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Further freakingly fantabulous adventures of the 40+ Mummies

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10000Fireflies Thu 17-Jan-13 20:13:44

For gorgeous, frolicking and fabulous 40-somethings to share the joys of becoming a Mummy, just a little bit later than most!! grin. Park your zimmer-frame next to your baby buggy, put your feet up, and come and join us in the snug.

BadMissM Mon 04-Feb-13 13:49:45

eagle Glad things going better xxx There were many things which I vowed never to have in the house, over which I eventually relented!

bbd sunds like you are having fun!

littleredmonkey Tue 05-Feb-13 07:32:41

Well it's Arrived ---- jab day. Soooo not looking forward to this one. Three needles my poor liittle man. He doesn't know why we are doing it. Took me all my strength to not cry last time. I my best cuddling arms ready for him.

littleredmonkey Tue 05-Feb-13 07:44:58

Been up since 5:39. Could do with the following things
McDonald's hash browns x6
Monster mug of tea
Chocooate muffin large
Fluffy socks
Empty sink
Some fairy dust to sprinkle on messy house
Less wrinkles

bytheseaside Tue 05-Feb-13 13:50:12

lrm me too and also:
- aromatherapy hand massage for poor cracked hands
- coffee machine and nice smell of coffee in house to cover up nappy pong (and resident barrista)
- empty laundry basket(s), all ironed and folded in the right drawers
- more nursing bras - always running out and doing emergency laundry

eagle- these first days are so awful and wonderful aren't they - baby wonderful, the rest of it a bit crap sad next time someone I know has a baby I will wait until they are 6 months before visiting, and only then if pressed! ask your dp firmly to protect you from all the visitors and other stuff that's stressing you - I had a talk with mine about this, that's one of the main daddy jobs in early jobs - mine's not a natural bouncer, but was quite good. Their other main job is to keep fridge stocked with the stuff you like to eat that doesn't need much cooking (and that visitors aren't allowed to eat!) - just write a quicklist on a postit and stick to fridge. I needed a permanent supply of innocent banana smoothie, nice sausage rolls, ready-made sandwiches and fruit salads, lots and lots and lots of chocolate biscuits and maltesers, and permanent cup of hot decaf tea and cool water at my side. Hope you can put upset to one side and snuggle up with your very gorgeous baby. Well done for sorting the tongue tie - I found the feeding got easier every day once the teeny poppet figurde out what she was doing, sometimes so subtle I didn't notice until a couple of weeks had gone by and realised she was no longer flailing and wailing about my boobs for hours on end night and day ... and I wasn't crying so much!

Midget I love the sound of everything that gets cooked in your house smile

bbd your holiday sounds so lovely - has it helped to have some chill out time with DH? Makes me think I need to get swimsuit for baby seaside - her daddy is desperate to take her swimming

goat ff vq fjord bmm scarecrow and all other old ladies, hope you are having ok day. We've had jabs - ok at first, then a massive supermarket cry - was an idiot to think the initial conking out for deep sleep would last till the checkout! Home for cuddles now

eagleray Tue 05-Feb-13 16:29:33

Seaside - yes, the visits got totally out of hand, and just when I said no more, DP pointed out that I had been unfair as had had lots of my family and friends visit and not his, so on Sunday most of his family turned up! I think we have one visit this week planned so far, and that is probably enough!

The food supplies are a bit of a sore point... Last week I discovered that DP was planning to feed me a 3 days out-of-date ready meal he had bought for 25p in the bargain bin at the supermarket. I was absolutely livid, and ended up dragging myself off to the deli in town and stocking up on nice food there. I go there every 2/3 days now to get new supplies and have told DP I am not sharing my nice food with him.

Mostly he is quite good at doing his bit, but every so often he seems to lapse into selfish arse mode - has just complained that he hasn't been able to go out on a bike ride today! Have told him that if he wants bloody exercise he can do some housework (things are pretty desperate in that department)

I think we have had an easier feeding day today - finding I can just shove a boob in her mouth without thinking about it at some feeds, although the night ones are hell on earth still. I think what I need to do is get out of bed and find somewhere comfortable to feed her, rather than try and do it in the bed. The ugly rocking chair is in situ now, and think that will be a godsend.

