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6yo DS was asking about 'Jeff the Killer'

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Some kid at his school was saying that DS would be scared of 'Jeff the Killer' (internet meme - one of those screamer things). This kid told DS some scarey stories - campfire type stuff - and said that Jeff was real and lives near us. DS didn't seem that worried and said he wouldn't be scared of it - he hasn't seen it, he's only allowed computer under supervision at home. Of course the age of the sleepover is coming up fast so my level of control over what he sees will slip. I remember hearing scarey stories from other kids at around the same age, but I think the Internet has changed things. On the other hand I really hate screamers, so maybe I'm biased...

Anyway DS told me about it and asked what I thought. I said 'sounds like made up nonsense to me, I could write a much better scarey story than that. In fact you could write a better scarey story than that' (I write murder stories, which DS knows and thinks is cool. He isn't allowed to read them of course!).

I'll talk to DS a bit more about it at the weekend as I'd like to be sure which kid was talking about it and to encourage DS to keep talking to me about anything he hears that worries him. I was just wondering if there was any Mumsnet wisdom on how to handle this stuff. DS is quite gruff and 'blokey' and not a nervous child, but I think six is far too young for all this. Am I perhaps being PFB? Any advice welcomed!

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