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Further freakingly fantabulous adventures of the 40+ Mummies

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10000Fireflies Thu 17-Jan-13 20:13:44

For gorgeous, frolicking and fabulous 40-somethings to share the joys of becoming a Mummy, just a little bit later than most!! grin. Park your zimmer-frame next to your baby buggy, put your feet up, and come and join us in the snug.

eagleray Mon 11-Feb-13 22:52:13

Hurrah - have survived first day home alone!

Since DP left this morning, I have changed 5 shitty nappies, done 7 BFs, 6 formula feeds, expressed 4 times, washed and dried 10 babygros, and taken 80 photos of Baby Eagle.

Baby E is absolutely wired this eve - she hasn't slept at all since teatime, refuses to lie down and wants to feed, feed, feed.

She was weighed yesterday and had only put on 20g in 2 days, a pretty negligible amount. On the plus side, she is full of beans, holding her head well, and seems to be trying to smile! Got another weigh-in tomorrow, so hoping that shows some gain...

Sorry for monologue - wanted to chat more but madam is shrieking again and I need to go to bed... Mum arriving Wednesday and staying for the rest of the week - getting to the point now where I will appreciate the help and will ignore the criticism

Oh, and lab results show there is no infection after all, so I have ditched the antibiotics a day early (bit naughty) and am feeling less nauseous today which is a result smile

Night night everyone

scarecrow22 Tue 12-Feb-13 08:59:11

Eagle, hurray for you. What a star you are. It sounds shattering, but love idea of all those pics of BabyEagle. And your mum will be a help I'm sure (okay not sure as don't know her but also have critical mum, but have learned it is out of insecurity and love!)
I have jut thought, is DP away - ie nights as well?? By goodness you are a heroine if alone all weeks already. Special MN medal!

littleredmonkey Tue 12-Feb-13 09:05:24

Eagle. Well done honey. X.
Have we got a lovely name for baby eagle yet?

Managed to get bm to nap in his room. Sat here now. Did my routine. Shut curtains. Little story. Cuddle into basket put on light show. He required three pick ups and some patting but he is zzzzz. So mummy 1 baby well half a point but I shall chip away at it. Left him in his room all last night. He did 7:30 till 2:30. Then 3:00 till 6:00. So really a good boy. Sat in s chair and dare not move. Next time I will leave the room. Bursting for a pee. He ho. May borrow some of his nappies

blueblackdye Tue 12-Feb-13 09:28:41

Hourah Eagle and LRM ! You are doing really well. I knew you would. These babies can be very proud of their Mums.
Goat, as far as I could see, baby Goat is doing really well. Don't worry too much. He does not seem to have any thing wrong. Of course it is important to have him checked and rechecked but he seems perfectly fine. Growing gently and reaching each milestone like any other baby. Actually he is more developped than Anastasia and she was not a prem !!! Well done baby Goat.
Have registered Anastasia for nursery starting in Sept part time. Can't see myself leaving her but she will learn so much .... I will cry again I am sure everyday at least for the first month....

littleredmonkey Tue 12-Feb-13 11:50:32

Goat. Hows baby goat doing today honey. Bloody colds hate em.

ValiumQueen Tue 12-Feb-13 19:07:43

<<slopes in hoping to not be noticed. Not yet caught up but I seem to have missed a birth!>>

ValiumQueen Tue 12-Feb-13 20:46:08

Congratulations eagle and welcome eaglet

Greetings everyone, sorry I have been AWOL. Things have been very hard with illness and lack of sleep. Thank you LRM for caring x

J is nearly 16 weeks, and if I get 3 hours sleep a night I am doing well. I am hoping he has now turned a corner as his sleep has been much better over the last 24 hours. He has been snotty every day except one since he was a week old. The day he was snot free he just woke once overnight, but woke with a raging fever and the cycle began again. Also possible acid reflux just to add a bit more drama, but the GP and HV say it is colic. At 16 weeks? Colic should be going at this point not appearing.

