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Further freakingly fantabulous adventures of the 40+ Mummies

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10000Fireflies Thu 17-Jan-13 20:13:44

For gorgeous, frolicking and fabulous 40-somethings to share the joys of becoming a Mummy, just a little bit later than most!! grin. Park your zimmer-frame next to your baby buggy, put your feet up, and come and join us in the snug.

scarecrow22 Fri 26-Apr-13 21:44:15

somewhere, hope pain reversing, Knicky too.
hope you all getting some decent kip at night. My DD been a total joy last couple of days so hope big emotional rollercoaster over, even if found to be uneven times ahead.

somewherebecomingrain Fri 26-Apr-13 23:21:03

hello sorry to be brief - chair, mrs w, midget, bbd, scarecrow, eagle, 1000ff, knicky i am lurking and reading.

scarecrow baby s is totally puking out of her nose from time to time.

chair sorry about the BF - its overrated tbh - you have to wear bad clothes and no one else can feed the baby and expressing is awful.

mrsw sorry about tit thrush and retained placenta - hope you ok

eagle it sounds a bit like baby s and her jaundice - which ive not even mentioned on here cause it was so obviously not a serious problem but weve been back and forth to the hospital, extra visits to the health visitor, the gp, three extra heelprick tests, etc etc, just in case, despite all appearances to the contrary (she may be yellow but she's lively and alert and pooing and feeding well) she had some problem. each successive time they looked at her and go 'yes better get her to hopsital' i was less worried and more fatigued. But i'd rather we had this belt and braces stuff than not i guess.

AFM am back on painkillers but its a ligament/relaxin thing not the c-section which is amazingly painless now.

DP has chilled out a bit thank god. ff you are right - its not our first but i think men do have a sort of post natal psychological reaction just like women. He has really taken on board how lucky we are to have a baby and that we should be enjoying it, not letting things spoil it.

I am so in love with my baby girl. My DS seems much less cute now - a big boy with big hands and feet. But on the other hand he is seems more a person with all the wonder that entails. I am so pleased to see him when he's been off with his dad for the day. He is like a breath of fresh air. Although there has also been some terrible behaviour, natch.


GoatBongosAnonymous Sat 27-Apr-13 00:19:42

Running in quickly to offer huge sympathy and hugs for bfing woes, thrush/placenta horrors, lone parenting, misspelt cakes, jaundice, non sleeping, exhaustion with two LOs... Hard stuff this mother thing.

As for us here BG much better, DH on mend. Landed at work in middle of insanely busy assessment period so frenetic there. BG won't bloody sleep... Hope will be less lurky soon after things quiten down.

scarecrow22 Sat 27-Apr-13 01:09:38

T has a horrid cold. He is far too little and I'm trying not to be scared (and clearly failing). As if worry not enough he's so flipping noisy. Then I panic when noise stops....

ChairmanWow Sat 27-Apr-13 08:18:16

My DS seems much less cute now - a big boy with big hands and feet. But on the other hand he is seems more a person with all the wonder that entails

^ This! He's like a huge monster, but a cute, hilarious one.

mrsw I totally forgot you earlier. Retained placenta must be awful, and tit thrush?! I didn't know you could get thrush in your tits. Good god. You are in the wars. I hope you're not too down and are on the mend soon.

Thanks all for support and lack of judgy pants re breastfeeding. There is sadness but you all make me feel better. And I got to wear an underworked bra for the first time in months yesterday. No more floppy knockers!

Have a lovely weekend all.

ChairmanWow Sat 27-Apr-13 08:19:43

underwired, definitely not underworked with my massive bazookas! Bloody autocorrect.

ChairmanWow Sat 27-Apr-13 08:26:48

Oh and scare, deffo a tour fan but only these last 5 years since I got into cycling myself. We haven't been yet but when the kids are old enough we want to start going. Very jealous of your Alpe D'Huez trip. We went to the Tour of Britain last year and were completely starstruck when Cav and Wiggo came past.

knickyknocks Sat 27-Apr-13 08:57:45

mrsW flaming 'eck, both at the same time?? You poor thing. Marvellous this pregnancy and childbirth malarkey hmm. Just when you think you might be out of the woods from it all, you discover your body has other ideas. Much sympathy and hope things to back to normal soon.
chairman underwired bras - hurrah! goodbye floppy tits indeed (though TBF mine are hardly the perkiest of puppies these days - sadly heading southwards towards my knees these days - a case of scooping up and placing in said cups these days grin). Think you've been marvellous with your efforts re BF. I suspect I would have caved some time ago had it been me.
Ssomewhere fab description re your DS! My DD seems huge these days - and so flipping heavy!! Sorry to hear you've been back and forth re the jaundice. As you say, it's great they're so on the ball, but equally when you know she's feeding well etc it can still be a bit of a PITA. It was so lovely to read how in love with your DD. Gorgeous stuff.
FF lovely to hear how you're getting on!
scarecrow we've had a number of puke coming out of the nose incidents - and DS too has had a slight cold - seems to be OK apart from a runny nose. Will be glad for peace of mind to get to the 8 week mark to be able to give calpol if we needed to.