LRM McDonalds hash browns are the food of the gods - I had them (and egg mcmuffins) brought to me when I was in hospital

Midget - yum at tarte au citron. cannot even begin to contemplate a diet, but finding food has kind of lost its appeal as there is just no time for it. Have dropped about 8kg in the last 8 days, but there is so, so much more to go!

littleredmonkey Wed 06-Feb-13 07:21:22

Eagle. Naughty hubby giving you out of date food. You keep your lovely food all for you. Glad you have limited visitors. Took me weeks before I went out with Dylan to my work place so was not having them all plodding through my house. Some were moody they had not seen him. I was like HELLO. Bloody knackered with out entertainment for them with only two hours sleep. Four months down the line still dont let anyone disturb nap time. We all know a un napped baby is a moody baby. He had his last jabs yesterday all well and blew my mind with sleeps last night. We have dropped the dream feed at 11. He kept waking and not having any of it so dp said let's leave him to wake on his own. Well he went from 7:30 till 2 first night then 3 and 4 and last night 7:30 till 5. I woke at 4 and checked on him as we have put the Moses basket in the crib so he gets use to the room. Monitor on and he put himself back to sleep twice. I am so proud of him. Just the day naps to work on. But he ho Rome wasn't built in a day
Been up since 5. So again the following things would be nice
Size 8 bum and thighs
Chocolate milkshake
Hash browns again oh about 6
Lemon cheese cake
Selection of biscuits
No grey hair
Warm sunshine
Lottery win
Writing letter to work saying I ain't comingback because you all suck! !!

bytheseaside Wed 06-Feb-13 11:01:43

good work baby monkey!! bet you are tired though with all these early starts ... i was up all night kind of expecting it after jabs. constant feeding 1-6 my boobs are going to fall off!
trying to get up and out now in search of coffee and sugar, and lots of it

bytheseaside Wed 06-Feb-13 11:04:38

ps adding to your list:
my clothes all laid out for me to put on, and baby's
lovely lunch all on plate on fridge for later
discovery that alcohol and caffeine can't get into break milk

eagleray Wed 06-Feb-13 20:23:25

2 things I acquired today

- Ewan the sheep
- an infection

DP doing his best - brought me nice food in bed and brings baby for boob visits!

On antibiotics and hoping they kick in before things take a proper hold

Just need to work out how to sleep when I get the opportunity - hard even when wrecked

Got no appetite - anyone else get this? Feel better when I eat but got no hunger really

littleredmonkey Thu 07-Feb-13 14:47:02

Hey eagle. Big hug from me. Hope it clears up quickly. Good hubby helping you. Gold star for him. How's baby eagle doing? And may ewan basker her in his red glow and zzzzz follow.

Midgetm Thu 07-Feb-13 14:48:04

Alcohol gets into breast milk? shock I abstained with DC1. Drink normal amounts with poor DS. Don't get drunk but drink regularly. Bad bother emoticon. I read as long as you are ok to drive it won't affect them. and I refuse to believe anything to the contrary more bad mummy emoticon.

Throws head back and laughs manically at eagles question about eating less. Currently sat watching 2012 stuffing face with freshly. Ales biscuits. I think it is your infection eagle. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Midgetm Thu 07-Feb-13 14:48:28

Ales? Baked even...

eagleray Thu 07-Feb-13 17:55:35

Slightly better day today - the antibiotics knocked me out last night, and had a very long night in bed, with a few feeds throughout the night. The baby smells very weird when she poos - can only think that the antibiotics have made their way into her system.

Had MW and Health Visitor back to back this morning - cried with relief when they left as was exhausted from talking about the same stupid things over and over again (neither of them had seen me before).

Baby Eagle taking longer and longer feeds now - 2.5 hours on the boob between 1 and 5pm today, plus a formula top-up!

Talking of alcohol, have noticed that DP is being a teeny bit sneaky - he pours me a massive glass of wine with my dinner, when he knows full well I couldn't/wouldn't drink anything like that much. I take a couple of mouthfuls then hand it back, and he then finishes it. Of course I can't have a go at him for drinking too much as he is only ensuring it doesn't go to waste!

