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Had our first trip to A+E ;(

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MillyStar Wed 09-Jan-13 19:51:11

My 8 month old daughter had hold of my iphone at about 2pm today, she coughed and struggled to swallow something, I grabbed my phone and a square of about 1cm by 1cm of glass was gone from the screen

I was panicking, she seemed absolutely fine no tears or anything and she was squealing with delight in the car, she puked up a bit at the hospital and there was no blood and her mouth was fine!

Sat there for 4 hours then they did an xray and no sign of any glass at all, they think it's flew off somewhere when she coughed but I still cant find it in the house, will keep searching!!

Very scary day she's had lots of cuddles before bed and she will NOT be holding mummies phone ever again!!!!

AnyaKnowIt Wed 09-Jan-13 19:53:24

Aww bless, bright side is that she is fine smile

DD was 6 weeks old for her first a+e trip.

mummy2benji Wed 09-Jan-13 19:53:39

Oh no, how scary for you! There is nothing worse than worrying about your child's health / safety - I've just spent a week in hospital with my 10 week old with bronchiolitis on oxygen and tube feeding. Hope your dd is absolutely fine now! x

MillyStar Wed 09-Jan-13 19:59:40

She's absolutely fine, was making everyone laugh in a+e and laughing away, i'm still convinced she swallowed it but they said an xray shows up glass very clearly, she's fast asleep hopefully she will sleep through the night after all the excitement!

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