We're doing OK, days seem to be flying by. Feeding every 3 hours ish and he seems to have sussed day and night so returning him to his Moses basket at night is relatively easy. The only slight nightmare remains early evening, when DS has a complete breakdown just as I'm bathing DD - impossible to read books with DD with DS screaming in the room too sad. Food, winding, changing nappy makes no difference. Just hoping that it will change soon as it means bathtime is by far the most stressful point of the day.
DS trumping like a trooper (is it a boy thing??) - he seems to have no shame. His speciality at present seems to be loud blow offs when we're in lifts and whilst people are cooing over him. I swear he knows what he's doing grin.

somewherebecomingrain Sat 27-Apr-13 10:26:36

Also scarecrow baby s has a cold. And ds has piled pillows up on baby s. not on her head but still not great.

knicky hi there. Interesting to hear about your bedtimes. I am realising how lucky I am to have mil here - she's a lifesaver. Also dp does crazy early starts and is home in time for bed time usually. But it's going to come to me. Trumping... Baby s does fab farts... But a little mor delicate than ds's were if I em remember correctly. In the middle of the night it's the sound of doom (good question re nighttime poos scarecrow


Cry! From crib gotta go

scarecrow22 Sat 27-Apr-13 15:03:41

SBR you prob remembered but u forgot about using saline drops or spray for nose, and that Olbas or other decongestant oils dropped in got water as a decongestant - all okay from birth. Poor baby SBR, hope she better soon.

Chair we will go to Tour this year with 2 yo and 3mo - it's never too early (or is and I'll be crawling home in a few months sobbing "don't do it, don't do it"!)

ChairmanWow Sat 27-Apr-13 21:32:28

You must report back on how you got on, then I can persuade my extremely cautious DH that we're going next year. Hope you manage to keep them entertained.

GoatBongosAnonymous Sun 28-Apr-13 07:47:30

Running in again as I forgot to say a big hooray to the reappearance of ff, wonderful to see you again! And indeed keep those flying tips coming - I have two 24 hour flights coming up...
Lovely day. BG having brekkie so only quick but more later!

blueblackdye Mon 29-Apr-13 10:11:05

I hate it when babies have cold, runny or blocked nose. I m a big user of saline water to clean nose but they hate it and scream as pigs being slaughtered ! Somewhere, hope baby S is better today.
Scarecrow, you are so brave to go on the Tour, I did it once at Mont Ventoux, where my sister lived, it was so hot....
DH is back ! Yeah ! A is 9 mo today ! Time flies. 2 months and we are off to Portugal for 2 weeks. Hope A will be crawling or walking by then, she found a way to sit from the tummy lying position, so funny. And has been cruising in her cor holding on the rails. And falls backwards on her bottom if she is lucky. If not, her head crashes on the bars on the opposite side and screams !
Midget, how was the Christening ? Are you now cleaning up ?
Enjoy the sunshine every one

scarecrow22 Mon 29-Apr-13 20:29:36

You are all v quiet today!

Had first full day flying solo with both DCs. On the downside still even more night waking by T due to cold, DD yanked and scratched his head when I was BFing this morning because I said I couldn't reach mouse to put on a programme (we use a computer as our TV), and this afternoon was out feeding both children and had a massive bleed which was unprepared for as not bled for a few days...thank god for carrying around Muslins, wet wipes and nappies blush On the plus side both napped simultaneously (briefly, but enough time for tea and chocolate roulade grin) and after the BFing shocker both behaved really well in their own ways. T now snuffling away in his crib where he's been awake for nearly an on tenter hooks to see if he'll settle as usually falls asleep before I put him down....

BBD so pleased DH home. You are a star to have done two weeks. DH gets away for a week in June when T will only be v much trying not to think about it!

Goat, hope work continues to go well, and family all better.

Chair, we took DD in camper for two weeks last summer. Poss my best holiday ever. First two days were camping near Chartres to see final time trial, then DH and friend went to Paris to see Wiggins take the win on the Sunday. Looking like Froome has a v g chance this year, though am more a massive Cav fan.

SBR, how is babyS? Saline spray helped us a lot.

Waves to Eagle, Knicky, MrsW, FF, Seaside, Midget, LRM and anybody forgotten (sorry, call it baby brain) x

eagleray Mon 29-Apr-13 21:38:18

ooh Scarecrow the dreaded intermittent bleeds! I was caught unawares several times as had it on/off til about 8 weeks. Weirdly, it was fortnightly, but they say it can be brought on by trying to do too much... DP would be very very jealous of your Tour holiday - we are both into cycling but for DP it's like a religion. Hope Baby T is over his cold soon. By the way, camper van holiday sounds awesome.