No idea what is happening regarding appetite - it really isn't like me! But given that I have 25kg more to lose, I really mustn't complain...

blueblackdye Thu 07-Feb-13 21:42:46

Back from sunny Marrakech. A lot to read on here ! Will catch up soon.
Just wanted to say hello. Night night every one.

Midgetm Fri 08-Feb-13 07:02:55

Welcome back BBD and glad you are starting to feel better Eagle. Hv are sent to make a new born mother tired and irritable. It is their purpose in life.

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Feb-13 07:40:06

Welcome back bbd. Looking forward to hearing your adventures.
Happiness is a 18 week old baby sleeping from 7:30 to 5:00 waking twice and putting himself back to sleep. Extra happiness is mummy in bed a sleep 8;00 till 5:00. Not one night feed. Bless him as mummy is knackered after trying to get him to nap in the day.
Today's adventure is a trip to the physio to have a look at my back. When I fed little fella feels like a lead pipe is sticking in my back. Bloody epidural and my right thigh is still numb after 4 months. It's like alien leg

Anyway whats everyone up to this weekend? Dp is working so lots of walks for me.

GoatBongosAnonymous Fri 08-Feb-13 08:03:14

bbd welcome back, sounds like you had a great time. Glad there is a little sunshine at least for your return.
eagle sounds like you are doing so well with the bfing. Such a slog in the beginning. Keep eating nice things even if you don't feel like it so much. How is the naming going?
Hello everyone else. Sorry majorly sleep deprived at the mo narrows eyes at BG will catch up properly in a bit. Horrible week. Glad it is over. Can climb back into something approaching normality I hope now.

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Feb-13 08:09:09

Good to see ya goat. Xxx

eagleray Sat 09-Feb-13 09:56:16

Well I think that's the last time I post anything positive as things went pear shaped again...

Baby Eagle weighed again yesterday by visiting MW and she has managed to lose more weight (after an initial small gain last week). So yet another feeding plan drawn up, and this one is less frequent (4 hourly) with more formula and less BF (on the basis that she seems to be using up too much energy trying to BF). I got really upset at this as seems she will be on formula forever as the volumes are being ramped up and up and I have no idea whether my supply will increase enough. But it was this or hospital admission so we have tried to get on with it.

On top of this, she is now a bit ill from the antibiotics I'm taking - started off with percolating stomach and more poo, and this morning she has projectile-vomited her entire 6am feed over clothes, bedding, floor etc.

So depressing as she is being weighed again tomorrow and it is very unlikely to show any gain and have no idea what the next step will be.

On the plus side, she has finally agreed to sleep in her cot! No idea if it is because of the Presence Of Ewan or a new-found sense of responsibility for the mental welfare of her parents.

LRM - that is very worrying about your after-effects of the epidural. I had terrible back pain in the area where they inserted the needle for a few days. I think I made it worse in the early days by BF in a very stilted position. It does seem that a fair amount of people have problems with epidurals longer term - hmm don't remember this being discussed when I requested it!

Midget - grin at your take on HVs. Frankly the thought of having any health care professional in my house now makes me quake. MW was here for 2 hours yesterday and for half of it DP and I sat there sullen like chastised children while Baby Eagle glared and vomited

10000Fireflies Sat 09-Feb-13 11:46:44

Big hug for Eagle and baby Eagle. Hugs. xxx Just passing. Love to all. xx

blueblackdye Sat 09-Feb-13 13:10:37

Hello Ladies. Life is so hectic atm. Trying to deal with 4 things at the same time, although I am wonder and multitask woman smile I sometimes just can't !
LRM sorry to hear about epidural side effects, I had some pain in the neck 5/6 weeks after birth but it went away on its own after a few days, but it wasn't constant, on and off, and not everyday. Well done baby Monkey for sleeping so well, your Mum must be so proud and relieved.
Will be back later, Anastasia just woke up

