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Further freakingly fantabulous adventures of the 40+ Mummies

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10000Fireflies Thu 17-Jan-13 20:13:44

For gorgeous, frolicking and fabulous 40-somethings to share the joys of becoming a Mummy, just a little bit later than most!! grin. Park your zimmer-frame next to your baby buggy, put your feet up, and come and join us in the snug.

ValiumQueen Sat 19-Jan-13 08:40:44

scarecrow no idea sorry. My first two were angelic but my youngest does not sleep. No pattern correlation with womb activity that I can identify. I think with subsequent babies you feel more movements as things get slack, and you are more aware of what movements are. Your baby will be wonderful regardless, but your older child may well grow horns! Hope all goes well, and see you april time. Lovely time to have a baby.

Midgetm Sat 19-Jan-13 14:24:28

eagle sending thawing thoughts your way. Welcome new old people, good to have you with us - there are a lot of us about it seems. grin

scarecrow midge was a thrashing loon before he broke out and is pretty much an angel now, so don't panic unnecessarily.

I made it home in record time and managed to stay away from the wine till gone 7. Happy half birthday baby goat. Lovely to see you both yesterday x

BadMissM Sat 19-Jan-13 14:50:44

VQ Not quite in Scotland, but most of the way there...Edinburgh closer to me than London!

Scarecrow DD was wiggly baby from hell, and is now laziest adolescent in the world immovable teenager!

GoatBongosAnonymous Sat 19-Jan-13 17:14:03

New lesson learned today.
Do not wear white top when feeding baby orange sweet potato.

bytheseaside Sun 20-Jan-13 02:10:10

goat grin

Midgetm Mon 21-Jan-13 07:54:39

Any news from eagle? Lots of snow here, hope it's thawed elsewhere.

eagleray Mon 21-Jan-13 08:37:02

Hi - still no baby (surprise surprise) but a fair bit of snow. Did 4 mile hike thru snow yesterday, brought on some encouraging pains (doubled over as it hurt so much) but now they've gone.

<waves to everyone with miserable face>

Midgetm Mon 21-Jan-13 09:46:50

flowers for eagle, and de icer.

eagleray Mon 21-Jan-13 10:05:14

Thanks Midget smile

Just had the hospital on the phone regarding today's induction and told them I was staying in bed.

The only reason I would get out of bed this morning would be to collect another almond croissant from the kitchen or if the very hot postman knocks on the door

BadMissM Mon 21-Jan-13 10:30:22

eagle Sending thanks and brew...Hang on in there....

Brrrrr. Coldest day of year and landlord has decided to change boiler today. So, no heat or water. NOW it has chosen to snow....

blueblackdye Mon 21-Jan-13 10:59:16

Eagle, good choice, BadMiss should do the same ! Our boiler lost its pressure over the week end, managed to make it work again, hope it wont break down now... Staying in bed too with Anastasia! GP has cancelled jabs, nurse could not get to surgery.

Midgetm Mon 21-Jan-13 13:43:18

Just been for BCG. Feel like intrepid explorer. Got public transport as my road is treacherous and scared to move car. I live near council buildings. Funnily enough roads and pavements near these are ice free hmm. Jabs not too bad. Fed him straight afterwards and he is very calm now. Hope it lasts. And hope baby eagle stays put until eagle finishes all the croissants grin

scarecrow22 Mon 21-Jan-13 14:19:44

Ah-ha, this is where Eagle has landed up wink
Eagle - understand induction not a nice idea, but please don't delay too long. There is a good reason they induce us old birds. And even if risk is v small, still a risk. Hugs

riversidelibrary Mon 21-Jan-13 18:59:24

Hello there, just want to mark my place on the grad thread. I'm 39 weeks today and have fingers tightly crossed that DC1 will arrive soon. Seeing my consultant on Wednesday to begin considering induction procedures if he doesn't.

Waves to eagleray sorry your LO is still cozy and holding tight inside, I was hoping your absence on the "to be" thread was an indication things were in progress!

blueblackdye Mon 21-Jan-13 20:26:40

Eagle, Riverside, we have kept your sofa very warm in our Morrocan style lounge. We have good food, Midget brought sherry and port, our angel babies sleep soundly on the clouds, all is good, we are thinking of you, ournet Grads !
FF are you getting more rest ? Any luck with LO sleep pattern ?
Midget, how is Master Midge this afternoon after his BCG ?
Goat, actually, I think babies and mothers should wear bibs when it comes to weaning ! Anastasia accepted a little bit more of my carrot puree but had to wash her, her cloth, and myself afterwards! It is so funny to grab the spoon, bring it to the mouth and blow ! So glad I have wooden floor and easy clean paint on the walls, although lime / aqua like green doesn't conceal any stain.