Great that you have DH back BBD. Bet you are looking forward to your holiday.

Goat gosh a 24 hour flight - I guess that's where those antihistamines come in useful... we are hoping to do long haul in June, which I'm not really looking forward to, but hoping this week's flight will prepare me.

Somewhere sorry Baby S isn't well - is she any better now?

Knicky I find evenings particularly tricky too - that's the only time really that we get prolonged crying where nothing seems to make a difference. Only consolation is that babies seem to implode after a certain period and fall fast asleep. Baby farts are brill aren't they smile

Chairman your valour medal for breastfeeding is in the post! You did amazingly to keep it up for so long, and I don't blame you for one second for switching to FF. Talking of underworked bras, I discovered an underwired maternity bra, but when I was measured for it, the boobs were a lot smaller. Since then they've evolved to the size of saucepan lids but I somehow haven't got round to getting a bra in a bigger size. Am bloody useless.

Midget how did the christening go? How nice to have a get-together to celebrate the birth of MM - I had actually forgotten christenings existed and it's never come up in conversation with DP so doubt we'll have one nor a wedding I hope the tarty-thingy was ok in the end (sorry can't remember what it was called properly)

MrsW ouch re the tit thrush - I think this is only second to mastitis in terms of boob horrors. I hope the antibiotics haven't caused further issues in this department - is the retained placenta resolved now too?

So, after a week of not going near the stupid turbo trainer, DP suggests I go out on a proper bike ride at the weekend (despite the fact that there's 1001 really important things we need to do instead, such as book car hire, accom etc for our holiday). Apparently that was just an excuse and so I stroppily pulled on my too-small bike gear (then took it off and put on my maternity tracksuit bottoms) and pedalled off into the night. Managed two hours, and did a fair distance (25km) and arrived home frozen and drenched from rain to find that Baby E had been screaming ever since I left. DP was in meltdown and Baby E was red-eyed and sobbing. It was great to get back out there though, and I burnt 1000 calories!

Just when I was getting over the slight worry/frustration of Baby E's low(ish) weight (and thanks for all your words of reassurance on that one), I decided to measure her head and it's off the chart shock So she's essentially a lollipop baby - height and weight are around 25th/30th percentile, and her head is about 110th. It is probably a family trait, but I am going to mention it as it is huge.

On the feeding front, we are living in interesting times. Just as she was starting to show signs of sleeping through, she suddenly reverted to 2-hourly throughout the night, which is a tad tiring. It probably doesn't help that I've become very skilled at getting a boob out and going back to sleep, so if boob falls out, or it's time to switch sides, she has to cry to get my attention.

Uh-oh - can see stirrings in the hammock - someone is about to start screaming. Hope you're all having a lovely week

PS are LRM and Valium ok? Hope you both pop up on the thread soon

somewherebecomingrain Mon 29-Apr-13 21:46:16

First time to post in a long time.

bbd great Dh back. Well done you. A 9 months - weird but makes sense she was born just after I got my bfp.

chair and scarecrow love your cycling chops. I am a cyclist and have done cycling hols in exotic Cheshire but never gone abroad or taken an interest in the races. Dp can't ride a bike so held back there.

scare T lay in crib for an hour awake? Bravo that boy.

chair how you feeling? Are you liking having a little girl?

goat hope all has settled down with work and baby.

AFM baby s is fine, not doing saline cause can't face squirting things up her nose - she seems ok if sniffly. But do tell me if I'm missing the point re saline (quite poss).

Registered her birth today and on the way down the high street my knickers started to fall down to my ankles Nora batty style - I had to dive into a door way and hoik them up. I'm a size 14 bum no longer it seems, partly cause my ass has no muscle in it.

All in all feel my nipples are wobbling around in the fresh air and my pants falling off and perpetually covered in sick and wee and my legs buckle constantly - feel a bit concerned as to what my mil must think of me.

Anyone reading the wonder weeks? It says how babies get fussy when they develop because it freaks them out.

Baby s has got to that point where. You need to stand up and walk her around.

It's wonderful how the pregnancy thread has rebooted - I'm pleased for badmissm I was a big worried for her.

Hugs to all sorry I'm not reading as thoroughly as I should xxx

scarecrow22 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:05:21

baby 1 : mummy nil smile
he cried and chomped the air and persuaded me he was hungry, fed for a few minutes and then fell contentedly asleep on the boob. Sure Gina Ford would disapprove, but we were both v happy xx

somewherebecomingrain Tue 30-Apr-13 12:53:16

Question - do you get told by everyone constantly that 'it goes so fast'? If so what do you think of this? Good or bad?


scarecrow22 Tue 30-Apr-13 13:36:16

Yes, everyone. All the time. I kind of know what they mean as like you it's not my first - like so many things in life it seems slower in real time, faster in retrospect. On good days I tell myself to savour the time and experiences/memories rather than put washing up or texting over jigsaws and messy play; on bad days I tell myself it will pass quickly!