littleredmonkey Sat 09-Feb-13 14:23:03

Eagle sending you s massive monkey hug from me and baby monkey xx

blueblackdye Sat 09-Feb-13 14:50:59

Eagle HV and MW might have lots of experience of babies but they don't know everything, you are the Mum and nobody knows better your child than you, follow your instincts, listen to their advice, take whatever you feel comfortable with and leave the rest. When I gave birth, the obstetrician was telling me to block my breathing and push, I was doing a more relaxed breathing as if my blowing would gently accompany my baby out, like taking a cake out of its silicon mould, which I ave learnt with my MW, my husband was mad, but on the second tentative, Anastasia came out with no forceps nor tear. It requires a lot of confidence to go against the professionals but you are an educated Mum, you have read books and heard advice, you can make up your own mind and do what is good for you and baby. And something might work today but won't tomorrow, it does not mean you are wrong, babies just change vety quickly.
Re BF, don't worry too much. If baby has formula today to help her gain weight and you still keep on putting her on the breast and expressing, you will have enough milk for her when she is strong enough to EBF. See the pumping thing as an order that you place to your brain, it tells your body that your baby needs a certain amount of milk, within 3 days, your breast will be so full that it may hurt... And there is no shame in FF nor pride in BF, what matters is how you feel whatever you do. I did mix feeding with DS because I did not know BF very well and have not had adequate support, he is a big lively caring little 4 yo now. Anastasia is EBF and refuses the bottle and as lively and round as her brother at the same age.
You are doing well, Eagle. Don't let anyone say you are not a good Mum.
Hello to Goat Seaside Midget FF VQ Knotty

blueblackdye Sat 09-Feb-13 15:23:06

Has anyone got a sheepskin rug ? What are your advice/thoughts on having one ? I am trying to make up my mind, the woodfloor is hard and cold so maybe Anastasia would love one. It is also a quite nice piece of soft furniture. I can't decide on the size, the lining (cotton or fleece ?), natural or black or mouse light grey (the living room has 1 or 2 metallic grey walls, the blinds have grey and light creamy tones with Japanese like drawings of red peonies)....
Tried to buy one in Marrakesh but it was too bulky and heavy to bring back. Also saw beautiful lamb leather outfit. Wish did not still have floppy belly otherwise would have broken money box to buy leather dress or trousers...

These holidays were brilliant. Weather was perfect, did not realise have got suntan until I came back, my forehead is peeling a bit. Had a spa, facial and body scrub after hammam, that was bliss. Almot fell asleep during facial ! Would have put on weight if did not have to stop eating on the last 2 days, too many lamb chops, my stomach and intestines did not cope, had a transit jam in there ! Resort was almost empty so we had plenty of space, quietness and full care from staff. Tagines, couscous, dried fruits, freshly squeezed orange/pineapple juice everyday, running honey with yougurt.... Oh my, really enjoyed this winter sunny break.
DS was very well looked after too. There were 4 kids at the kids club and at least 6 carers.... Lots of sports, mini tennis, trampoline, flying trapeze, swimming in heated pool, poney riding, ice creams everyday... He said he did not want to go home but stay at kids club ! Tell me about gratitude !
DH played tennis all mornings then relaxed by the pool, happy to find Pernod Ricard anis star drink, stuffed himself too. Complained that 2hours of flying trapeze left a massive blister on his hand ! Did not like golf too much. What a hard life...

Yes, we will definitively do it again. Low season, cheap holidays ! I like it

littleredmonkey Sat 09-Feb-13 16:48:23

Bbd sounds fab honey. Everyone had a good time which is what it's about. Sun pool and pork chops haha.

Eagle agree with bbd. You do your thing with baby eagle mum knows best. Formula dont worry. Bf will come. It took me a while to get there and I did your reward is a happy baby. Dont feel crap about formula baby monkey had it at first and I was no o dont want him to have it but now looking back his weight gained giving me less worry so I could breastfeed. As the midwife to stay with you while you do a bf ask for advise. She should help you if not ask for another. I got a specialist in from nct to do a home visit. Bloody brillant. They want to help you feed your little one. I know how you feel it's soul destroying but you are getting there. I felt the same. Poo wise antibiotics do not harm them just makes for drippy poo. I was on them the pediatrician said no problems. Only lasts a few days after you finish your tablets then nice yellow baby poo for you to admire and text dp about.

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