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Best babysitter?

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Jenmcl Wed 16-Jan-13 18:11:06

My 6 month old son is a lovely, but extremely active baby, he's been crawling and pulling himself to stand on everything for about a month and so is very fast/good at it. He can stand on his own but occasionally falls backwards staying straight and so I always have to be behind him or he will smash his head on the floor. I literally have no time to leave him and do anything...go to toilet etc...

We have a baby bouncer that hangs on the door and a high chair but I am wondering whether I am missing something, is there a better place to leave him while I do other stuff? Baby bouncer is a pain to get him in and he bounces so high that he hits his head on the top of it now anyway!high chair is ok, but he always looks like he is going to climb out of it and tries his best every time he goes in, he's very strong so I don't doubt he will do it one day, and so I can't leave him in it on his own so drag it wherever I go!

What do you all use?! We borrowed a baby walker but it was a bit big and very hard to manoeuvre, think it was a mamas and papas one...are there better ones?is this the best thing for an active baby?


JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Jan-13 18:22:14

Take him to play group, wear him out and then do the stuff while he sleeps? smile

A friend used a travel cot as a playpen, I preferred not to do the housework grin

Are you doing all the usual stuff to help yourself out, budget allowing? Things like meal planning, online grocery shopping and a milk man really helped me. Is DH doing his share too?

ChristmasJubilee Wed 16-Jan-13 18:23:09

Travel cot/playpen with mesh sides. I wouldn't have survived without mine.

teacher123 Wed 16-Jan-13 18:36:35

Jumperoo? DS LOVES his, he's nearly 9mo and a big baby, but still just about squeezes into his. We had a doorway bouncer but had to stop that as he was swinging in it not bouncing and was about to brain himself on the doorframe... They are expensive though, we got ours from a friend, so maybe try eBay?

Jenmcl Thu 17-Jan-13 11:46:51

Thanks, travel cot sounds like a good option, bit big though :-( yes he goes to every playgroup possible, always wears himself out, is outside a lot of the, but he just seems to keep going, he's like the duracell bunny!is a jumperoo bulky?

teacher123 Thu 17-Jan-13 13:24:16

Yes jumperoo very bulky-and they look hideous! I have a love/hate relationship with ours-it's brilliant when DS is awake and happily bouncing away but after he's gone to bed It is a nuisance. We have nowhere else to store it though so it stays up in the living room all the time. He's not far off growing out of it though-it'll seem like a massive room once it's gone!!!

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