Still EBF and I have got so bloody close to stopping it has been unreal. GP wants me to give formula as he is a hungry baby, HV wants him weaned early. I want neither! There is nothing wrong with my milk! Just got over a chest infection, so hopefully things will get a bit better now. J is wonderful, but I am so tired, and the girls are missing out as mummy is tired and grumpy. This makes me sad, but today has been better - we went to the park and even baked some cakes.

scarecrow22 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:43:51

Blooming heck LRM, babyM is a quick learner. Or you are a secret baby whisperer. Great progress. Hope it continues, even if fitful!

scarecrow22 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:45:42

VQ sorry you've had a tough time. So hope you've turned the corner. Was feeling sorry for myself with never ending cold/cough but you shame me. Keep well

Midgetm Tue 12-Feb-13 23:06:11

Running in to rugby tackle VQ and give her a great big snog. You've had it so rough it has to turn a corner soon. By order of the midget

ValiumQueen Wed 13-Feb-13 03:12:30

Thank you midget for the lovely welcome, I think.

scarecrow I do not wish to shame anyone x

If snot was an olympic sport, there would be a lot of interest in my son.

littleredmonkey Wed 13-Feb-13 07:53:22

Haha midget love VQ welcome.
I hope baby goat feels better today. Hugs to him
Hope vq little man and a good sleep and so did mummy
I have added extra logs to the fire this morning with menthol vapours for the little ones to help them breath better and ZzZzz. For us a massive box of chocs and endless tea. Now where did I put my slippers

ValiumQueen Wed 13-Feb-13 15:34:13

I have brought half a dozen hot men to give us massages. No funny business, just massages.

littleredmonkey Wed 13-Feb-13 15:44:15

Excellent. He can get to work straight away on my bloody back. Hope he has some McDonald's fries and a coke

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 14-Feb-13 01:05:12

Quick hello. Kid finally on mend if grumpy. Probably a good sign!
eagle hurrah for disappearing infection. Hope feeding going well.
vq you have had tough time. Come and collapse in snug. Waiter will make you lovely hot drink with a selection of delicious petit fours on the side.
lrm yay for naps. Quick learner that bm.
seaside how are you?
Hello everyone else and hope you are sleeping the sleep of the just.
And lrm HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your pressie of remote control with big red mute button will be with you shortly. And you should see the enormous cake in the snug. How would you like it decorated?

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 14-Feb-13 01:06:48

Ps bbd thank you for your kind words on BG. I am sure he will catch up entirely soon and run me even more ragged

littleredmonkey Thu 14-Feb-13 06:00:30

Morning goat. Thanks 44 today! !!
Oh cake lets see. Chocolate with m&ms on. Some flakes crumbled over. Mashed inside would be some nightalo tablets so I would drift off to sleep after consuming some. Oh course I will share with all my ladies in the snug
Glad BG is grumpy! ! Haha bless you both as long as he is on the mend. Bm would not nap at 4 well he went down for 5 mins woke and stayed away till 7. Wish I could sleep for 5 mins and be full of beans for 5 hours. Such a cutie!!!

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 14-Feb-13 06:14:34

lrm remember: the more candles there are on your cake, the hotter you are.

littleredmonkey Thu 14-Feb-13 07:25:43

Oh I am super fine then! !!

blueblackdye Thu 14-Feb-13 08:05:09

LRM happy birthday ! I will take Baby Monkey with me today for 2 hours so that you can comb your hair, put cream on your face and hands, sit down and enjoy your cake and maybe nap for 20 minutes. Not more otherwise you will feel even more tired, 20 min is just what you need to recharge your batteries.

blueblackdye Thu 14-Feb-13 08:14:34

VQ, very very vey glad to hear from you, hang on with us, you know better than anyone it will soon get easier. Hugs to you.
Goat, I can't believe your little man is grumpy ! He has no idea how lucky he is to be in your arms and gets yor full attention. You tell him for me.
Hope you all get special attention from DP/DH today. Let me bring in the lounge some flowers and incenses to lift our spirits up !

blueblackdye Thu 14-Feb-13 08:50:01

Hum, it is going to be interesting today, water pipe burst on my street, no water no heating.... Glad weather is warmer today. Hope Anastasia won't make any mess that needs immediate cleaning ! Happy Valentine ! smile

littleredmonkey Thu 14-Feb-13 19:15:43

Thanks bbd. Looking forward to pizza and box of chocs. Not on my diet today. Lost 20 lbs so far. Bet I put on this week. But he ho
Hope they fixed your water and you have heating. I remember when I came here from Hong Kong and never seen snow till I was 17. My first winter I thought I was going to freeze soooo cold. Loved my two hot water bottles

Midgetm Fri 15-Feb-13 04:11:16

Happy belated birthday to the monkey. HP hope your heating situation hasn't lasted long. But al least London is a little milder than lately. Master nudge did a poonami so now I am awake. And very chuffed to change him in the dark so as not to disturb my lovely husband who did a good job on the valentines front yesterday. I baked his favourite lemon meringue pie and am now as stuffed as can be. I am really struggling to loose weight. Can't think why grin. Another snot monster here. Making noises like a wilder beast when feeding. Best go try and sleep catch up properly later everyone's

Midgetm Fri 15-Feb-13 04:11:47

Damn you autocorrect...

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