I am already succumbing to wanting another. Clearly neither my marriage nor body up to it, but that's what my own babies do to me. I'm not that fussed about new borns except when I have one (when I like them all more)... Can't believe after all my griping about being pg I am now thinking "oh, but I don't want to think I'll never hold another newborn babe in my arms..."

I will now go and do something useful like, er, tidy up the chocolate roulade smile and get a grip of my hormones!

scarecrow22 Tue 30-Apr-13 13:40:15

By the way, sbr, how far you able walk now? Am managing up to hour of walking a day, in 2-3 slowish/ambling parts, I think. People say too much but it feels okay....

blueblackdye Tue 30-Apr-13 15:05:35

Somewhere, actally I am the one who think that is goes too fast... I look at DS, he is only 4.5yo but he already have this little man attitude, this morning he wanted to wear his baseball cap the other way round (which I dslike, but he does not know) and walking with his hand in his pocket ! And I vividly remember him when he took his vey first step. He is so independent now, not a baby anymore. I feel sad but in reality, it is just a matter of facts, time flies and there s nothing we can do about that, it is not good nor bad, I presume.
Scarecrow, you made me smile ! I knew A would be the 2nd and certainly last baby and during pg, I was already thinking sadly I would not be pg again ever ever ever, I enjoyed my 2 pgs even if they were a bit stressfull both at different stages, but if my head says 2 is enough, you can't deal with more, my heart would push for a third.... I guess next time I hold a newborn will be my grand child !!! If I m lucky because I will be almost 70, not sure anyone will trust a 70 yo to carry a newborn smile i have to start following MrsW's advice, healthier living to be around when these kids grow up and make the most of it.
Off for our daily walk now.

littleredmonkey Tue 30-Apr-13 19:44:33

Hi to all
Miss in action again. Baby m not sleeping at night. Waking loads making mummy knackered. Still napping in the pram during the day. Pluses. Fresh air for me and him and I have lost 50 lbs.
Off to bed to zzzzz. Hugs to all xxx

MrsWooster Tue 30-Apr-13 21:52:55

it does go fast... like BBD, I know I am not having more and don't WANT more but I have had a few flashes of feeling "lonely in my body" - sad to think I will never feel a baby kicking in there again.
Busy day in and out of hospital carting DD around with me. Retained placenta is pending - may need op, we'll see after antibiotics finish at the end of the week. Register name tomorrow - 2 days inside the 6 week deadline and we only chose the name last night! Last time it was at Town Hall and all a bit memorable but now you have to go to the local council One Stop Shop. Hardly An Occasion - more lilke getting a dog licence!

somewherebecomingrain Wed 01-May-13 07:41:59

Oh my effing word, just wwrote longest pouring y heart out post and its not posted, no ay I can get it back, angryangryangry

somewherebecomingrain Wed 01-May-13 08:00:56

F-ety eff eff.

I wish people wouldn't say it so often, its good to be reminded but it makes me sad too. i seem to get it several times a week. it was my GP's parting shot yesterday and random people on the street say it.

I conclude that this is the effect of seeing a newborn and remembering your own. It's like 'haven't you grown!' Which I found odd as a child and swore I'd never say but now say. You can't help yourself - its so astonishing how children change and we don't. One day I shall say to others 'it goes so fast'.

bbd ds is a little fashionista! My ds is oblivious to such sartorial nuances and will probably remain so for life. Maybe a career in the fashion industry beckons?

mrsw lonely in my body - lovely phrase. Weirdly I still feel baby kicks!

scare I want another too... And I don't. I try to remember the joys of freedom - just going to the shops or to meet friends by myself - and that this will come faster if there are no more babies. This is enough baby, it's a fair share. That's what I tell myself.

Walking - scar is fine. Back too as am doing basic tupler (someone on the Internet said 'don't buy the book - all it says is tense your tummy muscles). It's the muscles on my inner thigh that are killing me - feel to weak and stretchy to do their job. So can't walk far.

How is the tummy rehab you had lined up going?

lrm 50lb amazing! Sorry baby monkey not sleeping that is awful - this shall pass as mrsw would say.

AFM jm treasuring every moment with my chubster girl. She is a concatenation of curves - you won't find a straight line on her anywhere. Possibly true of anything organic but indulge me. She stares at me at 3am with her beady darting midnight blue eyes, with that strange enigmatic intelligence that newborns seem to posess (aka instinct) and my heart melts. She arches her back and throws back her head with her eyes tight shut and a frown and her fists curled under her chin.

I'll lose this but you know what, I'll gain a smile, so it's not so bad.


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