10000Fireflies Mon 21-Jan-13 23:49:42

Evening all

I am having a lovely time here on the sofa watching 'One Born'. Making me feel v nostalgic 7 months on!! Anyone else going to join me in the snug? I've got jumbo choc-chip cookies and real lemonade.

I had to check out the BCG as it sounds so horrible and found it's not given everywhere, so we have no more jabs now until the MMR.

Eagle and riverside hope you like the extra-comfy spots we have made for all 'to be' grads and their lovely newborns. Can't wait for you to join us.

Well done to those of you who made it to St Pancras Friday. Wish I could have made it. Maybe next time? We could end up with quite a gaggle with so many newbies about to join.

Oh, VQ - you're in Scotland. I miss it there. Lived there for a couple of years. Is where I met DH.

Hi Scarecrow and welcome. I have come across your question re baby in utero activity vs outside. Don't think they are connected. DS hardly ever moved while I was preggers, but is a wriggly 7 month old now.

Goat suggest you bulk buy a stain remover!! I have the new aerial one and it does seem pretty good.

Eagle If your postman is that hot, have you been doing lots of online shopping.... At the risk of being a bore, going to second what scarecrow says. But do have a few more almond croissants first grin

Great idea BBD to stay in bed most of the day.

DS sleep pattern totally up the creek. He woke 1am both Sat and Sun and stayed awake for 2.5 hours Sat and then 4.5 hours Sun. Thank goodness DH was around today. He looked after DS from 8am-10am while I had a lie in. Took DS to music class, then did a bit of a walk and then play on swings. Then he had meltdown so got him home. He had a bit of a snooze and then I put him back to bed at 10pm (deliberately late). Feeling a bit apprehensive about tonight as last night was awful. I will try and work out a plan of action to sort this out tomorrow. Has been a v strange 10 days or so with DS. I looked at 'The Wonder Weeks', but this doesn't fit that pattern. Wonder if it's digestion issues from solids and maybe teething again.

Gotta go. Can barely think straight. Love to all. FF xx

blueblackdye Tue 22-Jan-13 07:57:12

Good morning !
I am bringing in hot fresh tea and brioche as I am starving, literally since 5am. Anastasia defo needs to go on solids, she woke up for a feed at 5! The carrot puree went down well yesterday, will keep on with it today. Looks like it is icy outside now, could hear crissing noises, brrrr must be so cold!
FF, BCG is not a standard injection, it is recommended if there is a higher risk of tuberculosis, this depends on the childcare you choose, the people baby FF is in contact with....
Back to bed

Midgetm Tue 22-Jan-13 08:00:30

Morning all. The snug is nice and cosy. Eagle, hood you can make it into the hospital today. We want to meet that baby.

Midge fine after BCG. Didn't like the jab itself as it was slow going in but once I Breastfed him he was fine. Most Londoners need it as high risk area - most other areas in the UK it is not advised until later. I am not looking forward to his scabby arm but so far do good. Off to baby cinema today if I can move the car. This mat leave business is all go!

bytheseaside Tue 22-Jan-13 14:08:10

afternoon! we're still in bed brrrr need to venture out for food, tea and brioche sounds just the thing.
dropped phone on baby seasides head this morning shock feel dreadful although she seems ok

ValiumQueen Tue 22-Jan-13 14:24:23

Not caught up, but just wanted to drop off the sheisha pipe if you have not got one already. <<collapses in corner and is asleep in seconds>>

BadMissM Tue 22-Jan-13 14:45:23

I have my own hot postman...every day! (DH a postman...). In France DD had BCG at a couple of weeks old, before she went to creche...

bytheseaside Tue 22-Jan-13 15:25:19

bbm and vq grin

baby seaside has just fallen asleep in her swing - this is unheard of !!!!! the cheap nasty plastic is forgiven for spoiling our living room - hurray!

bytheseaside Tue 22-Jan-13 18:20:09

and again - 2nd nap in swing!! perhaps the phone-on-head was a good idea afterall

GoatBongosAnonymous Tue 22-Jan-13 18:58:03

grin seaside. Anyway, I win the bad mummy award by discovering just how mobile BG is the hard way. Left him on his back in the middle of the king size bed while I went to get his milk. Next thing I hear a thud, a pause then an experimental wail... Rushed upstairs to find him on the floor. sad seems fine though!
I have some extra soft blankets for the snug, especially to make nests for the new arrivals as well as for us in this icy weather.

blueblackdye Tue 22-Jan-13 19:53:25

Goat, I did the same years ago but not because I went for milk, I fell asleep while DS was playing on the bed ! As we said, as long as they scream, they are fine grin
Anastasia seems to enjoy bread crust and orange, I guess I have to go down the finger food path...
Midget, how was the movie ?
VQ, like your contribution, never tried in RL though !

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