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What does your 14m DC do?

(9 Posts)
bedmonster Thu 10-Jan-13 23:25:25

I'm really not worried about my DS but he doesn't seem to 'do' much.
He likes kicking a ball, reading one favourite book, talking on a pretend phone, listening to nursery rhymes and climbing.
Not much else. He doesn't talk, he has never ever held his bottle (now a cup), not particularly interested in the park, swings, slides etc, doesn't seem that into swimming.
I'm just curious to see what your DCs do at this age to see if there's anything else I could be trying out with him.
You'd think I would be used to this, he is DC3 FGS! But the DDs are older and I seem to have forgotten what I did with them.

GoldPlatedNineDoors Thu 10-Jan-13 23:38:16

Hmm well dd is nearly will list te stuff she likes to do and the stuff she can't do.

Stacker cups - puts them another, puts a little rattly ball.inside and shakes it to make noise, goes "aaahhhhh" and puts them against her mouth to make a sound
Balls - says ball, can bouce it towards me, likes to play pass with it (can't kick it)
Megabloks - pulls apart towers I build and likes to put them.back in the box
Books - can go and get a book when asked or will go get one of her own accord, will sit and leaf through the pages, will sit and listen to a story if she is in the mood
Phone - picks up toy phone and says "whos that?" into it
Likes to cruise around the furniture.

Talking wise - good collection of words, says mama dadda up down more all gone hello hiya bybye night night ta ball whos that whats that, knows some animal noises.

Walking - crap. Will stand for a second unaided, hasnt took any steps alone, hates being led around on her feet, will cruise along furniture but utterly uninterested in walking. She was late to sittong unaided and rolling too. Maybe she is just lazy grin

They are all so different that they all.learn different things at different times!

GoldPlatedNineDoors Thu 10-Jan-13 23:39:29

Oh, and she loves the swings.but doesnt seem to like anything else at the park except for the live chickens.

bedmonster Thu 10-Jan-13 23:44:35

Thankyou, that's interesting.
Your DD has a very impressive vocabulary!! DS can just about say Ma and Da, shhhhhh (for a snake noise) and More - his favourite word! Sometimes we think he is saying ball, but we can't be sure!
Does she like soft play? DS just finds a bloody ball as soon as we get there and kicks it for 2 hours hmm
He was up on his feet running around on his own at 10 months, sat up alone at 4 months, crawled at 5 months, he is physically capable but just doesn't say much or do much other than kick balls and eat!
As I say, i'm not worried, and I do take him to toddler groups, soft play, friends houses with DC of similar ages but its hard to get an accurate picture of what different things they like doing. I am just curious really.
Thanks for giving me some insight!

GoldPlatedNineDoors Thu 10-Jan-13 23:53:05

My neice sounds just like your ds - she will not sit still, can run around and climbs on everything but only says one or two words. I just keep reminding myself that they can't learn everything at once.

Weve not been to soft play, though she has been in a ball.pool.once which she seemed to enjoy. My dm take her to a toddler group.once a week and she usully sits in the little car there and has a play.

She got a little rocky horse for christmas but doesnt even like sitting on it, she just sits in front of it doing like a.clicky horse noise and pretends to feed it her apple.

What about stuff like a tea set? Would he play with something like that?

fishcalledwonder Fri 11-Jan-13 00:03:29

My DD is 14 mo. She says, mamama, dadada, uh-oh and various animal sounds. She points and says 'dat' when she wants something.

She loves books and sits turning the pages whilst babbling.

Not that interested in the park. Swings are ok for 5 mins.

She enjoys following me about and getting involved in what I'm doing. If I'm sorting washing, she loves pulling it out of the basket onto the grubby floor or playing with the pile of coat hangers. She plays with the post when it arrives, and loves it when there are cereal boxes by the back door ready to be recycled. I don't know why we waste money on toys really!

bedmonster Fri 11-Jan-13 00:10:51

We have tea sets from the dds. He just kicks the cups around as they are vaguely round and a bit like a ball. My dm bought him one if those wheelybugs for his birthday. He is yet to sit on it, instead he just pushes it backwards with the handle the other way round.

Thankyou fish, yes ds is interested in pressing the buttons on the washing machine and he likes the broom. E got him a little cleaning set for Xmas. He uses the mop and broom to push the balls about!!

ceeveebee Fri 11-Jan-13 00:17:30

My twins are 14 mo
Both cruising, some nervous balancing and the odd step
Fast crawling, can go upstairs and can go down backwards
Like to stand at the door and hammer on it (both at the same time) - when I am in the room I hasten to add)
DTS loves to chase balls
DTD loves her dolly and cuddles it saying 'aaah'
Both love dancing and music
Both good at swimming, kick their legs and flap their arms
Open drawers, empty contents onto floor
Pull all books of shelf and flick through them
Fight over every brick
Chase each other round the room and charge at each other
Hold bottles, cups, use straws, self feed with spoons and fingers, feed me and each other
A few words from DTD but nothing much from DTS

cravingcake Fri 11-Jan-13 07:35:05

My DS is 14 months and he loves balls and cars. He will push a car around the floor for ages. Does the same with balls, kicks or rolls them. He loves stacking cups (putting them inside each other & pulling them out again).

He's been walking for just over a month but still loves using his walker to push along and charge at our dogs. He climbs up well, not so good at down yet. No real words yet either, mostly just pointing and uh noises.

He'll stir pretend food in a play pot & trys to put shapes in his cookie jar shape sorter.

Like you i'm not worried, more curious as to what others do.

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