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Help me narrow my huge amazon wish list of parenting books, to just two books

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anewmotivatedme Wed 09-Jan-13 12:39:09

I enjoy reading, and expecting first child, next month. I have very little money, and would like you to help me choose two books to read, that will hopefully be enjoyable, and related to parenting. I'm being very indecisive.

I have so far ordered Gentle First Year, as I enjoyed Gowri’s Gentle Birth Method book.

I already have Baby Care Bible, which was a gift (DH and I bought each other baby related gifts for Christmas:

I would like something not covered in the above books. I’m not bothered if it’s for an older child, as long as it’s an enjoyable and interesting read. Could you help me choose two books to buy from my ridiculously long list below. The books are not all baby books per se, and it’s quite a mix.

How Not to Be A Perfect Mother

The Idle Parent

How Children Learn

Divas and Dictators

Toddler Taming

Secrets of Happy Children

Detoxing Childhood

Toxic Childhood

Baby Led Weaning

The Continuum Concept

Simplicity Parenting

Punctuation Book I thought it may be beneficial to finally learn correct punctuation

Letters to Little Ones through the Ages

The War for Children?s Minds

Dr Seuss?s Beginners Collection

The Gift of Fear

Summersbee Thu 10-Jan-13 08:46:58

Tip - Click on 'other buying options' and it will often lead you to brand new cheaper options of the same books. You can then click on the seller to find out more about them and see their ratings. In my experience delivery has always been excellent - though I don't buy baby books any more! With baby books I expect you'll be wanting to dip into them for a long time so might be worth buying your favourite.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 10-Jan-13 12:37:28

Just thought of something else that might be helpful,, go along to your local la Leche league, they may have some of those books to borrow (and evidence shows that if you go along to bfing support groups while you are pg, bfing is more likely to be successful for you)smile

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