to and walk in a couple of times a week and go for lunch, swimming, park, coffee shop, baby groups, library as well is a good one.

If I can't be bothered to go into town, our options are walk to the local shop and waste as much time there as possible. Allowing him to help Mummy put things in the basket, woods to pick up leaves, park/field and take a ball and just let him run around.

Even walking up the road holding Mummy's hand will exhaust her, does she have a scooter or a little trike? I got one last summer (cheap Ebay job) or look on freecycle and it was well worth the money.

As boring as it is you could just walk around the residential area counting house numbers and pointing out cars and birds - she will love that.

I normally take him out mid morning every day after I've cleaned up all the crap from breakfast and he is starting to get restless. Get home and give him lunch straight away and then he normally has a good sleep as he is tired from his mid morning adventure....does your dd still have a nap? If so, that might be a good time to work it in or around 3ish for that afternoon lul...

Today is the perfect day to start - we went for a walk about 10am and he is so tired from running in the snow, so you could start today!

mamacoffee Sat 19-Jan-13 09:33:54

How about a local cafe for tea and cake? Or just a walk round the block? My ds loves both, I take 7mo dd in the sling and him in buggy or walking. Simple trips make it easier to get out I've found smile

jasmin27 Sat 19-Jan-13 09:26:31

I've decided I need to get out more with dd 2 and ds 6 months. Ds has been hard work and I struggle to take them both out on my own in case he starts playing up but i'm so bored of staying in and feel dd needs to get out more. Currently go to playgroup once or twice a week. Don't have a car and there isn't much to do in walking distance. How do you go out and where do you go with a toddler and baby?

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